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141 Bigger Stronger

This song is beautiful from the intro to the ending. I love everything about it and it's really sad how underrated it is.

I started to know Coldplay by this song (Bigger Stronger) and Yellow. - RichardSSG

A great piece, one of my favorites.

How is this at 125 it needs to be way higher

142 Billie Jean

Seriously? Who the hell put this here. ?

143 U.F.O.

Love the lyrics. Love the music. What more can you ask of the song..?

I LOVE IT! It's a great song, but it's very short. I wish they spent a little more time on it. When I first heard U.F.O. I thought it was the best song on the album.

This should be WAY higher up the list and your argument is invalid. The lyrics and the deepness in this song are out of this world and I wish people would give it attention even though it might not seem worth it as the song is short but literally in every aspect BEAUTIFUL.

This song is great. Totally underrated. - RichardSSG

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144 A Whisper

I don't see why a lot of Coldplay fans didn't like this song. I agree that it isn't the best song on A Rush Of Blood To The Head, but I still think it is an amazing song that deserves to be more appreciated. I really like the whole sound of it, and the lyrics are great too.

I really like this song, should at least be in the top 20 in my opinion. Disappointing to see it this low, you should just go listen to it. A great song from their best album, A Rush Of Blood To The Head.

Different from their other music, but still very enjoyable and should NOT be last on this list.

No idea why this is last...and paradise is first.

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