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41 Christmas Lights

"Those Christmas lights, Light up the street. Maybe they'll bring her back to me. Then all my troubles will be gone
Oh Christmas lights keep shining on. " Makes me cry every time. This song epitomized why music exists, to invoke hope and fear and sorrow and joy. This song belongs in the list of greatest songs of all time simply because of its greater theme and how it doesn't seem to care whether you like it or not. It means everything to everyone.

Best Christmas song I've heard. It's not like most Christmas songs and is completely original unlike most over covered Christmas carols made famous by Mariah Carrie rip off singers. It's sad but not too sad unlike "Christmas shoes," and has different parts to it unlike "simply having a wonderful Christmas time" which is the same thing over and over again. Love this song and should be played on the radio more often.

I think that this song is gorgeous and makes me really get into the Christmas spirit! It makes me cry every time because I think about Christmas Every single day

Such an amazing and ORIGINAL Christmas song! Love it

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42 Life in Technicolor

This is THE BEST Coldplay SONG TILL DATE after Yellow and Every Teardrop is a Waterfall. It shouldn't be lagging this far behind!

Wisely short but could have been longer. Great instrumentals and a pleasant listen.

Why is this 32? One of the most legendary songs

Best song ever

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43 Glass of Water

This is one of those songs that if only Coldplay decided to put this on viva la vida it would be top ten. The only thing holding it back is te fact that few people have actually heard it. I consider myself a pretty hardcore Coldplay fan and hadn't heard this song until a couple months ago. I Feel as if some people had actually heard some of these songs like sparks and spies and Amsterdam they would also be A LOT higher.

THIS SONG IS COMPLETELY UNDERRATED. They really should've put this on viva la Vida. I first heard it live at my first concert ever back when they were doing their viva la Vida tour. It stuck to me ever since. The piano, the almost bouncing guitar during the verse. It's just an amazing song. Especially the explosion in the outro. Just amazing.

Too bad this great song is only on Prospekts March... It is one of my favorite songs in general, and at the moment my all time favorite Coldplay song. It makes me feel so great when I hear the refrain, it transports so many feelings and thoughts in my opinion. Great song you should definitely listen to!

One of their 5 best songs, if it wasn't a b-side would be much higher in this list. - RandomPerson1234

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44 Atlas

Amazing song!, like the first songs of Coldplay... Simply AMAZING.

An amazing mix of rush of blood to the head and Mylo Xyloto. It gets better every listen.

This is one of those songs that could have been huge had it not been written for a movie, much like Paul McCartney's "Live and Let Die". It is a very simple yet infectious melody. It fits the mold of a pop song to a T. Great rhythm, slow but upbeat and it has the anthemic chorus of "Carry your world". Easy to listen to yet very exhilarating. Very well crafted even in its simplicity.

This song means a lot for me. The lyrics, the beat, the piano, Chris Martin's voice..
Memories roam my head and my eyes are always full of tears when I hear this beautiful song.

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45 White Shadows

One of the most underrated Coldplay songs by far. This song really captures finding desires and their true worth. Definitely deserves a spot at least in the Top 10.

This is a really good song. It's very difficult to vote for just one song, and I almost would have voted for Fix You to kick Viva la vida out of 1, but if we could rank them I think White Shadows ends up a lot higher.

Probably the most underrated song- the lyrics are meaningful and profound and the song itself is amazing. Definitely in the top five, if not higher than that.

Song about the fact that almost nothing good, bad or strange (at the first glance) happens without reason and everything is connected in a way we cannot find out until we feel it fulfills and fits our lives. This songs should be higher - at least Top 20.

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46 A Message

You can tell Chris thought about this one since the lyrics are all meaningful and there are no fillers.

"My song is love to the loveless don't have to be alone...your heavy heart is made of stone...and it's so hard to see don't have to be on your own...and I'm not gonna take it back...and I'm not gonna say I don't mean that...your the target I'm aiming at...and I'm nothing on my own got to get that message home...and I'm on fire for and I'll get that message song is love...and I love you please come home...

...could be about anyone listening to his music and identifies with the listeners emotions on such a deep level. (And I only mentioned some of those lyrics, and there are few if any fillers or line open to doubt or intent or a listeners own interpretation. All the lyrics hit home. He doesn't miss a single fire at someone's heart.

