Best song of my life, this song is the perfect description of what Coldplay represents. This song shows off the fantastic voice and music that Coldplay has to offer and the unique sound/style that differentiates them from the rest of the bands in the world, can't even say genre due to there uniqueness! If God had a single favorite song, we all should know this is what he would have chosen or we are ignorant to the majestic nature of this song... Go elephants... (watch music video)

This song is truly amazing. Although it has more of a techno groove to it it is different from a lot of Coldplay's other songs. For some reason people don't like that because they claim their trying to fit in with the new age. Which means it's not one of their good original songs. But I think the fact that they tried something different makes this song deserve a thumbs up!

We sometimes want to see ourselves from others eyes. And this song has, undoubtedly, given me that chance. The lyrics of the song so fantastically matches with my life that every time I listen to it and understand it I literally cry. The tender yet strong tune just makes me dizzy. Often when I can't sleep, I play this song with the repeat mode on and the I drift off to sleep effortlessly.

This song is very catchy, but yet when you really try to understand the lyrics, its sad, its about a girl who doesn't understand the world and can't fit in. One of my favorite songs of all time. But I also love Viva La Vida just as much, and I can't really choose. I love Viva La Vida cause when you also break the lyrics down, it sounds like some fairytale, but its really about someones world falling apart.

A random stranger from a chat site suggested me this song. I was addicted to this song.. And then I explored more about this band and found out all their previous albums..! This song introduced me to Coldplay..! This is my favorite song and Coldplay is one of the best band in the world..! - A Fan from India.

Beautiful.. That's d only word that can describe how amazing this song is.. And I even dare to say that it's their best song.. Even better then "viva la vida".. Oh yes.. This song is a beauty.. This is Coldplay at their best.. This song shows that Coldplay still have something new to offer after so many years..

The Song and Video Are the Bomb! I mean Common Chris Martin is Riding a Unicycle In an Elephant Suit And the Lyrics are Just What more Can you Possibly ask For!? I Declare this Song Orgasm Worthy!

This song is just so beautiful. It's full of great lyrics like "life goes on, it gets so heavy. The wheel breaks the butterfly... ", "But it flew away from her reach, and the bullets catch in her teeth, " and "she said 'oh-oh-oh-oh-oh, I know the sun was set to rise. This could be para-para-paradise... "

Amazing song! Characteristic Coldplay! Lyrics are so nice... And the vocals are stupendous... Addictive in a lot of ways! The rhythm is not like any other we can listen to in recent times! All in all! Beautiful!

This is a nice little song. Catchy but not annoying like a lot of songs I know. I get a warm feeling in my chest when I listen to it though I'm not sure if I would call it Coldplay's number one. Still the music video is cute and funny and the song emotional and inspirational. I like it.

It's just so emotional! You can't help but get caught up in all the true emotion of the song.

As soon as you hear that distinctive beginning, you realise everyone's in for a treat. It's a great song to listen to at any time. This is what made me realise how good Coldplay really were...

I could listen to this song all day! It's beautiful. I like all the background instruments that weave in and out of the song and come back throughout the song at different times. I love the song, but also the lyrics are wonderful! This is one of my favorite songs. Addicting!

This song is magical! When I listen to it I'm taken to another place just like the girl is when she is dreaming. Coldplay outdid themselves with this song it really speaks to me and I imagine it speaks to most people who hear it all over the world.

Opens with beautiful violin, then bursts out with amazing music. The lyrics are incredible, the tune is just far too catchy, and the incredible feeling it gives you while listening... I may really be in paradise every time I listen to this.

This is by far my favorite Coldplay song. The song was introduced to me by a friend of mine and I loved it immediately. The intro to this song is amazing. I love it. My brother loves it. My friends love it. My dad likes it. Even my sister likes it.

I have NO idea how this song is stuck at 6! Viva La Vida is the best but this song should at definitely be in number 2! This song is just amazing... Everyone should listen to it and the lyrics are as usual... AWESOME! Coldplay rocks!

This song is amazing! I love it so much! This has to be number 1 or at least no.2 not no.4! The harmonies are brilliant and their voices are so steady and just great! I can't stop being addicted to it and my whole class is not helping by carry on singing it!

An amazing song - should be number one, once you listen to it you understand what kind of a band Coldplay is. The girl is a bit like me... with her head in the clouds imagining things, I love how this website lets anyone vote and comment, everyone is so thoughtful!

This is the most best song I have listened to in my entire life and I have heard heaps and heaps of song this song by Coldplay. Paradise is the best Coldplay song ever and nothing and no song will ever change my mind this should be a number 1 hit it is truely a lot better than clocks and yellow even if they are great songs too this is the best song ever in the whole entire universe

Love this song! The lyrics touching my heart from its deep part. May be like a little girl in this song I had expected too much from my life and did not get all of them.. Just in my dreams I am in paradise..

Paradise is amazing. The music is beautiful and calming. The instruments are carefully chosen and fit the lyrics perfectly. The lyrics are are beautiful. Overall it is a wonderful song. I rate it 10/10

Coldplay has so many dramatic songs, but the beginning is so soft, then it turns into something awesome. And the chorus is one of the most dramatic Coldplay moments. Best Coldplay song hands down

All I'm saying is that I expected the world and my life is completely described by this song. I've found my para-para-paradise in writing now, many thanks to Coldplay and whoever came up with the lyrics for this song

Amazing bass line that comes in - perhaps the best part of the song. The sweeping falsetto chorus contrasts so well I always have to listen to this song at least three times, never just once.

6 seriously? This should be in the top 3! At least number 2 or 1. This song is EPIC! It's the best. Such good vocals and such a good tune. Also the violin makes this song sound so beautiful and calming.