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1 A Rush of Blood to the Head

"Politik" grabs your attention at the onset with immense, booming piano and guitar. Then, "In My Place" responds with loud drumming and a happy guitar riff, framing a charming ballad of loneliness. "God Put a Smile Upon Your Face" is an edgier piece, and Coldplay pulls it off wonderfully. "The Scientist" is a lovely piano ballad; the beautiful chords and Chris Martin's beautiful falsetto vocals make this song a classic. "Clocks", the 2004 Grammy winner of Record of the Year, builds around an infectious piano riff with lyrics of great urgency. "Daylight" is a bluesy rocker that strengthens the album. "Green Eyes" and "Warning Sign", two of my favorites, are lovely ballads to love and loss that demonstrate the power of Chris Martin's vocals. Though "A Whisper" is somewhat forgettable, "A Rush of Blood to the Head" builds on the epic rock of the opening track with a catchy chorus and ...more

Oddly this was the last Coldplay album I heard in its entirety. But it quickly became anything but the last Coldplay album in my mind. I put it in my CD player right out of the box and as soon as I got to 'God Put a Smile Upon your Face' I knew that this was the best. It has ten amazing songs and only one song that doesn't quite make it to the amazing category (A Whisper).

Coldplay put everything in here perfectly. The Scientist, God Put a Smile, In My Place, A Rush of Blood to the Head, Amsterdam, Clocks... It's all so satisfying and so well performed. Good Job, Coldplay, this is my favorite album of all time.

Politik, The Scientist, Green Eyes, A Rush of Blood to the Head are perfect and my personal favorites. I haven't paid much attention to the lyrics on the album yet, but I find it extremely coherent and distinctive, and a soothing listen, plus without sappiness. No faulty tracks to bring it down like Violet Hill, A Message, Everything's Not Lost did to the other albums for instance.

Basically, I think this particular album is Coldplay's one pristine work of art.

Brilliant album they stepped up from the raw Parachutes and haven't got back to this brilliance since ( although I do love x+y, Viva and MX) its just amazing from the big opening of Polotik to the great Amsterdam. Throw in the hits of In my Place, The Scientist, Clocks and God put a smile upon my face and the lovely album tracks of a warning sign, green eyes and the title track.

2 X&Y

This album has the song "TALK" therefore it's an automatic win, it's the best Coldplay song ever in my opinion.

This album is by far the best Coldplay album to date. It captures raw emotion in each of the songs. Plus, it has Talk and Speed of Sound, two of the best songs they've ever writtien. Furthermore, X&Y, White Shadows, and Low have an beautiful ethereal tone to them. To date the group has not captured that feeling nearly as well in any song. Fix You and A Message truly show the meaning of a powerful melody. All in all, it is album that will go down in history as a beautiful piece of work.

This album EASILY has all of there greatest songs! This amazing album includes Speed of Sound, Fix You, White Shadows, The Hardest Part, Talk and Low.
It reached number 1 in Australia and stayed in the top 50 for 77 weeks so doesn't that tell you that it is a great album?

Most albums (not just coldplay albums) only have a few memorable songs, and the others are just fillers, but in X&Y, every single song is memorable. This is the kind of album that I can listen to in its entirety, I don't have To skip any songs because you love all of them.

3 Viva La Vida

You know if Brian Eno is involved, its gonna be good! His influence on this album made it so much better. The variety is really strong, and the emotion is really strong. I knew Coldplay had the potential to put out a great album, this is it!

The sound of this album is breathtaking... My favorites are Lost!, Lovers In Japan, Violet Hill, and Strawberry Swing. This is the record that got me into Coldplay. It is a great one. I am considering this to be my favorite album of ALL TIME. The atmosphere, the themes, the melodies, the cover art, the feeling the music gives you... When you're done listening to Death And All His Friends at the end of the album, you just think,

"That was heaven on earth... "

This is my favorite album. It also is the best album I have ever heard.

Every single song in this album is great. The variety they have in this album alone is amazing. It's so dark and happy at the same time. Songs like Violet Hill, Lovers in Japan, Strawberry swing and Cemetaries of London are just masterpieces. The only thing I regret is that I can't put Parachutes higher, because it deserves to be up there with this and ROBHTTH. X and Y at fourth and mylo Xyloto at the VERY BOTTOM!

4 Parachutes

Best coldplay album, the rest of their works is million miles away of this one. X&Y in 1 st position is a joke.
Parachutes - Rush of Blood though the head, and it s done (the song magic of the album Magic is at that Parachutes level but its an exception in their recent work)

This is such a raw, intimate album. Sure it's not the most refined structurally and melodically like A Rush of Blood to the Head but it's a debut album of brilliance and pure emotion from Coldplay minus the fad mainstream songs that spoil later releases such as Princess of China. In my opinion every song on this album is beautiful, even the simplest of tracks like We never change.

Their most relaxing album. It's got a warm, beautiful feel and is flawless. AROBTTH is let down by A Whisper and Daylight.
1. Parachutes
3. Viva la Vida
4. Mylo Xyloto
5. X&Y

The best album of Coldplay, the essential of the Coldplay life is here in this album, simples and beautiful songs... Yellow, Trouble, Don't Panic, formed the best album of 2000 year

5 Mylo Xyloto

Coldplay deserve everything they have. This album proves that. On Mylo Xyloto, Coldplay abandons their roots, their structure, almost their overall sound, and twists whats left into a beautiful quirky atmospheric masterpiece. This album doesn't draw you in, it sucks you in. It captivates you the second it starts. This album obviously stands out in Coldplay's discography, but it does in a very good way. It shows that the band don't care what critics/listeners think, they're doing what they wan to do. I congratulate them for wanting to constantly reinvent their sound. Brilliant.

