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121 A Whisper

I don't see why a lot of Coldplay fans didn't like this song. I agree that it isn't the best song on A Rush Of Blood To The Head, but I still think it is an amazing song that deserves to be more appreciated. I really like the whole sound of it, and the lyrics are great too.

I really like this song, should at least be in the top 20 in my opinion. Disappointing to see it this low, you should just go listen to it. A great song from their best album, A Rush Of Blood To The Head.

Different from their other music, but still very enjoyable and should NOT be last on this list.

No idea why this is last...and paradise is first.

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122 Daylight

This song is amazing! I love it when Chris sing "slowly breakin through the daylight" again and again

How is this so low? It isn't their best by any stretch but Chris Martin's singing accompanied with the some great piano, drums and bass in background makes for a solid song on a great album.

I like this song a lot. It definitely doesn't deserve to be all the way down here at the bottom of the list. I always imagine a pretty sunrise when I hear it.


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123 Princess of China

In my opinion this is one of the greatest coldplay songs. Even though the collaboration with Rihanna gave it a pop feel and wasn't a true Coldplay song. Peace. Love coldplay. Keep it up guys!

This should be at the top of the list real soon... Top ten is a must

THIS SONG IS FAB! I know the older fans of Coldplay will say rihanna just not right for Coldplay, but you have to admit this song is catchy and the melody will just stuck in our head. This song deserves to be at least in top ten! Not 74 :( vote

How is this not even in the top 50? you joking?

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124 U.F.O.

Love the lyrics. Love the music. What more can you ask of the song..?

I LOVE IT! It's a great song, but it's very short. I wish they spent a little more time on it. When I first heard U.F.O. I thought it was the best song on the album.

This should be WAY higher up the list and your argument is invalid. The lyrics and the deepness in this song are out of this world and I wish people would give it attention even though it might not seem worth it as the song is short but literally in every aspect BEAUTIFUL.

This song is great. Totally underrated. - RichardSSG

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125 Moving to Mars

Fantastic! This is the best song on the Every Teardrop is a Waterfall EP in my opinion. It's awesome and deserves to belong to people without iTunes accounts!

Just listen to this song a few times, then you will realize how beautiful it is.. Just because it is number 57 on this list doesn't mean it isn't a good song. This song deserves a higher spot like, in the teens. I LOVE this song.

So simple but yet pure. Whenever I hear this, I want to just lay my head on the desk and close my eyes. It moves from simple beautiful piano notes to when the chorus begins at '8 to 9, 9 to 10'. Even words can't describe it! Whoever is not at least voting for this song hasn't heard enough of Coldplay.
It is an unofficial track on the album Mylo Xyloto. Whyy?! Ethereal.
Please please listen to this you will not regret spending 4:19 minutes listening to this song.

Not a good song

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126 Bigger Stronger

This song is beautiful from the intro to the ending. I love everything about it and it's really sad how underrated it is.

I started to know Coldplay by this song (Bigger Stronger) and Yellow. - RichardSSG

A great piece, one of my favorites.

How is this at 125 it needs to be way higher

127 Back for Good
128 Barbie Girl

I think Coldplay did a really good job on this one. It's really underrated and I can't believe it's so far down below. Coldplay is popular for the wrong reasons. Just because Chris is hot? People should focus on their talent and listen to the more beautiful songs like this one. I'm sure Chris crafted this with a lot of passion and care because in my opinion, this is the best Coldplay song of all time.

Really? Who the hell would put this here

Why the hell is this song on here? Did they do a cover?

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129 Billie Jean

Seriously? Who the hell put this here. ?

130 Midnight

Totally amazing! It exudes the same passion as their other stuff, even though it is so different. From the hypnotic electronic pulse to heavily processed vocals to the darkest lyrics Chris has ever written, it would be difficult to listen to Clocks and then this without wondering "Was that the same band in both songs? " This is my all-time favorite Coldplay song and I think it will, in time, be considered one of their classics. I love it!

I figured this song would be down here at 106 since people vote for the most popular and not best Coldplay songs. I'm not saying it's the best Coldplay song ever made, but it's my personal favorite from Ghost Stories, an album which I don't understand why it's getting so much hate. Being a fan since Parachutes, I enjoyed it and this song was my favorite from it, having a certain atmosphere that I can't get enough of. I love this song and hope it gets more votes.

A work of art by a band who has written many incredible songs, Midnight is my favorite Coldplay song because on top of the emotional immersion that most of their work has, it creates a physical sensation. The first time I heard it I couldn't have told you what the song said, but I could easily describe the feeling behind it.

I swear, picking my favorite Coldplay song is like picking your favorite child. There are many songs created by Coldplay that I cherish, but something about 'Midnight' has a feeling to it that's indescribable. It's different than any of the songs they've produced. Unlike many tunes, I could put this song on repeat and still appreciate everything about it and it's unspoken depth. I don't know a single song quite like this; it's one of a kind.

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131 A Spell a Rebel Yell
132 Murder
133 Miracles

Amazing, uplifting song. Really sets the mood for A Head Full of Dreams. Listen ASAP

One of the best... It really cheers me up when I listen to it. If you haven't listened to it, do it now. you wont be disappointed - lvtwoodpecker

Go Coldplay. An amazing song. Miracles is one of the best Coldplay songs. Everything is perfect. Coldplay is the best band. Can't wait for A Head Full Of Dreams.

Great rhythm, great beat and chris' vocals just wow!

This song is epic it should be at least top 10 not number 89

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134 I Bloom Blaum

Beautiful lyrics along with a beautiful acoustic guitar accompaniment

135 Adventure of a Lifetime

I'm a HUGE Coldplay fan, and I've gotta say this song rocks! Can't wait for a head full of dreams!

I've been a Coldplay fan for years, and honestly this may be there best song to date. Seriously it's awesome

I love it! It's very new, but it's very upbeat and just awesome! One of my favorite songs of 2015 by far!

My favorite song. I love coldplay

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136 Everglow

The piano "glows" in this one. You can tell it just gets better and better. From the simplicity of The Scientist to Everglow. The best song on A Head Full of Dreams. Should be ranked much higher than way down here...

A song so moving when you are low its hard to find something that matches it, I'll be honest its sad to find this down here if you listen to it and it moved you, come back here and lets see this at the top some day!

Could this rating be more wrong! To anyone out there, just listen to this masterpiece once and to what the lyrics say. You will know what have you been missing in the world of music

This song is amazing! Should at least be in the top ten

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137 x Marks the Spot

Oh, so THAT'S what this song is called! It's a hidden track next to Army Of One, and I loved it, but didn't know what it was called. I just called it "The second part of Army Of One". Anyway, it, in my opinion, is just great. Please vote for it!

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138 A Hopeful Transmission
139 M.M.I.X.
140 Death Will Never Conquer
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