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21 Politik

Undoubtedly deserves to be in top ten, if not in top five... when you listen to the song more than once you will definitely be captivated by it.. Chris and the orchestration is just superb!

Probably one of the most intense songs from Coldplay. The change of mood is just amazing, and the ending is epic, specially when played live Chris goes crazy.

Chris Martin has said that Politik is in the top 4 coldplay songs. Atleast this coldplay song has good lyrics! Very different song from any song in the world!

The best Coldplay song. Period. - Aaronardo

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22 Till Kingdom Come

One of the best Coldplay songs. It's REALLY underrated! - joxoko

LOVE THIS SONG, I don't know how this wasn't written on the back, I was listening to the cd and after the 12th track I was about to turn off the player and on came 'Til Kingdom Come, LOVED IT!

I love this song, makes you go to sleep it makes you feel calm, they did good putting it in the end of the album )

That's so ridiculous... It deserves top 5!

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23 Warning Sign

Beautiful chorus and just simple lyrics. Makes this song all that more easy to listen to and takes you somewhere without you realizing. Very underrated.

It speaks for itself. The truth is shared and I don't think there's a better intro chord than what is heard here. Definitely a listen for any state of mind.

Easily the most underrated Coldplay song, the star here is Nick Champion's consistantly haunting guitar that is present throughout the song.

It reminds me of a long lost love...

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24 Death and All His Friends

A true masterpiece.
"No I don't wanna battle from beginning to end,
I don't want cycle or unrecycle revenge,
No I don't wanna follow death and all of his friends"


A truly epic song, starts as a beautiful piano driven whisper and builds to a huge, stadium size finale. It represents everything that is Coldplay. A true masterpiece and a perfect way to end their best album!

This is absolutely amazing.. It lifts me up every time. Not true Coldplay fans if you don't like it!

Utter brilliance. The build up is unmatched.

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25 Lost!

The best song of Coldplay, and the best emotional.
"You might be a big fish in a little pond,
Doesn't mean you've won
'Cause along may come, a bigger one, and you'll be lost"

Frankly speaking I became LOST! While listening to it as it's the best song of the coldplayers

The above are good but this is the best song of Coldplay, should certainly be higher. Best Lyrics, most emotional, fast start and consistent.

This is honestly one of the most underrated songs of coldplay. Truly magical. Deserves to be in top 5.

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26 A Rush of Blood to the Head

By far Coldplay's best song (the only one that comes close is Clocks). The live 2003 version is basically musical perfection. Fix You and Viva la Vida fans will probably think I'm crazy... but I'll just blame it on a rush of blood to the head.

A beautiful, unknown ballad about vengeance, war, and erasing bad memories. When I perform with my band, I always sing "Some will laugh, some just sit and cry/You just sit down there and you wonder why" to myself to get in the artistic flow. Coldplay may be known for emotionally powerful piano ballads, but one shouldn't underestimate their ability to write songs with political messages. But this isn't something to play at the Democratic Convention, or even Republican. This is something to listen to through headphones while it's dark and you're in bed. Just close you eyes and listen. The same can be said for a good amount of Coldplay's music. The metalheads may call them lame, but Coldplay is one of the 21st century's best rock acts. Chris Martin is the Paul Simon of his time, but his music prevails with so much more emotion, so much more visualization. Coldplay is something else, that is certain.

"And I'm gonna but a gun and start a war. If you can tell me something worth fighting for. "

This has the best chorus in any Coldplay song

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27 Lovers in Japan

This should absolutely be in the higher end of the top ten. 'Lovers' is such an uplifting song with a great beat! Leave it to Coldplay to create such an original song.

I think the melody is great and so original. It should be in top ten

For god sake! This one rocks! Why is it 21th!?!
I love the rhythm.

Should be higher

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28 Hurts Like Heaven

What begins with a slow and calm introduction, continues in a fast and toe-tapping beat. This, I must say, is a masterpiece.

I don't know why but this is my favorite ever song made by Coldplay. It has something that attracts you to listen, to listen and to KEEP listening to eat. I seriously LOVE IT. Cheers to one of the best bands in the World!

