Fix You


"When you try your best, but you don't succeed When you get what you want, but not what you need... " Look up 'Fix You live at Glastonbury' on YouTube. It's so incredible and beyond explanation. "... And the tears come streaming down your face, when you loose something you can't replace, when you love someone but it goes to waste.. " Even the most unemotional rock of a person can be reduced to tears by this saddening, yet beautiful song. Chris Martin puts certain emotions into words and music that us other people of the world cannot. Thanks for your music, Chris Martin. Thank you so much.
".. And I will try to fix you. "

I've been a Coldplay fan from the beginning, and it's deeply disappointing that the number 1 song is Viva la Vida. Really? No. With a fantastic band like Coldplay, there's just so many other songs to choose from... Refer to the REST OF THIS LIST. But I come back to Fix You, time after time that something heartbreakingly earth shattering happens to me and I feel better, always. I don't feel alone or hurt or broken beyond repair, everything will be right in the world... Eventually. Especially with all of the turmoil that's going on I always put Coldplay on repeat. You just feel better, less screwed up.

Its full of an emotion which you really wanna tell your loved one's when they are all broken down and you can't bear the sight of them so down. Emotions run high. Plus, the vocal has a lot of variations. Which is really hard to muster together. All and all, its one for the record book

This is not only one of the best songs by coldplay, it's one the best song ever sung. With the lyrics going on, and the heavenly music in this song, every one is gonna fall for it. I could listen to it for a thousand times, and still get goosebumps. A perfect song full of soothing voice of Chris Martin and the lovely music in the Middle period of the song. That's some music you would never get bored of, and it just feels like the sound travels all over through your body and you are just gonna love it. LIGHTS WILL GUIDE YOU HOME.

Seriously? Only Number 2? Not only is this Coldplay's greatest song, but this ought to be up there in the top songs of all time. The range of emotions that the listener goes though is incredible and the climax is amazing. Want proof? Watch Coldplay perform it live. At least half the crowd is crying and nearly everyone sings the last line with great passion. As great as Viva or Yellow or The Scientist is, not one of them can touch as many as Fix You can. It's not a belief, it's fact.

Fix You is my personal number 2 but! It's their best song. The combination of the lyrics and the powerful music building up during te whole song is just amazing. It's emotional, like feelings are completely naked. Proof? Go to a concert and hear everyone sing along, when you look around you'll see people with tears in their eyes.. They will never be able to make a song like this again and that is the reason why, in my opinion, Fix You is the best song that ever Coldplay made.

It was tough choosing between two of, in my opinion, Coldplay's greatest songs. However, what truly settled down my decision was the fact that "Fix You" is genuinely a Coldplay creation, while "Viva la Vida" is not really. Besides, the emotion transmitted through this incredible song intoxicates the listener. It is, at the same time, a soothing and exhilarating song! Everything is perfection: Martin's vocals, the lyrics, etc... Truly, a wonderful piece of art!

When I go to bed, I take my headphones and listen to music. Every time I end listening to music by listening fix you. And every time I hear it, I cry. The lyrics are so powerful and so full of meaning. They describe very well my and most peoples lives, and that is magical. I can't even explain how much I love this song and how much it affects my life. But the most important part is that I can listen to this when I'm sad, happy or tired

I urge all 'true' fans of COLDPLAY to vote for FIX YOU... all those people who just pretend to be fans are the ones who will vote for VIVA LA VIDA... it's a great song viva la vida, but once you listen this song, you will fall in love with it. Hell, I got my first kiss with this song playing in the background, so I suppose I will be a bit prejudiced ;)

It really fixed me... I was kinda depressed after my break up with my girlfriend... Then I realised lights will guide me home.. And guess wot I gifted this song in a cd wrapped with a rose in the next year valentine day to my ex... This is the "song of my life"... Coldplay, you rock really rock! Tears stream down my face, but I will be fixed by Coldplay by its cold sense of pleasure...