Amazing. Wow. He can take someone who is wants to literally give up on life and Chris ...more

So romantic lyrics about not giving up or stepping back on love. Quite an inspiring song... The solo guitar at the end of it is some of their very best. Check it out, you'll understand what I'm saying and will agree!

Should be in the top ten for sure! Something so amazing to express your love for someone, and letting them know that they complete you... "i am nothing on my own". It isn't saying you need to have someone to be complete, but that that special someone has forever changed you, made your life more whole and gave you a greater purpose. Life is nothing without love. Thank God for Coldplay! My life has forever been changed because of their music!

#50? Really? What a masterpiece!

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47 Us Against the World

Simply the best song on Mylo Xyloto. It's a perfect acoustic song with a fantastic story to tell. The lyrics are amazing. I love how more instruments are introduced towards the end of the song. It becomes louder and louder until it gently flows it out and ends with a beautiful acoustic sound. This song definitely deserves more attention. This song is an amazingly beautiful masterpiece.

Up against the world is such a good song. Although it does not fit in with Coldplay's other songs very well, its acoustic beauty fosters an aura of relaxation and its lyrics are soothing.

Us Against the World is my favorite song from the Mylo Xyloto album. Chris Martin's vocals just melt into the instrumental perfectly to create this musical masterpiece. I find this song to be highly underrated. Us Against the World deserves to be higher on the list!

Love this song. Not their best, but deserves to be higher. Just type "Coldplay - Us Against the World (Live)" on Youtube and you'll understand.

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48 Up with the Birds

The best album closer Coldplay have ever done. I love it, from the serene first half ("The birds they sang, break of day") to an explosion of passion and uplifting energy ("Might have to go where they don't know my name") and a final reassuring conclusion ("Good things are coming our way! "). It's a shame they have never played it live, as well as the fact that it is currently #52 on this list. My absolute favorite Coldplay song, more so even than their hits!

This song tells my story. From being at the mercy of the streets to having the world on my feet. "A simple plot, then I knew one day, good things are coming my way". Lyrics of hope. Have listened to it over 10000 times and I am not exaggerating.

Its so uplifting! Love the song. Coldplay is my favorite band ever. NOTHING can beat coldplay.

"Up With The Birds" is a beautiful song. It is very uplifting and has beautiful lyrics. I love it.

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49 Gravity

Hmm very unknown, eh? Too bad, it's so emotional and the lyrics are beautiful

Undoubtedly Coldplay's best work... Wonder they never sing it in their concerts..

Best unheard Coldplay song...

Come on it shhould be attleast on top 10!

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50 Yes

Not surprised this is down at 43 cause I don't think many true fans voted, otherwise fantastic songs like Amsterdam, Warning Sign, Sparks, Hurts Like Heaven, Lovers in Japan and Life in Technicolor would be higher. I went for Yes because of it's fantastic off kilter rhythm and it is distinctly un-Coldplay sounding, and it perfectly sums up the World Music style of Viva La Vida.

When it started we had high hopes now my backs on the line, my backs on the ropes. When it started we were alright but night makes a fool of us in the daylight. The violin and the guitar in this song are the highlights, as well as Chris's vocal range. This song is by far one of their top 10 songs, up there with Cemeteries and Don't Panic, but I felt bad and voted for this. NEEDS TO BE HIGHER!

CSC is honestly my least favorite Coldplay song, but I agree. If only hardcore fans voted, Paradise would not even be in the top 50. It's not even that the Paradise is bad. It's that all of the underrated songs (like Yes) are so much better. I hate seeing the same top 10 on every website. The Scientist would be my #1, but you gotta have Don't Let It Break Your Heart, Sparks, Now My Feet Won't Touch The Ground, (hell, I'd throw A Ghost up there too) I wish there was a hardcore fan section.

A great song and I love the electric violin, which reminds me and makes the song sound like a velvet underground song. Easily one of, if not their best song - Jiorl

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51 Ink

Songs from ghost stories didn't get proper ranking in this list.

This song is absolutely amazing probably the best song in their latest album

Brilliant song. Best one from ghost stories

I don't see why is this song at 59. Vote for this guys. :/

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52 Spies

This is an amazing song. It is very mellow and unique. There is just something about this song that makes it one of Coldplay's best. It has a great guitar solo and the vocals are haunting and full of emotion. Just give it a listen and see for yourself.