This song is so good, I can't stop listening to it. There is something great about the beat and the rhythm and the vocals that makes it so good. Awesome song, makes me happy

This song left me with bittersweet feels. This is my favorite song from Coldplay. I like the enjoyable beat, the lyrics, and the solo guitar in it.. this song is totally awesome

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29 The Hardest Part

Has to be in the top 10 at least its an epic song its kinda different from most of their song Should be in the top 5! Come On! The whole song is amazing, the piano, and the melody are so class. It's also a very original tune.

Should be in the top 5! Come On! The whole song is amazing, the piano, and the melody are so class. It's also a very original tune.

This song hooks you from the beginning with the piano, and when Chris Martin's voice hits the high notes, it's the most beautiful sound in the world. My heart soars into the sky, breaking free from the limitations of life. I love all of Coldplay's work, but this is the one song that I love most of all. - pandagirl

Absolute masterpiece.

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30 God Put a Smile Upon Your Face

This is the closest Coldplay have ever gone to pure rock music, and yet it blows away even the greatest rock bands.

What on earth is this song doing so low down!? This is a fantastic track which I always thoroughly enjoy listening to; this is irrefutably Coldplay at their very best in my opinion.

The best. This should be in the first five Coldplay songs
GOD PUT A SMILE UPON YOUR FACE... There music has many meanings, I love this song more than the rest of them especially because of that rocking´╗┐ guitar

"Yeah, when you work it out I'm worse than you."

This is a majestic song that shows a deeper side of the band, and is probably their best song from their best album. It pairs with a music video that is about a businessman profiting off a system that hurts the homeless and then he slowly disappears, after getting cursed by someone disguised as a homeless man. Don't know why it's down here.

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31 Cemeteries of London

I love this song. It was one of the first Coldplay songs I've heard. The problem is, you can't really rate Coldplay's songs Best to Worst. Each song they have is different in its own way. If I could, I would put all of their songs at number 1.

Have you noticed the heartbeat-like beat at the beginning? I love it. Love the drum rhythm too, it makes the song sound like some adventure quest.
In addition, the lyrics are so deep, they carry me away to that spooky, mystic and fantastic world... Dudes listen to it A COUPLE OF TIMES then rate!

I used to listen to coldplay on and off but ever since I've heard cemeteries of london, I've got addicted to the band. Amazing music and very sexual

This song is incredibly unique and has a certain character to it that no other song has. The guitar solo is also just one of the best.

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32 What If

This song is purely the best of Coldplay and it deserves to be so much better I can't believe that such an amazing song is down here the lyrics are perfect and mean a lot. I had this song in my head for almost two weeks. I love colplay's long songs because there is more time to perfect the song. This is one of them and It is just outrageous that it is so far down the list. I am begging here Coldplay you are best and what if is definitely your best song please move it lots of places forward because it deserves to be higher. Please take my comment into consideration WHAT IF for the win

This Coldplay song is underrated as it is treated like any other ballad. But this is a powerful ballad and the brilliance of this song is based purely on its lyrics having a deep meaning.

This is the best Coldplay song ever it is truly amazing and is honestly the best song out of the album. It is outrageous that it is all the way down here. This song needs to be number1 believe me It deserves to be the best song out of the top ten songs.

Hands down the best Coldplay song. Period.

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33 Green Eyes

Sweet and lovely. And a easy song to sing and play on the guitar for your lover

Only true Coldplay fans know this song, however, it is so beautiful and sweet and just truly lovely... A wonderful secret. Definitely my favorite, although everything this band produces is absolutely amazing and unique.

ARE you KIDDINg ME? This is such a beautiful song! I can't begin express how heart melting this song is.. It would take forever.. I absolutely LOVE Coldplay.. Ever since I first heard "Yellow" they have been one of my altime favorites.

One of the most beautiful songs I have ever listened to... the impact moment gives me chills every time

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34 Sparks

If not a top 10, it should definitely be top 15. It was a very sweet, mellow sound that shows Chris's voice nicely.

This Song is ridiculously beautiful a transcendent masterpiece. There is human something about it that is so heartwarming and connective to the listener and I believe it should easily be top 5 with kingdom come, we never change, yellow, the scientist and fix you. In no order.