Viva La Vida is overrated. As a long-time 13 year old Coldplay fan, Fix you is certainly Coldplay's trademark song, and the most amazing song when played live. Viva La Vida is great, but it appeals to the pop audience, not the rock/alternative audience. Fix You, Yellow, Trouble, In My Place, Clocks, Speed of Sound and many others is what I like

Can't listen to it without crying, if you know what I mean. It's Coldplay in on song! My favourite band by a long shot. There's something that sets these guys apart from all the rest, something I can't explain? Makes me think of moments why I've brought out the best in me. Thank you Coldplay, such a Devine sing that sits head and shoulders above any other artist. These gutsy are in a league of there own.

Definitely THE BEST Coldplay song of all time. Actually its in my personal top ten favorite songs of all time. Every time I listen to it I get almost overwhelmed with emotion and when I'm depressed about mine own life and this song is played I'll literally break out in tears no matter who is around because the lyrics just relate so much to my life. Absolutely love it and give it a %110 review!

This is a really beautiful song! The way Coldplay did the song is superb, with the whole song slowly building up to its climax, allowing the listener to fully take in the essence of the song, building up the emotions, and as they say: "ignites your bones". And yet at the end they reminds you that there is someone that will guide you home and ultimately: "Fix You".

This is the best Coldplay song and even the best song in the world and it deserves to be top 1 how has viva la vida taken over? It isn't as good as Coldplays fix you which is the best song in the whole entire world. Fix you is the best song in the whole entire universe and should be top one because of its melodious tune and beautiful lyrics and it is such a meaningful song which tells us about Chris martins life and is so soothing and helps many people when they are feeling down and need something to help them in their life. Fix you us the ultimate song and should be top 1 and people please vote for this song because it is Coldplays best work!

We're all broken somehow, and this song is like a balm for lost, weary souls. Everything about it--its tone, pacing, and crescendo points--elevate the listener from a state of sorrow to a state of euphoria. It extends hope to all of us who want to believe that human connectedness can be healing and redemptive.

This song is so meaningful. It makes whoever is listening feel in touch with the band members, like we've all been there. And it's really comforting to know you aren't the only one who can't always pick yourself up when you fall. It almost always makes me cry. "Tears stream down your face, when you lose something you can't replace... "

The falsetto, softness, then suddenly come in the guitar. Then the whole crowd goes crazy and a masterpiece performance is created. This deserves number 1. Viva la vida can't even come close to this.

Fix you. This song explains life, I cried when I first heard this song, it relate to me to much. Viva la vida is a wonderful song but fix you deserves to be #1. When you see the story behind this song it makes you think. When you listen to this song you have to find the meaning, or this song won't make sense. Best song ever hands down.

It just awesome. I can't express my feeling when I listen this song again & again. It's so inspirational that it just wipe out my tiredness & pain. Never stop listening & hope Coldplay will give more song like this. Listen if you are in too much stress. It will definitely refresh your mind. Coldplay rocks.

"When you try your best but you don't succeed," come on that's the story of most of our lives. It's so east identify with the songs message, and it presents such as candid reflection of people's struggles. What I love most is the idea of hope and resilience which is subtly woven in for those seeking it.

This is unbelievably amazing! Thank you coldplay for giving us such a great song! To me this is the best coldplay song and the most beautiful part is at the end when he starts singing with just the piano and they hear the crowd singing along and they smile. Shows just how amazing they are!

"part of the cure or part of the disease? I will fix you... " Come on. This should be universally accepted as not only the best Coldplay song but one of the greatest songs in recorded history.

No.2 :O viva la vida is a great song but "Fix you" is legen... Wait for it.. Wait for it.. Daryy

Amazing! Vida la Vida is good but when I hear this song it reminds me of what Coldplay used to be. Not the pop/ techno band they are now! I wish
Coldplay would go back to being the band everyone loves because it was so different from everything else!
Best song
Coldplay ever wrote!