A Rush Of Blood To the Head - Coldplay: Random Album Review

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Coldplay is a band, where people are split about them! One half says that they are one of the best Alternative Bands of all time, while the other one calls them Pop Garbage!

Most fans agree that A Rush Of Blood To the Head is their best album! That's why today I will take a look at it!

I love the fast and crazy intro to this song! It perfectly opened the entire album! Then there are the calm verses, which then burst out into the fantastic chorus! Overall I love the vocals and drumming of this song a lot too!

-In My Place:
The guitar riff was great! Then when the song really starts to kick in, the song goes much calmer! The lyrics were very good and the chorus was all around catchy!

-God Put A Smile Upon Your Face:
I love the guitar riff, which opened off the entire song! The vocals are great with Cjris Martin singing calmly until the fantastic chorus!

-The Scientist:
Probably tied with Viva La Vida for my favorite Coldplay Song!
The piano melody is absolutely amazing! After 2 minutes the guitar and drums kicks in and fully completes the slow sound of this song!
The lyrics are absolutely fantastic and yet depressing! Overall this is the best song on the album!

Like The Scientist, this song opens off with a piano melody! The instrumentalists especially shined in this song, which was like a faster version of The Scientist!
Its lyrics were well made and showed off the talent of Chris Martin in my opinion!

A much faster song with its faster drumming and piano! And then there are the surreal vocals, which don't fit anywhere and still perfect this song!

-Green Eyes:
Probably my least favorite song on the entire album! I don't like the minimalistic sound of just an guitar! The lyrics were good though!

-Warning Sign:
Like in previous songs, the verses itself were calm, but then the chorus just goes all out! And hell, this was a fantastic chorus! Overall this is a great track on the album!

-A Whisper:
Unlike what the song suggests, this is a rather heavy Coldplay Song! The guitar riff is great and the lyrics in combanition with the drumming sounds awesome!

-A Rush Of Blood To the Head:
This became one of my favorite songs on the album! The lyrics are some of the best this band made and in combination with the calm guitar sound, it exploded into the amazing chorus! This easily became one of my favorite Coldplay Songs!

This song perfectly closed off the entire album! The piano melody was beautiful and the lyrics were fantastic!
Also am I the only one who is reminded of the Red Hot Chili Peppers by this song?

So this album had some of Coldplays Best Hits, with some of these ratings:
Politik: 9/10
In My Place: 9/10
God Put A Smile Upon Your Face: 8/10
The Scientist: 10/10
Clocks: 10/10
Daylight: 8,5/10
Green Eyes: 8/10
Warning Sign: 9/10
A Whisper: 8,5/10
A Rush Of Blood To The Head: 9,5/10
Amsterdam: 9/10

This album had many overall great songs and is easily one of the best Alternative Albums I've ever heard, which is why it deserves a:
9,5/10 with the adjective "amazing"
The main reason this album gets such a high rating is because this album is exactly how Coldplay should sound like! Calm and emotional Alternative Rock, with Pop influences! It has some of the bands greatest songs and is overall great to listen to! Definitely my favorite of their albums!


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I think Viva La Vida and The Scientist are the best songs - 2storm