Viva la Vida


"Viva la Vida" is one of the most iconic and melodic songs of the 2000s and one of Coldplay's best and most well known! Whether you hate Coldplay or love Coldplay, you can't argue that they are geniuses when it comes to creating emotional but strong songs with a catchy rhythm. The lyrics are a tribute to the French Revolution, which I think is a great idea. Although Coldplay has written other major hits, such as "The Scientist", "Fix You", and "Yellow", "Viva la Vida will always remain one of Coldplay's most iconic songs.

UNBELIEVABLY STUNING! Just love listening to it when I feel disappointed!
it is absolutely brilliant! I am completely in love with this song. It is so powerful and has so much meaning to it. Cold play definitely is the best band out there! It can't get any better!
when I listen to viva la vida I feel like I'm the king. All the sensations and emotions in this song make you directly enter the song as if you are the king

This song has always made me feel it sang for me and my life and it always fit, happy when I'm happy. sad when I'm sad. and hopeful. always always hopeful and made me feel like was full of promise at the darkest of times.I can't imagine how many people this song helped, I can never know. may be 10 maybe a million. But I am always thankful for this and that it exists.

Love it bought it after hearing it on the radio!
by now I have listened to it a thousand times!
its so good but I was looking for other as good ones when I stumbled across this site, of course I had not heard of most of the songs ( except for paradise ) but I really like fix you and need to listen to some more.

At the minute I still think that viva la vida ( live to life spanish) is the best!

If I had to choose one song to bring with me for the eternity, I would pick VIVA LA VIDA... When I listen to it, I feel INFINITE! It is the best one above all, even though every Coldplay's song is simply amazing; they are the greatest band in the world... Just try and relax...

I really don't understand how this song isn't their number 1 song. I have loved this song from the first time I heard it, and I never get tired of it. Most songs get old after hearing them so much but not this one. I could listen to it over and over and over again. The beat is so catchy and the lyrics are awesome! Viva la Vida for number 1!

Not only the best Coldplay song, but the best song ever, makes me feel amazing. Probably listened to it about a 1000 times though that's not enough.

Love the song's pensive journey of wistful soul searching as the singer recalls lessons learned from the actions of his youth, in particular the futility in seeking power through leading others on misguided causes, with a refrain confessing nagging thoughts of mortality and what the consequences may be in the afterlife. Great tune beat, and an invitation to share the singer's lament.

Oh my GOSH! This song is amazing! I listen to it several times each day, and every time I have to stop everything and just feel the incredible emotion! Coldplay has never written a song better than Viva la Vida and never will. If I had the option of being able to listen to this song or $1000, I would definitely choose is song!

First heard this when I left my dad in Las Vegas had to hear it on the way on to the airport and asked as left tears came out of my eyes as left my old life to live with my mom and searched for weeks to find it and when I finally heard it again. I was celebrating Christmas with him for the first time that winter

None of the other songs are even close to being as good as this song. this is the cold play master piece for god sakes. it has all of the necessary parts into being a classic piece that will always be remembered.

I just love Coldplay so it's just hard to choose! But when I listen to this song, I can't help myself to just, Kill the replay button! This song is AMAZING! I love it. Just like one guy said it DOES make you feel like king. That is why this song deserves a spot in NOT this top 10 list, but the top 5 of all time in the whole wide world!

it's one of the best songs ever.. tells you the true story of a human life..! and the viloin is just amazing.. the drums get you on... and to make it a great song there is chris martin's voice filled with energy and emotion.! best song by coldplay for sure.!

Coldplay is wonderful, and I love many of their songs, but for me Viva la Vida is the best. You can really connect with it, like others said, you feel like you are the king. It has some of the best lyrics to a Coldplay song, and Coldplay is lyrically brilliant.
I love the strings in a rock song, and Martin�'s voice is amazing in this song.

But the reason I love it most is because of it�'s meaning. Love is a powerful emotion and therefore many songs are written about it, including Fix You, a song about losing your loved ones. But Fix You is still a song about love while Viva la Vida is a song of the aftermath, a song of reflection, power, regret, introspection, and the telling of an incredible story through a completely unique song. It should be above Fix You at number 1.

Viva la Vida excels on so many different levels: musically, lyrically, critically, and commercially. Few songs ever have such universal appeal, and this one stands on its own, uniquely different than any other Coldplay song that came before or after it.

When ever I listen to this song, I feel better and just think that nobody wants to hurt, push or even talk to me. I love it so much! Thank you, Coldplay for these awesome songs. The Scientist is also a very beautiful song, that reminds me of my cousin. (She is dead) And I play it on the piano

The song is a MASTERPIECE, Imagine that you have immense power, beyond gods and lose it because of people and selfishness and just see your Kingdom Falling apart because of you, the king. COLDPLAY is really professional in Song Writing, IT makes us understand and Realize...

Although this is Coldplay's most popular song and my favorite album is Parachutes, it truly is the best. As a young teenager, I heard this song and automatically fell in love. It was playing on a speaker in the backround and I had no clue what it was or who it was by. I looked for it everywhere but I had no clue where to find it. Once I found it, I listened to Coldplay and I never stopped. They are such a great band. I had the privildge of seeing them in concert too, and it was so great. Viva La Vida album is great. Every sing song is such a beautiful masterpiece.

I am not a die-hard Coldplay fan, but I really like some of their songs... But this one was the only one I fell in love with after first listening, and I have to admit it is truly amazing... Video is interesting too... So, yeah it's my favorite Coldplay song and I'm glad that many of their fans share my opinion.

It's just an awesome song! When I heard this song for the first time, I just fell in love with it. Now I can't take my head out of this song. This is just amazing. Each line describes the emotions so well. The beats, the vocals, no words to describe, JUST AMAZING!

This song has really deep meaning to it. I almost feel as if Coldplay really had been a king or something. Especially the words "just a puppet a lonely string, oh, who would ever wanna be king. " I also love the chorus; it's so catchy.

Livens the mood up of people straight away when I listen to it I just want to start dancing absolutely fantastic song Coldplay brilliant band

I'm not much of a fan (although I've tried to enjoy Coldplay's music multiple times), but this song is really great. I like it's lyrics; I think it gives an interesting perspective on what it would be like to be king during something like the French Revolution.

This song is definitely Coldplay's best song. The lyrics are simply brilliant, and the chant makes the live performances of the song such epic experiences as the audience sings along. Without any doubt my favorite song ever.

Awesome lyrics... I mean seriously its written with so much intelligence... Where you gonna find such kinda lyrics anywhere... Its completely a meaningful song. I just fully completely drown into this song and am emotionally as well as spellbound by it