As a die-hard Coldplay fan, I feel like they have come full circle with Mylo Xyloto. While I love their earlier albums, A Rush of Blood to the Head and Viva la Vida in particular, I feel like this track did something that their previous albums didn't do so much of; tell a story. You start with Hurts like Heaven, the beginning of a revolution of sorts, and end with the hopeful song Up With the Birds. A spectacular album from a spectacular band! Coldplay forever!

CHARLIE BROWN=ONE OF THE BEST THINGS Coldplay HAS EVER DONE! EVER~! Hurts Like Heaven is fast paced, happy, with great guitar parts, Major Minus is dark and mysterious, but fierce, Teardrop is a happy uplifting powerful song, Paradise is bass booming, heavy electronic gold! This album rocks!

Coldplay is one of those bands that I feel gets better and better with every album that they put out, and that makes Mylo Xyloto their best work. They have completely evolved from their hip-hop vibe on 'Viva la Vida', and went full on electronic for Mylo Xyloto. This record tells a story, and it's a great story, and each and every track is different and great-sounding in their own way, but yet tell the same things. Great album!

6 Ghost Stories

This is my second favorite album. A lot of fans feel divided about it and I understand why. It's slow and depressing, very melancholic. But I've never heard so much beauty in heartbreak. Chris Martin turned his pain into a work of art.

I'm gonna say it now, every Coldplay album rocks. Each one reminds me of a completely different album. Ghost stories reminds me of The Bends by Radiohead. And well I will blaspheme the name of music forevermore... This album is better than The Beatles.

This one is new hence not very popular, but it sure will catch up! Take you to another level of consciousness, the kind of music I'd been searching for all this time!

This album actually has more divided fan opinions than Mylo Xyloto did. I some ways it's a lot more like old style Coldplay. In other ways, it contains their poppiest music to date. But one thing is for sure, its one hell of a relaxing album, even if the lyrical content can get you down for a bit, it doesn't last. The music is so politely charming as well.

7 A Head Full of Dreams

I love this album! There is not one bad song. I personally think it should be higher up on the list. Adventure of a Lifetime and Hymn for the Weekend were some of my favorite songs, alongside Clocks and Paradise.

I think this is a really good album! Not their best (i think AROBTTH is the best album ever made) but this album is very unique and every song is distinct and has its own special thing to it. Some of coldplay's best work is on this album, and the best guitar solo is in up and up! Songs like everglow, fun, and adventure of a lifetime are truly works of art and show's the bands true talent. They have evolved but they are still coldplay and still make wonderful, meaningful music. The reason why they have changed with each album is so they don't get boring making the same sound over and over (which has led many bands to their end). This album is overall very good and is certainly under appreciated and mis interpreted

I like this album because it has a very uplifting feel to it. It also has a huge style gradient in it from Everglow to A Hymn for the Weekend (which is an incredibly mis-interpreted song: actually about how "life is a drink and love's a drug") Almost every song has a driving force and an uplifting message.

I think this is their best album EVER and I am a huge Coldplay fan Andrew I listed to this and the other albums a lot but this one always stood out to me with great songs.

8 Prospekt's March

Amazing that a B sides compilation would contain such amazing music. How could you not love the Happy-to-be-alive atmosphere of "Life in Technicolor ii, " the sentimentality of "Postcards From Far Away, " the gorgeous celestial atmosphere of "Glass of Water, " or the foggy fun-ness and breathtaking chorus of Rainy Day? The title song was not what I thought it would be, but it turned out to be something quite better, and it still to this day brings on a solemn and reflective mood in me. The final song "Now My Feet Won't Touch the Ground" is the perfect way to close the legacy of Viva La Vida by focusing on the theme of death, and featuring a unique horn section towards the end. Overall, this is an amazing and highly underrated work by Coldplay that should not be overlooked.

This B sides compilation is amazing! While it's not my favorite album, it certainly is awesome, and should be owned and listened to regularly by every Coldplay fan! Check it out if you haven't already!

Best Coldplay EP ever

9 Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends
10 Live 2003

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11 The Blue Room

I love the old version of Don't Panic! Bigger Stronger and See You Soon are very good too

So calming, best ever

12 Brothers & Sisters

Only 3 songs, yet you wanna listen to it over and over and such...

13 Everyday Life

Outstanding album with vibes from all over the world. Has a couple of explicit songs, but that makes it even better!

I listened to it today, some explicit songs (which was unexpected) but overall a great album.

Everyday Life should deserved better place.

This should be higher. Such a great album

14 LeftRightLeftRightLeft
15 Kaleidoscope Ep

Brand new, but these songs are truly magical. Miracles is a great song, and All I can think about you is such a masterpiece.

Really good EP, almost like an extension to Head Full of Dreams

16 Safety
17 Mince Spies
18 Ghost Stories Live 2014

Ghost Stories Live 2014 is the fourth live album by British alternative rock band Coldplay. The album, a live recorded version of the band's sixth studio album Ghost Stories, was released by Parlophone in the United Kingdom on 24 November 2014.

This album is an emotional masterpiece. A mixture of love and space in every context.

19 Clocks
20 The Scientist
21 Talk
22 Acoustic
23 God Put a Smile Upon Your Face
24 Talk - Single
25 Orphans / Arabesque

Two songs from Coldplay's album, Everyday Life, coming out on November 22nd.

26 Live 2012

ARE YOU KIDDING THIS IS SO MUCH BETTER THAN LIVE 2003! Newer live albums are usually better because they often have more hits on them.

But 2003 was AROBTTH (their best album) and 2012 was Mylo Xyloto (their worst)

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