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61 High Speed

Call me a pessimist, but the fact that a ton of Mylo Xyoto songs are above this, Spies and other amazing early Coldplay songs annoys me. I wish Coldplay stuck with their roots with their later albums. They've written so many beautiful songs that most people who are 'Coldplay fans' probably haven't heard of. Musically, 'High Speed' is awesome and possesses that spacey guitar feel that is the signature of early Parachutes-era Coldplay. Excellent song. I would recommend anyone to really closely listen to Parachutes start to finish. Trust me, it's worth it.

How this song isn't in the top 10 beats me.. So mellow and yet so powerful. The bass line and the drums alone are epic

I like the intro more but the rest are just great. This song must move up in High Speed! Like, maybe Top 40 perhaps?

Hypnotic...makes you fall half asleep and half awake...kinda like trance...beautiful...

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62 O (Fly On)

Such a poetic song. It's so beautiful it makes me want to cry. Just heard it today and I felt like I was dissolving with the air. Creates sort of a soothing trance. Love it. I heard that this song is inspired by the complications that Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow has been through a few days ago. Sad new. Although I find it amazing how this man just uses his feels and thoughts in different position in life to write a song. The elements that occurred really reflect in this song. He is so talented. This song means something different to me although. I feel kind of nostalgic today I don't really know why. Maybe that is why I feel like this. The "flock of birds" are just memories to me which keeps "hovering above" in mind pretty suddenly though and even if not " just before dawn". And if we kind of connect my thought with the theme and title of the album, it could create another beautiful sensation. What I want to mean is that since this album is names ...more

I previously thought of Everything's Not Lost as my favorite Coldplay song... But this is so outright heartbreaking, amazing, and beautiful that it takes the top spot for me now (probably permanently). Honestly I don't think Coldplay can get any better than this, so what that it is not a radio-friendly single! Absolutely incredible, the first time I listened I cried through most of it and I am not one who cries much. "Fly on..."

Nope. Just... No. This is a great song. This is the problem with music fans. They're split into two groups. The group (Vast majority) who say stuff like "Oh yeah, I'm a big Coldplay fan. I've heard every song", when they've only heard stuff like The Scientist, Fix You, and Paradise. Meanwhile, there are people who go through every album, finding the best of the best. I hate that a lot of the best Coldplay songs are hidden. Definitely the best song on the album.

Gives me chills and nostalgic memories, along with True Love from the same album. I don't know why Ghost Stories is placed so low on this list, but we gotta go with the flow, I guess.

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63 Twisted Logic

HOW is this song so low? I absolutely love Twisted Logic, it should be in the top ten at THE VERY LEAST. It has a very important meaning about the way we live and how we treat our planet. But you don't even need to understand it to hear how beautiful, passionate, and emotional it is. I am truly bewildered by how underrated this song is.

Oh my gosh. I love this song SO MUCH. It's really powerful, both musically and lyrically. It's my favorite song on X&Y and one of my top five favorite songs from Coldplay. I love most of their songs, but I just HAD to vote for this one because it is WAY too low. This should be at least be in the top twenty. Please, PLEASE vote this up higher. You will not regret it, I promise.

When do people ever take the time to listen to all these beautifully simplistic songs of Coldplay that are in some random corner of the internet when they have their yellow, their viva la vida and their paradise... the answer is never.

The tile gives you a clue. Key change(s). Random. The middle is maybe worth the listen.

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64 42

The opening line is so beautiful.

Aside from the middle part of this song, this song is beautiful. The beginning and end are just amazing. If they were to redo this song and make the middle just as good as the beginning and end it's a top 5 song.

A very mysterious and compelling songs, I had to put this on the list.

Make me shivering every time

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65 Parachutes

This is SUCH a beautiful song! It is extremely short but you cannot help but ador the pure acousticness of this song and Chris's voice - this is a song everyone should know and give a listen to.

Just wish it was slightly longer!

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66 Rainy Day

Lovely song and there is some sadness in the song 's lyrics... Too good.. Eepecially when he says oh rainy day..

We're seperated now ohh but I love when you come into d house I love it when you come into my house... Best song ever

67 Brothers and Sisters

A very meaningful song! Very relevant in today's world! Everyone who fights with others will, after hearing this song, know the importance of making peace and not wasting precious time fighting. Spectacular!

