In My Place


After some thought, I really thing this song is Coldplay's best. It's so perfect. The guitar lines, the drums, the vocals, and everything else about this song is smooth and well done. For awhile I thought Viva la Vida was my favorite song but after listening to it for a few months, I got bored with it. Whenever I think about Coldplay, I think about A Rush of Blood to the Head, and whenever I think about A Rush of Blood to the Head, I think about In My Place. So perfect, so emotional, so good. Best Coldplay right here, folks.

In my place is one the best songs of coldplay, It touches your heart It makes you think of things that have happened to you or can't, Whenever I'm alone or in trouble It helps me get through. And Makes me realise when I was wrong. Totally love it.

This song is incredible and has so much effort and meaning put into it. I could listen to this song every time I am feeling down, and it is just there to comfort me. I am so glad the band appreciates it so much as to have it as their second most played song live. I hope they continue to play it as I plan on seeing them this year. Definitely recommend it!

Seriously No.10. This song should be in like the top 5 or something.

This deserves a place in the top five! This song literally saved my life when I was broken from my dad's death! I LOVED IT. along with Fix You.

I didn't always care for this one, but realizing what it's about and listening to the lyrics I always want to cry now. Unrequited love is painful and difficult, if not impossible, to get past. I don't know what encouraged them to write it but there's so much hurt and sorrow in his words.

I'm glad others noticed this songs potential on the top 10. The drum beat is simple but amazing and then blended with simple notes on the guitar. If someone wants to be picky the only thing lacking in this song is lyrically it is too simple not to mention focused on Chris.

Best song ever. I can listen to it all day and it won't get boring. I don't know why not many people think of this song when they think of Coldplay

The first time I heard of Coldplay was when I heard this song, I sneaked in my brothers Ipod, and a few seconds later, this started playing, it was one of the most magical experiences of my life, and since then, Coldplay has been my No. 1 Band

In my place relates to me because every word applies to how I have felt for some time. Please Coldplay, if you're reading this, come back and sing this song to me, oh me, come on and sing it out, on August 20 at rose bowl, to me! Me! Come back and sing.

This was the first Coldplay song I fully listened to. The vocals and guitar playing are just amazing. Viva La Vida is good, but this song is the best to me

My all time favourite song. From the first time I heard this song I knew it was brilliant. The lyrics are simple but seem to really hit home and the emotion in the last verse is hauntingly beautiful.

Anyone that voted for Viva la Vida or Fix You I respect that decision, but it shows that most the people voting here aren't true Coldplay fans.

My favorite song ever. Coldplay's music captivates me but this song is just enraptures me. I saw them in concert and it was the best concert I've ever been to. I love you guys!

The guitar in this song is just amazing. I also love the lyrics. They remind me of my childhood. Definitely one of the best Coldplay song ever made and of the album. Coldplay ROCKS!

Helped me through a massive rough patch, I owe this song so much. Even though it is interpreted differently by people it is one of the most relatable songs they've ever made.

For years I only listened to the popular songs like 'Clocks' and 'Viva La Vida'. Now I've discovered Coldplay truly for what they are. This was their highlight for sure. I can feel the emotion in the lyrics, and the guitar riff is addictively great. Only Trouble and What If come close to this. It is so beautiful and it has been my favourite song ever since I heard it. It picks me up when I feel down and always makes for good listening when I'm not.

Seriously an amazing song. Every time I listen to it, it brings happiness no matter what. Truly a classic Coldplay song. I love this band! LONG LIVE Coldplay!

This is the first Coldplay song I ever heard and will always be my favorite. Almost anyone could relate to the lyrics and the melody is simply wonderful.

Coldplay's most emotional song about forgiveness, and the best part of their best album to date. Also has the most memorable start of any Coldplay song

This is one of their best songs in all honesty. First song I heard from them and it really hit me home so this is the song that got me into Coldplay's music.

In My Place is just one of those songs that gets to everyone that listens tot it. The lyrics are so meaning and the sound is addictive.

It is obviously the best soft rock song ever, the drum part at start makes the intro brilliant. and that's what I like about this song

AMAZING SONG AMAZING SONG! Most important words consist in this song. My hearts beats out of time. Very like and enjoying this song!

This song make me flying away with my soul. The best ever song in my life I think. I can pull out your heart.