Awesome.. It's so soothing to ears... Makes you feel like you are lying with your loved one on roof watching the stars...

A really beautiful song. - Undistinguished

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35 See You Soon

Truly underrated. This one of Coldplay's first recroded songs... probably its first true masterpiece.

how could this not be the best one? perfect lyrics perfect melody perfect voice... I urge everyone to hear this song and trust me you will not regret it.

Just watch the YouTube video from live 2003. That's all I can say. Then you will see why this song should be in the top 10. The guitar chord progression accompanied with Chris Martin's voice makes this song a true masterpiece in itself! LISTEN!

Love the range Martin shows in his picking. Definitely original and wisely only guitar is used.

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36 X & Y

Just so beautiful and... Majestic. I never get tired of this song! My favorite part is the "You and me are floating on a tidal wave together" "You and me are drifting into outer space"
It really makes me feel like I am going to outer space! :) This song deserves a much higher spot.

First time listening to this song, I was stunned. It was just.. Beautiful. And soothing. Feels like I'm floating away in the beauty of the song. Definitely deserves a better position!

This is one of those songs that has an effect to it that makes you feel so good the chorus is literally heart stopping! I can only listen to it every once in a while or it will lose the effect it is I my second favorite song of all time

Great song very under appreciated..

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37 Magic

Really good song. One of Coldplay's best. Its only so low in the list because it was just released recently. Vote it up guys! And also, the music video is awesome too. Go watch and listen to it if you haven't! Can't wait for Ghost Stories!

The second song from their new album Ghost Stories. Amazing. Go listen to it now!

Should be in the top 5 certainly, such a soothing tune to it, one word for this exquisite song "MAGICAL"

Amazing song, truely magic! Very addictive, the song keeps looping in my playlist

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38 Square One

This song I must compare to the most overused comparison ever- a box of chocolates. It has a bit of everything. It's a jack of all trades. Great theme and lyrics? Check, although they have better themes and lyrics in songs like A Warning Sign and Low. Catchy? Yes, but not as much as many other songs, especially ones on Mylo Xyloto. Great instrumentals? Yes yes YES. But not as much as some songs. Memorable and different from other Coldplay songs and songs in general? Yes, but... You fill it in. Overall, I love this song. - pandagirl

At 48? are you serious?
This songs definitely deserves to be in top 15

Theme is just so much amazing and makes you sing along with it

Amazing song, but all Coldplay songs are masterpieces, so I can not say what the best Coldplay song is. But this song should be higher rated!

Is there anybody out there who
is lost and hurt and lonely too
are they bleeding all your colours into one
and if you come undone
as if you've been run through
a catapult it fired you
you wonder if your chance will ever come
or if you're stuck in square one

beautiful beautiful lyrics

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39 Everything's Not Lost

I love this song. Easily their best from Parachutes, including the heavily overplayed Yellow, though that's a good song too. The inspirational ender to their first album, this is one of the few songs by Coldplay that actually makes sense. Listen to the lyrics to Fix You, Speed of Sound or Lost!, and you will be wondering exactly what on earth the point was to the song. This is by far their most inspirational and meaningful song, and should definitely be higher!

Amazing song. Should be much higher on this list. So predictable how all their big hits are at the top. Those songs are good, but this band has so much more to offer.

When I'm counting up my demons
Saw there was one for every day
With the good ones on my shoulder
I drove the other ones away

If you ever feel neglected
If you think all is lost
I'll be counting up my demons yeah
Hoping everything's not lost

Such an inspiring song of Coldplay! Come on it deserves more!

One of the most underrated Coldplay songs. More powerful, emotional, and all out better than any of the top songs on this list.

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40 Don't Let It Break Your Heart

It's no surprise that the songs from Mylo Xyloto begin at the bottom of the list, but seriously, I found this song at 60. I believe that, given time, this song will definitely become a top ten.
It is so emotive and heartwarming, and the sound is overwhelmingly beautiful.
Easily one of my favourite songs from Coldplay.


Dang. This is the best song from MX. It sounds so heavenly and fills you up with such amazing feelings of happiness and hope that you just EXPLODE with pure bliss! This song radiates pure awesomeness.


One of my favorite songs of all time.

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