Best Coldplay B-sides

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1 I Ran Away

A song to listen to on repeat and won't get old.

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Beautiful Song! Best thing I have ever heard in my entire life. Fix You doesn't make me cry. X^^Y doesn't, Moving to Mars doesn't but I Ran Away does!

2 Gravity

Amazing song from "Talk"!

3 Moving to Mars

Exclusive B-side from Every Teardrop is a Waterfall

4 I Bloom Blaum

A short and simple song that penetrates deep into the core of my heart.

5 Things I Don't Understand

From Speed of Sound

Beautiful, catchy, uplifting song.

6 See You Soon
7 Proof
8 Crests of Waves
9 One I Love
10 For You

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11 The World Turned Upside Down

If Crest of waves, can be nr. 4 - this should be nr. 3!
This list makes me think if people have even heard the good songs of coldplay?

The history about this song alone makes it golden!

No way this should be so low. This is my favorite of all of these. Classic Coldplay in every way

If you don't vote for this song, it is because you have never heard it.

Absolutely Class Song from the Fix You EP - Probably good as Fix You itself

12 A Spell a Rebel Yell
13 The Goldrush

An upbeat and uplifting song where Will takes lead vocals but every band member gets to sing. Great sound mixing and background effects, this song is a bit happier in mood than the other b-sides here (not saying that makes it better).

From Life in Technicolor II

14 Pour Me

From Fix You, Live version available only.

15 No More Keeping My Feet On the Ground
16 Bigger Stronger
17 Help Is Round the Corner
18 Death Will Never Conquer
19 You Only Live Twice

From Don't Panic. Live version only.

20 Such a Rush
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