I have listened to many different types of music during 15 years on earth so far and I plan to listen to much more. But I always seemed to somehow always seemed to gravitate toward Coldplay cosmically. Weather it was listening to trouble on my moms iPod shuffle when I was six, to riding my bike through my neighborhood with viva la vida (album) or even mowing the lawn on my dads tractor with a rush of blood to the head. I got into Coldplay in a strange fashion. It wasn't until when ghost stories was released that I actually got back into it. I began with Mylo Xyloto and worked my way backwards. As I moved from one album to the next, I was in a phase where the current album was THE ONLY ONE, and all the other ones were trash. This rate continued until I hit Parachutes. Their first studio album. I fell in love with this first one! As listened to it, I was overflowed with memories of listening to yellow and shiver, yet at the same time, I gained new memories with spies, high speed, and we ...more

Probably the least instrumentally complex song by Coldplay, yet in it's simplistic nature it draws one towards the basics of their being. It creates an absences of ambient turmoil and an intense focus on one aspect of your attention. It drives the consciousness to the edge of a stimulating and nostalgic atmosphere. Simply the best of Coldplay!

For sure all the spotlights are turned to this song of the album parachutes it is a way better than shiver or any other song ever performed by coldplay. That been said, coldplay is hardly beaten by any other bands I could possibly imagine, so this makes Yellow simply the best song in the world... even though thats my opinion.

This is by far my best song! It includes heart warming lyrics, brilliant vocals and the band show exceptional talent. I am very disappointed that this is only ranked 6th as I think it could have done much, much better. Anyway this is a very good website and good that it includes samples of the songs. By far the best website yet.

Easily the best Coldplay song! Even though it is a little sappy, it is amazing! Great vocals, the guitarist and bassist are perfect, and the drummer keeps time just as good as always! It is a song about love, and that makes me happy! Because of this song, I am going to ask the girl I like when I can. YEAH, YOU READ THAT RIGHT!

Fix you is one of my favorites Coldplay's song, but really, when I hear yellow simply I feel a lot of powerful positive feelings, I think that is the song with more feelings spread with a simple and really beautiful lyrics. if you hear it I promise you will not regret.

So cute and heart-warming. You can just hear and feel the emotion in Chris Martin's voice. When I was at their concert in December this song was so beautiful as were many of them. They had the whole arena in tears by the time they finished singing "Fix You" x

If you look at the quality of instrumentals and vocals, this is by far their best song. Chris connects with a larger range of notes in this song than any song they've ever done. Not only is this their best, it might be one of the best songs of our generation.

This is the best Coldplay song of all time it deserves to be no. 1. This song has had a major effect on my life. This song makes me think of my wife every time I listen to it. It is absolutely phenomenal and is the reason why I got inspired to do a cover of this song and sing it to my wife

At my dance studio, all the seniors danced to this song as their last dance at the studio. My dance teacher was one of the seniors. The two other girls I my class and I were crying. This song means a lot to me and next year we are going to be in the same class that she was in.

This song is so beautiful. The first time I heard it I thought I had died and gone to heaven. The chorus is beautiful and there is nothing about the song that needs to be changed... Besides the fact that more people should listen to it.

Yellow is simply beautiful, it perfectly encapsulates the idea and feeling behind love itself. And not even just romantic love, but love in general... Look at the stars... Look how the shine for you... And all the things that you do..

the greatest song ever. for me it's 100 times better than viva la vida or fix you. should have been at no 1.

every time I turn it on I just keep it playing again and again until my ipod battery goes die.

This song is simple, yet the simplicity gives it its wonder, awe, and beauty. This is my favorite song of all time, it's amazing. I can't think of the best word to describe it, there isn't a word in the universe that could describe this.

This is Coldplay's best song! The voice of Chris Martin in this song, the music, the lyric, such a lovely song. You can feel what he feels, and whenever I'm falling in love with someone or something, this is the song I want to listen

Only Coldplay can make a color look so beautiful!

I have listen to this song more than all songs I have heard combined. The emotion he puts in comes through, and it makes you think of your life. This song got me through an eating disorder, and I will always love it.

I remember the day this came out on the radio, I was 3 and I was in the car with my dad, and he said, 'i sense a great new band' THIS SONG MADE Coldplay FAMOUS, will never ever get bored of this song.

I CANNOT BELIEVE this is no. 5! This is Coldplay's greatest song, ever made. End of Story. The vocals, the way Martin Sings it with such passion, and the instruments, are just amazing. 'enough said.

The greatest song Coldplay ever wrote. The greatest album Coldplay ever put together. There is nothing else that comes close for me. No disrespect to the rest of their material, this song is just that good.

Best song ever really makes you feel connected with the band(: Knowing there's someone out there that actually feels the same way you do its really inspiring and makes you think how great the world is

Love this song! One of my favorite Coldplay songs! I'm not voting for this one because it is one of the top 5, but because it AMAZING! Love the tune, and the lyrics are really heard let. Definitely listen to it.

This song really moves me every time I listen to it... it's so beautiful and sad at the same time sometimes it makes me wanna cry and sometimes it just makes me feel some kind of happiness... weird isn't it?

This is the epitome of the color yellow as portrayed in song. I literally think and see the color yellow as this is sung and played by Coldplay. If yellow, the color, had a theme song, this would be it.

I absolutely love this song. Lyrically excellent, with pure raw emotion. This song portrays the band uncensored, and shows the clarity and vocal ability of Chris Martin. By far the best