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101 Harmless

Really hope this ends up in a box set one day, but for the moment all we have is a YouTube video

102 Proof Proof

It may not be THE best of Coldplay's songs but certainly deserves a mention, and is a top 10 in my book.

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103 Crest of Waves Crest of Waves

Great guitar, great complexity, great verses and vocals, completely overrated. I miss the old Coldplay. I wish they were still releasing masterpieces like these today.

This is such a good song! Give it a try!

I hope that this eventually gets higher on the list. It's actually a really good song!

The title is exactly what it sounds like. Could definitely be higher than what it is here!

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104 Such a Rush Such a Rush

The vocals in this are amazing, and it's a shame this song isn't that well known. I was pretty surprised too see other songs from "The Blue Room" here, but Such A Rush was absent.

105 Ode to Deodorant

Feels like you coldplayer forgot their first song. Or you never listened to it till the end. Go for it listen you will not regret.

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106 Easy to Please Easy to Please

This song is beautiful, and so atmospheric. In just a few lines, it creates lots of feelings within. With the haunting atmosphere, mellow acoustics, amazing vocals, and a short, but beautiful piano tune; this song is surely one of Coldplay's best.

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107 Your Love Means Everything

World's best sad song ever...

An amazing song that breaks your hard yet fills you with joy.

Just pure beautiful. :')

108 Bloodless Revolution
109 1.36 1.36

Not something that is in the band's normal range but it is extremely good.

110 Ladder to the Sun

Uknown song but give it a listen on yt and you will understand why it should be way higher...

Just heard it recently. probably their best song. the piano part is amazing and the lyrics are very cool. its such a shame they didn't put it with the other great songs

111 All Your Friends

Probably the most unheard of song in the album Ghost Stories. The video is haunting. It's about the World War and how people went out to die. "All your friends they, ride into the sunset, ride into the sunset, and away they go..."

Why is this here? This is top 10 material

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112 Sleeping Sun

Really no one even added this to the list? It's better than at least 5 of the top 10!

113 Lhuna
114 Reign of Love Reign of Love

When I first listened to this I have to admit, I didn't like it but as I listened to the Viva la Vida Album over again, I grew to It and I love it!

115 O (Reprise)
116 Loveless

Although this is a song that was barely recorded, the few seconds that you hear it strike you to the bone. Its Beautiful in an unfinished untouched way.

117 Birds Birds V 5 Comments
118 Colour Spectrum Colour Spectrum

No... Just don't... Please no head full of dreams songs on this list. Technically, it's not a Coldplay album.

I agree a head full of dreams doesn't even belong on the Coldplay playlist

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119 Chinese Sleep Chant

After we're put to sleep by the weakest track on viva la Vida in my opinion (Yes), this hidden gem jumps out at us to wake us up. With the jangly guitars, loud drums, and dream like vocals, this song is not only energetic, but almost puts me in a trance. One of the best hidden tracks I've ever heard. It's short but sweet and I enjoy every second of it. Such a great song.

120 Mylo Xyloto Mylo Xyloto V 1 Comment
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