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121 Ladder to the Sun

Uknown song but give it a listen on yt and you will understand why it should be way higher...

Just heard it recently. probably their best song. the piano part is amazing and the lyrics are very cool. its such a shame they didn't put it with the other great songs

122 Sleeping Sun

Really no one even added this to the list? It's better than at least 5 of the top 10!

123 Lhuna
124 Loveless

Although this is a song that was barely recorded, the few seconds that you hear it strike you to the bone. Its Beautiful in an unfinished untouched way.

125 Colour Spectrum

No... Just don't... Please no head full of dreams songs on this list. Technically, it's not a Coldplay album.

I agree a head full of dreams doesn't even belong on the Coldplay playlist

Colour Spectrum all the way 😉

Colour Spectrum all the way 😛

126 Mylo Xyloto V 1 Comment
127 Back for Good
128 A Spell a Rebel Yell
129 Murder
130 I Bloom Blaum

Beautiful lyrics along with a beautiful acoustic guitar accompaniment

131 A Hopeful Transmission
132 M.M.I.X.
133 Death Will Never Conquer
134 No More Keeping My Feet on the Ground
135 Help is Round the Corner
136 The Goldrush
137 Pour Me
138 x Marks the Spot

Oh, so THAT'S what this song is called! It's a hidden track next to Army Of One, and I loved it, but didn't know what it was called. I just called it "The second part of Army Of One". Anyway, it, in my opinion, is just great. Please vote for it!

V 4 Comments
139 Barbie Girl

I think Coldplay did a really good job on this one. It's really underrated and I can't believe it's so far down below. Coldplay is popular for the wrong reasons. Just because Chris is hot? People should focus on their talent and listen to the more beautiful songs like this one. I'm sure Chris crafted this with a lot of passion and care because in my opinion, this is the best Coldplay song of all time.

Really? Who the hell would put this here

Why the hell is this song on here? Did they do a cover?

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140 Bigger Stronger

This song is beautiful from the intro to the ending. I love everything about it and it's really sad how underrated it is.

I started to know Coldplay by this song (Bigger Stronger) and Yellow. - RichardSSG

A great piece, one of my favorites.

How is this at 125 it needs to be way higher

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