A Sky Full of Stars


I'm never the one to call out people voting who don't really know Coldplay's music, but honestly what. This song is so popular in the mainstream because it's basic and upbeat. While it's a great song because Coldplay can even rock a standard pop melody, it does little to showcase their talent or abilities, to be quite frank. People seeing this, go down the list--you would not believe what songs are below this: Till Kingdom Come, Atlas, Hurts Like Heaven, Lost!, X & Y, We Never Change, Up With the Birds, to name a FEW that should be above A Sky Full of Stars. The fact that this song is above, from the same album, Magic or Always in My Head is a travesty.

This song just isn't Coldplay to me. There's nothing really special about this song. It's just a dance track with Chris Martin's vocals on it. Sure, it's catchy, but it's nothing compared to their masterpieces from the early 2000s. It makes me miss the early Coldplay even more.

The greatest of all Coldplay songs and has an amazing tune and lyrics. I love how beautifully they sang it and how romantic the meaning behind this song and the whole album. Vote for A sky full of stars! Please it deserves to be top 1

This is a new song, that's why it is not up there. But believe me, I say believe me this is the best Coldplay song. You will just begin to dance to its tune, wherever you are. And its video is awesome too. Beautiful melody. Hats off to Avicii

This is the best Coldplay song and is From the new album ghost stories and is the best song out of the album it is so good to listen to and sounds brilliant. This should be top 1 on the top tens.com and is the best Coldplay song across the world.

This song should be Number 1. It charted in a lot of countries in the world, countries: Luxembourg, Lebanon, USA, Australia & New Zealand (Number 2 on charts), etc. this song gave me hope and joy.

Why is this song not in the top 10?! This is definitely one of the best songs by coldplay. This is the song that made me want to buy Coldplay's albums. Listen to this, I guarantee you'll love it.

A Sky Full of Stars should at least be at the top ten! Listen to its first few seconds of piano intro and you will have goosebumps!

This song definitely deserves to be in the top ten, not all the way down here. One of there non-repetitive songs, unlike Viva La Vida, and it sounds great!

A song that not only shows the always-present emotion of Coldplay, but also a great piece that represents these modern times... Thanks for that, Avicii!

I just love the rhythm, the instrumental background, the passion and the life that transmits. In my opinion one of the best songs of Coldplay so far

The falsetto is what hold this song together. Definitely dance music so if you don't like that you won't like this song.

I think, this is the best song from coldplay so far, the lyrics is good, the music, and the meaning of it. WOW, deserve at least at one of the top ten.

One of the best songs from coldplay, I think you can place this song next to fix you or viva la vida... it's a great song...

Wait hold on how can this be no.19 this is my favorite Coldplay song and as always with Coldplay the intro is awesome. Truly awesome song

Ever since I've heard this song, it has occupied a place in my heart no other song has ever since, and probably no song ever will.

I cannot believe this is at 20...People vote for this one, cause I know everyone has heard this and loved it. One of the best songs from one of the best bands.

This song must be perfect if nicki minaj appears

Its such a beautiful song with heartfelt rendition and exhilarating music. One of the Greatest collaboration to ever come -Coldplay and avicii

This should be up there! I feel memories rushing about the ones I miss.. I am just hooked! Love it!

This should be higher! Absolutely awesome!

This song is so good even the Piano Guys couldn't make it better.

The song kind of feels like ascending to Heaven via outer space! That is what defines my opinion for this song!

When you listen to this song you feel like your in a different place and it just makes you want to dance!

I'M afraid its not in the top 10 list. This song is way way way better than fix you or viva la vida and so on. The beat is simply awesome!