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1 Khe Sanh

Most people would think this was a song for bogans, but perhaps it's only Australians who can understand the deep meaning of the song in correlation to the Vietnam war.

Simply the best song sends chills down my spine when I hear it. I don't know what else to say but it is simply awesome and speaks to every Australian.

I reckon more Australians know the words to this song than know the National Anthem. You also can't imagine a group of drunken party goers erupting in to spontaneous "Advance Australia Fair" but it regularly happens with "Khe Sanh".

Makes me feel so Australian.I'm a proud indendinous black fella! Black an white unite! Musslim we must fight.fu

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2 Flame Trees

I was in love at the time and in the correct location and almost the exact scenario. I can never forget how much I loved that girl whenever I hear this song.

Written by Don Walker and Steve Prestwich from the album 20th Century - CrowdedChisel

Great message, great tune in my opinion better than khe sanh

3 Choir Girl

I like to hear that song

4 Forever Now

Written by Steve Prestwich from the album Circus Animals - CrowdedChisel

It is the most awesome thing rock iest one

5 Bow River

Might just be the best song written by anyone. Ever. Full stop.

This song evokes Australia and everything intrinsic in being a working class Australian. Sometimes we all need to just... well, **** off... to a place like Bow River for good and forever.

Every Australian needs his/her Bow River.

Written by Ian Moss from the album Circus Animals - CrowdedChisel



6 When the War is Over

Written by Steve Prestwich from the album Circus Animals - CrowdedChisel

The most covered Cold Chisel song

The best cold chisel song ever

7 Cheap Wine

This is such a good song

Just fantastic

8 Ita

One of my go to Cold Chisel songs, fully underrated and a well sung lament full of great beats

9 Breakfast at Sweethearts

Written by Don Walker from the album Breakfast at Sweethearts - CrowdedChisel

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10 My Baby

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11 No Sense

Written by Jimmy Barnes from the album 20th Century - CrowdedChisel

12 You Got Nothing I Want
13 Letter to Alan

Best Cold Chisel song ever! In this song Barnsey shows incredible light and shade versatility in his voice and Mossy just shreds his guitar to pieces. An emotionally charged song written by Don Walker as a tribute to their Roadie Alan Dallow Who passed away when his truck crashed on a way to a gig. It was an absolute travesty that this song got almost zero airplay on mainstream radio.

Unbelievable! Bloody Brilliant!

14 Standing on the Outside
15 Saturday Night

Such a funny song yet it has such a deep meaning. So unique.

16 Houndog

For me, I don't know why this song sums up Cold Chisel completely. Maybe because it is beautifully raw. Maybe because it also has so much energy. But more likely because, like Chisel in general, it is merely written from the heart.

Probaly cc hardest rock song!

17 No Good for You

From Circus Animals. While not as popular many other contenders, and while it never charted well, this song is a gem of a tune similar to that of Ita. Great Chorus. Great rocker.

Could never work out why this song was not released as a single. Very catchy!

18 Goodbye (Astrid Goodbye)

Memo to Craig Kay of Kingsbury Tech - the idea is to add your nominations to the list, ya doofus

19 Merry-Go-Round
20 My Turn to Cry
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