Tough is not very known, I have to say this song is AMAZING!
Great intro, nice guitar and lyrics - joxoko

Great song! Great guitar intro and chorus! Should be in top 20!

Brother and sister is a is a special song. in my opinion the best song before their first album.

68 True Love

The title of the song really speaks for what the song is actually trying to tell us about.

Get to number 1. ASAP!

This song is just so beautiful. It's one of my favorite songs from Ghost Stories. I think that "True Love" is one of Coldplay's most beautiful songs ever made and deserves to be higher than 75.


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69 Another's Arms

I had my earphones on with music being played throughout the night while I slept. In the morning around 6 AM, I woke up with this song and the weather outside just complemented this song perfectly; breezy, cloudy, kind of dark, drizzles. The song felt to have come alive for me and to have woken up to the song made my day. I would want to wake up to this song everyday. The interlude were just ethereal, perfect. You don't want this song to stop, even more so for the interlude which feels rather short. I listened to that song at least five time today morning.

What A Ghastly and amazing song! This is definitely one of the Bests of Coldplay! Ghost Stories? You betcha!

I can't put my finger on why but this song really has a hold of me! It's got a really cool and unique atmosphere

You can feel the sadness of chris martin because of his breakup with gwyneth paltrow.

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70 How You See the World

Seriously, nothing? It's a more aggressive sound while still containing their sound it's hard when it's soft its one of the best songs.

Is this song on an album or is it just played live? It's good no matter what though.

71 For You

Best song in my opinion by far

Its just an excelent song, it have great lyrics and makes me feel really good

72 Hymn for the Weekend

Once it gets enough audience, this song will simply spring onto the top ten list... Such an awesome song it is

This is gonna be in the top 10 before long.

I love this song. It's really catchy, and was stuck in my head for two weeks after I first heard it, not that I minded.

One of the best songs to lift your mood. Love Coldplay

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73 Amazing Day

One of their best songs. It has that floating quality you find in tracks like In My Place and Speed of Sound. I especially love how Berryman's bass cuts in and out throughout the song; I even learned to play the bass intro (...on my acoustic guitar). Maybe it's just me, but the first time I heard the intro I thought it sounded like the Legend of Zelda theme.

Beautiful, beautiful song. One of my favorites of theirs of all time. Really sticks out as the best song on an otherwise pretty mediocre album.

This is such a beautiful and romantic song! As of right now, it's my favorite song off of A Head Full Of Dreams.

Amazing song

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74 I Ran Away

Most amazing Coldplay b-side IMO. I wish more people knew about it! It's very unique and has an atmospheric feel to it. - shiverforcoldplay

Maybe not their best one, but definitely the most underrated. "Everyone I know says I'm a fool to mess with you, everyone I know says it's a stupid thing to do". I can't get it out of my head!

My god! This song is in #62? Are you kidding me? This should be way above... at least in top 20

Too bad this isn't on an album. Great b-side.

75 Careful Where You Stand

.. Hasn't ANYBODY EVER heard this song? This is their best song.. It's just so sweet and the music is just so soft flowing.. It just flows through you and sings you to sleep...

76 Things I Don't Understand

This is easily a Top 5 Coldplay song for me! It's a shame thus "Speed of Sound" B-side isn't very well known, as evidenced by its placement on this list. Hopefully it gets more notice at some point - maybe through people voting it up on this site!

This is THAT SONG - the one that assures you there are others just like you - thank you, Coldplay

Lyrics are meaningful and song is pleasant to listen to. Not over developed and pretty simple melody.

A sure top ten song

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77 The World Turned Upside Down

This is not one of Coldplay's most popular songs, but it is one of my favorites easily. It has very well written words, and the chorus is spectacular! It's just one of those songs, that you will like right away.

78 Up & Up

Hard to understand the meaning but summing up with the "Don't ever give up"give me chills.

Amazing song with great meaning. Long but very varied. Very complete. A great chorus full of energy.

This song have an very relaxing rhythm and a very emotional meaning, I love it


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79 Only Superstition
80 Hypnotised

What an amazing masterpiece. I was hooked by ytterbium first minute what an amazing song! Hopefully Coldplay continue down this route I love this song!

The song is just different in its own beautifully unique way

Brings back the vibes of the older Coldplay!

So good

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