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1 Wunderkind
2 Best Friends

Cold Case's #1 eoisode "Best Friends" is a timeless, incredible, ahead-of-its time, Gay love story spanning nearly 75 years with remarkable comparisons between the Gay life secrecy then and the openness now and with an absolutely stunning and inspiring ending - in Central Park! This was impressive Tessa Thompson's memorable first acting role as "Billie" and wonderful Samantha Streets as young "Rose" was likewise most convincing. A surprise role by Marla Gibbs was right-on as a proud Gay woman! And the most outstanding was old "Rose" played
Mesmerizingly by legendary Piper Laurie. What a show!

Best friend,
Williamson Henderson

3 The Woods
4 A Good Death
5 Daniela
6 Disco Inferno
7 The Sleepover
8 Stand Up and Holler
9 Rampage

Addictions to video games are a huge factor to violence these days, and this was one example. Though it is fictional, anything similar could actually happen and we should be aware of that. It's never a good thing to push people to their limits.

Best because influenced by real events. Shows how much someone can become violent because of other people.

10 Detention

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11 Blackout
12 The Promise
13 A Perfect Day
14 One Night
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