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21 Needs Needs

I can't believe Needs is not on the list! Definitely, in the top 5

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22 Forgiveness Forgiveness V 1 Comment
23 All All

This song deserves a higher spot... One of the best love songs around.. If you ever fall in love.. Listen this.. You wont be disappointed... Great Vocals, great Guitars.. Great lyrics... Great simplicity...

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24 Hollywood Hollywood

Needs to be higher, all ages groups like this one

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25 Welcome All Again Welcome All Again

Starts slow but ROCKS the house down

26 Youth Youth

One of the early ones that never got much respect in my opinion. It is a contender I think.

27 She Said She Said

A great song with very beautiful yet sad lyrics.

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28 Perfect Day Perfect Day
29 Bleed Bleed
30 Blame Blame V 1 Comment
31 Link Link
32 Staring Down Staring Down
33 Breaking Witness

A great song! With a great lyrics! Why isn't it even in the list! Vote this up guys! That song got me hooked!

The song is called Bearing Witness and it is terrific

34 She Gathers Rain She Gathers Rain

Needs to be higher up the list

35 Heaven's Already Here Heaven's Already Here

Always been an early favorite of mine

36 Simple Simple
37 Slow Slow
38 New Vibration New Vibration
39 Crown Crown

It doesn't get any more personal, heartfelt or haunting than this.

40 This This
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