Top Ten Best Colin Farrell Movies


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1 In Bruges

In Bruges should be much higher up - that movie blew my mind - my favourite movie and I'm 17 year-old girl

His performance in this movie was outstanding, one of the most relaxing movie I've ever seen.

By far his best movie

Absolutely mind blowing! Suprised it isn't in top 5

2 The Lobster
3 S.W.A.T.

superb movie ever by collin, we soon expect s.w.a.t 2

4 Phone Booth

Creepy... But colin farrell is so pure in this film you can hardly tell he was acting. Plus, Did You Know when the prostitute is getting angry with stu in the phone, when she calls him a n****r she ad-libs it, so Colin's expression on his face is genuine! Got that info off IMDB, by the way - Mushroom99

considering colin farrel never really played a main role in daredevil I'm goin wit phonebooth! - bde111223344

yes colin superb performance, MUST WATCH MOVIE

In this movie collin farell proved what he is...

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5 Total Recall

Great performance by Colin Farrell in this one. Impressive cast and Bryan Cranston as a villain was absolutely perfect. Spectacular visuals throughout and terrific action sequences. Great soundtrack also. Incredibly underrated!

6 Ask the Dust
7 The Recruit

as farell acts its awesome, fabolus, great...

Unbeliveble.. One of the best. Must love Farrell and Pacino

8 The New World

Best movie, I was completely consumed; and surprised at the incredible passion, pain and great all consuming love and loss. A true to life portrayl asking the question "Do we really get to spend eternity with the first true love of our life and if not, will we ever find a love that can repair the aching loss of the one who opened our eyes to a truth we'd never known before? " I've cried every time I've watched this. This is a love story, innocent and true. Watch it and fall in love with how beautifully this story is portrayed.

I watched it and I like it too much superb movie

9 Hart's War
10 Daredevil

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11 Tigerland

Fantastic original movie I loved it

One of the best movies I ve seen! Remarkable story. great acting! Colin, a true charmer!

12 Intermission
13 American Outlaws
14 Minority Report
15 Alexander

Great movie played the part of Alexander the best thnks

16 Seven Psychopaths
17 Horrible Bosses

How is this not in the top 3! Colin isn't a big part but he some how steals the spot light, this isn't achieved much in comedy the only thing I can compare farrel's performance to is ben stillers role in happy gilmore

18 The Beguiled
19 Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
20 Ondine
21 The Killing of a Sacred Deer
22 The Way Back
23 Fright Night

Fantastic movie. Farrell is a great vampire!

24 Crazy Heart

One of the best of him in Supporting role with descent voice at vocal. I know this movie is for jeff bridges buf still Colin is in it.

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