This song is 58?! Okay okay, besides Yellow, this is easily the best song on their album Parachutes. Just awesome I mean, listen to those lyrics with that epic drop of percussion. It's amazing, and anybody who can't see that hasn't listened to Parachutes. Also and I forgot to add, it's really really addictive.

The lyrics aren't sad to me- they have a powerful meaning that sort of lightens up at the end. And WHY is this, of all songs, so low? I came here thinking it would be AT LEAST in the top 30. Thumbs up for the simple, rhythmic old-type Coldplay roots. Hope someday they make another album like Parachutes.

The base in this one is the best among all the Coldplay songs!

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53 Major Minus

I don't get why there aren't any opinions on this song? One of the best of Mylo Xyloto!

You can tell Coldplay was itching to throw all those minors in there back to back to get them all out at once. The title is no mistake. It serves as the lyrical purpose and the musical purpose. Clever song but I can see how it could rub some the wrong way.

This song is a marvel.. Very underrated though..

Very underrated Mylo Xyloto track. - esambuu

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54 Ghost Story

This song honestly surprised me on the Sky Full Of Stars EP. I was expecting something worse than what is on Ghost Stories considering it didn't make the final cut but it blew me away. The guitar is enchanting and beautiful and sounds similar to a few of the songs on Parachutes. Lyrics and vocal range are amazing from Chris. Great song and should rise from 102 hopefully.

Best song on the EP and out of all of Ghost Stories. If only it was known..

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55 Up&Up

This song is pure belongs right up there with Fix You and The Scientist.

Best song on A Head full of Dreams album... but live version is even better... And Noel guitar rocks...

This should be top one and best song on the new album and one of the best ever made by them. Keep going Coldplay you get better by each album

Ok, this song is amazing! The lyrics, the tune and especially the emotion! It's in the top 5 for me! - micahisthebest

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56 Moses

It's sad how this song is overshadowed by songs like a sky full of stars. This song is so emotional with Chris's wailing vocals and his soft to loud changes. Chris and johnny's guitars compliment each other very well and they are all held together by the driving bass and drums which are at the perfect volume. Live 2003 was a perfect album/ dvd in my opinion and this song really stands out as a masterpiece.

A true testament to the genre. Listen before you vote

Amazing song top 20 most definitely

Ok. Do not stick out from the rest however.

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57 Now My Feet Won't Touch the Ground

I'm pretty sure this isn't a song but a Coldplay song with this line is "life in technicolor" and "life in technicolor ii"?

Nice song not as creative and not the best lyrically.

To that other commenter, yes, there is a song by Coldplay called "Now My Feet Won't Touch The Ground", but they just use that lyric in some of their songs on Viva La Vida album like "Life In Technicolor", "Life In Technicolor ii", and "Strawberry Swing".

58 We Never Change

Chris' voice is so raw and emotional in this song, WHY is it way down here? It is honestly hard to do this kind of thing for Coldplay because they ARE so amazing, but this is at least top 20! You can hear so vividly his range and falsetto and the guitar is literally a dream; this is an outrage.

This song is amazing... It should be much higher than this. The song is so touching and really strikes a great chord in my heart.

No. Definitely not musically Coldplay's best. Lyrics are just as dumb with Chris talking about "good" and bad demons on his shoulders and keeping the "good" ones and getting rid of the bad...there are no good demons...I'm glad this song is one of Coldplay's weakest musically since the lyrics are so lame.

Really? 49? this has always been one of my favourites.

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59 Up in Flames

This is definitely one of Coldplay's least complex songs as far as arrangement goes but it does not have to be complex to be powerful. Up In Flames demonstrates most of what Coldplay has to offer. It gives a heartwarming and beautiful piano riff along with very well thought out and emotional vocal performance. Definitely a lovable song.

How can no one like this song?

The title is exactly what Coldplay should have done with this song. Record it on CD, throw it on a trash pile, burn it, and watch it go up in flames...

Love this song makes my heart go up in flames 😌��"�

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60 A Head Full of Dreams

This song makes me feel like I'm in the sky. It's the type of song you can scream along to on the best night of your life or lay awake at night crying over. Beautiful, best from the Head Full of Dreams album along with Up & Up and Birds. One of my favourite Coldplay songs ever, and it should be yours too, though many people can't seem to get past the fact that Coldplay is a growing, experimenting band.

Nice opening track

Nice music with perfect length.

Very uplifting

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