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41 The Afterman
42 Three Evils (Embodied in Love and Shadow)

For being a coheed fan for YEARS, this is honestly one of their best songs! It's so underrated, give it a listen. The harmonies are incredible.

How this is all the way down in 42nd is beyond me. It's like a better version of The Suffering

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43 2's My Favorite 1
44 The Homecoming

Amazing demo on the first installment of The Afterman: Ascension Big Beige demos. Such a good song it shouldn't have been cut from the album. Amazing message.

45 Everything Evil

How is this not in the top ten? You people are crazy...

46 Far

This song has so much emotion and it's conveyed so well through the vocals and even the distortion in the guitar. By far my favorite song.

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47 Here to Mars
48 The Hound (Of Blood and Rank)
49 Away We Go

Just buy this whole album. They're all so good.

50 Ghost
51 You Got Spirit, Kid
52 Peace to the Mountain V 1 Comment
53 Goodnight, Fair Lady
54 Justice In Murder
55 Pretelethal
56 One
57 The Hollow
58 Keeping the Blade

This song's melody is chilking, and the story it tells without words is amazing.

59 Vic the Butcher
60 The Audience

Very nice dark feel to it that we haven't had much of since Good Apollo I. Nice concept, very nice instrumentation.

Its amazing and the only track from the album that brings back the old coheed.

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