Clocks go out and a something, something... I have literally no idea what he is saying in this song, other than the opening lyric and a few other lines throughout the song. But the music is enchanting. The
Piano riff, piano riff,
Piano, piano riff, piano riff, piano, piano riff, piano riff, piano, piano riff, piano riff (when reading this, think of the opening melody to the song and read it in that rhythm; it'll make sense when you read the "piano riff" lines above. ) The opening just hooks you right from the beginning, leading to a beautiful piece of soft rock gold. As well as the prominent bass guitar heard among the repetitive piano riff and the soft percussion, the instrumentation is impeccable, and Chris Martin's tender vocals complement the song's soft nature perfectly. It is certain to be stuck in your head for hours!

Why in the world is this song not number one on this list? It's an amazing grammy winning song and the vocals are perfect and piano is magical and it's just an all around perfect song in every single way. And in my opinion a thousand time better than viva la vida, even though I love that song too. This was the first song I ever heard by coldplay when I was younger because my dad likes coldplay.

The piano riff of Clocks is iconic. If it's the music video of Yellow or the strings of Viva la Vida that make them famous, then it's the sheer wizardry and wonder of Clocks that sets it apart. Hearing this song is like stepping into another world. The bass, guitar, and Chris Martin's epic vocals complement what is a truly unique song. Coldplay never topped this, and that's why they went in another direction with the albums that followed.

I am probably one of Coldplay's biggest fans and I can play mostly all of their songs on the piano but this one is definitely my favourite and I'm surprised it's not number one to be honest! Because the piano piece at the beginning is AMAZING and then it just goes to a whole new level! So great job Coldplay! :) (I still love all of their songs though not just this one)

Isn't the piano in this song just the best? I don't learn piano but I taught myself how to play it just because I love this song so much. I first heard it on a school camp and now every time I listen to it the memories come flooding back. I seem to always find lyrics in the song that match how I'm feeling. It's just such a meaningful song to me.

Beast song, really. Amazing when you know how to play the guitar. No joke. If you can sing, sing the song and play it with the guitar. Definitely worth the time. Overall, the song is amazing, the acoustic pattern is amazingly fun to learn and to listen to. Listened to this song for a whopping 2 hours straight. Stuck in my head. C:

This song is a masterpiece! One of the greatest songs ever written, recorded, sang, and played! How is this song not an honorary mention in modern day music? This song can take on any song you match up to it and beat it!

I just love this song so much. Honestly I found it extremely difficult to choose between yellow, clocks and paradise - but oh well. Such a great melodic song, the piano is perfection and along with his voice. Truly a nostalgic song for me, tear up almost every time I hear it. Much love x

This song is just plain awesome. The way the instruments and voices coordinate together to produce sounds as great as these is just unbelievable. I had almost forgotten how awesome this song was until I heard them throw it in at the end of the movie "Confidence".

Awesome. Simply Awesome nothing else. I mean this song is just simply tremendous no comparison with other songs. This should be the number 1 songs by Coldplay. I listen to this song like hell and the lyrics are also mind blowing.

I think clocks is the best song Coldplay has. This is my favorite song of all time. I really enjoy the top songs you put above this but I don't think the scientist is better than clocks. I appreciate your point of view though.

What is this song doing at the 4th place among Coldplay's best songs? It should definitely be on the top... it's the best of Coldplay... and it soothes my mind every time I listen to it... There cannot be another choice...

This song stood by me from childhood till I've grown up. And it is still my all time favourite! Reminds me of all the past memories and it still leaves me smiling whenever I listen to it. Clocks for the win

Genius. It was the first Coldplay music I heard when I was younger... And I still listen to it 15 years later... Brilliant.

Thanks to this song I will always be a Coldplay fan


The tune in this one though! Along with Chris' voice and beautiful lyrics!

Clocks is a great and powerful song with a airy and strong piano riff. It has meaning and is quite deep. Everything about this song has me alive inside and I know it is an awesome song. Come on people!

It's the definitely the best song of Coldplay... The introduction is simply amazing... The piano work soothes my mind whenever I listen to it... It's a total surprise that its not at the top of the list...

Coldplay makes many great songs but this track stands out, it is like nothing they have ever done. Great vocals, subtle guitar, synths, and the piano riff is brilliant. This song is a classic and never gets boring.

This song never gets old.. Ever. It makes me reflect on life in general. I could listen to this song for hours and just let everything out. Clocks is such a great emotional heartfelt song.

This song, it's just so amazing. This is by far my favorite song by them. The piano part in the song makes the song unique, and it really makes it a work of art. They really did good on this one.

The best part of Coldplay songs in my opinion are the little bits of music/arrangement that add a tremendous impact to what the song can convey. The same with clocks. Not sure everyone will agree...

One of my favorite songs of all time! I cannot believe this is only at number 5 and is behind Yellow. This song is truly amazing and is beautifully done well. It's a song I will love 'til the day I die.

This song needs to be number one! This is the song that got me into Coldplay. Its one of their oldest songs and I wish more people would recognize the importance of this song. Vote for this song!

AMAZING SONG! What can beat this I love the most songs above but this is number 1. The incredible piano through out the song kills it for me. A simple song but simple is always best Go Coldplay

I first heard this song in 2005 and loved it. It took me SEVEN YEARS until I found out who it was (I was unfamiliar with Coldplay at the time) when I heard it on the radio and I searched the playlist.