The Scientist


One of the greatest songs ever made. I feel as though anyone can relate to its message, about how you try and go back to what you had before. Can be related to both love and friendship. This is one of those songs that can relate directly to your heart, and the emotions that come through are astounding.

This song is awesome. I love it and I swear, I could listen to it a million times without getting sick of it. The meaning of it is also beautiful, it's about a scientist who neglected his girlfriend because he was too involved in his job. She left him and he was full of regret and was very sad, he wanted to start over, the line "Oh take me back to the start" is him wishing to have her back and change the way he treated her. This song deserves the #1 position

This is THE song, the one you can listen to everywhere you go, every day, it's just like a hymn for the life that makes you go on. I can easily put it in my top ten favourite songs of all time. The Scientist is sad and happy at the same time, Martin's piano is so meaningful for me and even if Viva la Vida or Fix You are great, you can't disagree : this one is the greatest from Coldplay. - Micky99

Though third seems to be pretty good, I still thin it's not fair. This song deserves to be on top. Viva la vida and fix you are two beautiful songs but the emotion in this song makes this song better than the rest. I also can't believe how Warning Sign is not in the top tens. Coldplay is the best... No words

Simply ingenious... beautiful yet depressing lyrics... ohh by the way the video is even more great... just check it out on YouTube. A must see video - SmootherCriminal

Coldplay is my favorite band ever. I've had many rough times and Coldplay has helped me get through it all. There's not a day that goes by that I'm not thankful for their amazing and inspiring music. This song, the scientist, literally changed my life. In my opinion, it's their greatest work of art. Thank you Coldplay.

Their most emotional song. It isn't hidden behind layer of synthesizers and guitar like some of their later works. It's pure emotion. The piano part is wonderful, and the way the guitars quietly kick in through the song is perfect.

A true masterpiece, showing the world that Coldplay is NOT just another Radiohead soundalike.

Coldplay have done some great stuff. Really great stuff. This one though is a stand out for me. It symbolised the leap they took from their first album to this one. Beautiful music. Viva La Vida, A Rush of Blood to the Head, Everything Not Lost, Strawberry Swing and Green Eyes all joint second.

This song is not the best Coldplay song, this is THE best song. It's my most listened to song ever. Even if you did not like to listen to it at first, play it over and over with the lyrics in front of you and I GUARANTEE you you'll fall in love with it!

Down to the piano keys and the progression of instruments, this song is by far one of the best Coldplay has to offer. Lyrics that are awe-inspiring and honest accompanied by an amazing ending. The song that mirrors much from The Beatles', "Hey Jude, " including its greatness!

Look, Fix You is an amazing song, but The Scientist is just another level to me. From the simply beautiful piano riff to the soft, persistent drums, to the wonderfully ambiguous and widely applicable lyrics, to the chilling falsettos at the end, this song is perfection.

This song speaks volumes beyond the lyrics. A song about struggle covered in emotion and wrapped in an enigma. Beautiful yet calming. Stirring nostalgia, yet a sense of peace. A masterpiece.

Amazing. I become speechless when I listen to this song, it really makes me go down deep inside of myself and see who I am. If you don't listen to this song, life is truly not worth living. I don't know why anyone would just pass over this song

This is the best Coldplay song I've heard. Its beauty lies in its simplicity. It deserves to be at the top, being the best rock ballad of our time. Chris sings this in a hauntingly honest voice. I've never listened to this song without pressing the replay button!

This song makes me cry when I listen to it, it's so beautiful! I love this song so much! He has such an amazing voice and it fits perfectly with the song. Just a great song in general. I would go so far as to say it's my favorite song of all time. - DismissedEye

It is such a beautiful song. The way Martin sings it gets me very choked up. It makes me think of my old girlfriend, because I want to just do it over, this song makes one feel that emotion. Its sad to see viva la vida at the top, and not the scientist or fix you.

"Questions of science, science and progress, do not speak as loud as my heart." with lyrics as beautiful this, this is easily is my favourite Coldplay song. I have a Coldplay song for every mood of mine! Coldplay is love!

It's a ballad song, my most favorite song for a long time. This is highly subjective but I think many will agree with me that this is their best song at least in the 2000 era. It's calming, full of mystery(the way I see it), heart-touching, and it's one of those songs that can make your body hair stand on its own.
And they kept the song simple, not overproduced. The guitar solo itself is just simply fantastic and calming( to me). Fix you, viva la vida, paradise sure they're great but if I have to pick one, I'll pick this just because it's simply amazing. - edrixsup

This is everyone favourite Coldplay song. The piano played by Chris Martin is awesome. There is something which touches you. Very deeply. This guitar play is extra ordinary. For the one who wants to calm down or relax this is the top song to listen.

Switching the piano to guitar on this song is smooth and amazing. Chris's voice is just so beautiful and is the most genuine of all his songs, and it's the first song that made me cry. The lyrics are by far the best of Coldplay.

Their first effective ballad. Just a piano, a voice, and a tasteful backing guitar part. Heard a Korean dude playing this one on the streets of Seoul and I recognized it immediately... A definite sign of a successful song.

This song has the kind of peace in it, no other song can provide me. The melody is great! Plus the part where he says " I'm going back to the start ".. It feels amazing.. Definitely the best song of Coldplay!

This is the best song I have heard in my life and this song is do meaningful and every. Time I hear it makes me feel better and It deserves to be the best coldplay song because it is a long song but that just means it means more and it has an even greater meaning then all of coldplays songs and this absolutely deserves to be the top coldplay song it really is the best

This song hits home no matter who you are. You've always felt regret sadness or remorse over something you've done or even of how things were before life changed this song has and always will take me back to the start

The lyrics to this song is just beautiful. There are so many things that can be paraphrased from the lyrics. Its one of those songs that never gets old. No matter how many times I hear it, I still tear up. Beautiful song.