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1 Mike Krzyzewski

Greatest Coach in history. If he was coaching a 8 year olds basketball team then they would have a chance of beating eighth graders by 30 points

Duke has one 4 national championships in the last 20 years. this was kind of a no brainer - andrewerdna100

2 John Wooden

Ask ANY living coach on this list; each and every one of them will say Wooden is the GOAT.

11 national titles with the unstoppable UCLA team, has to be #1

Umm... 5 coaches are better? Are people that stupid.

Must be first - Aleksei

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3 Bill Self

Only owns one national championship at Kansas but make the final four just about every year. - andrewerdna100

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4 Roy Williams

Has some up and down years but still always manages to recruit well - andrewerdna100

5 Jim Calhoun

Besides some recruiting violations, Calhoun has won two national championships. - andrewerdna100

6 Jim Boeheim

Only consisting one national championship with carmelo anthony. a massive recruiter though - andrewerdna100

Better in everyday than Calhoun. More consistency over a longer period. Switched conferences and still dominates.

7 Thad Matta

One of the only coaches that seems to find a way to win 20 games every year. Has made 2 final fours and won 4 Big 10 tourney championships. Won't be considered one of the great active coaches until he gets that NCAA Tourney victory.

Hasnt won a championship but is very consistent. also great at recruiting centers. (greg oden, kosta koufus, BJ Mullins, Jared Sullinger) - andrewerdna100

8 Bob Knight

Knew the game of basketball better than any other coach. Mike K. played for him. Was an assistant coach under him, thus learning from him. Because of his high moral standings and no nonsense attitude he was made a scapegoat by ESPN and the media, who focused on every little foible he made, No other coach has had that kind of treatment. ever!. He won championships with mediocre teams and without a team of goliaths. Best in his field, bar none, in spite of the harassment he had to endure.

9 John Calipari

Probably the best recruiter in college basketball even with violations that took away memphis's trophy. there like the philadelphia eagles, miami heat, and New York Yankees for college basketball which means its hard to tell if he's a good coach or not. - andrewerdna100

10 Dean Smith


The Contenders

11 Billy Donovan V 1 Comment
12 Adolph Rupp

What? I guess it's all about what have you done for me lately

13 Rick Pitino
14 Jamie Dixon

Manages to always have success at pittsburgh. - andrewerdna100

15 Gene Keady

Um why isn't this guy higher on the list he was amazing to watch sculpt a good Purdue basketball team into a great one because of him my dad named our family's cat Keady.

16 Jim Valvano

Great NC State coach, and if you don't know who he is, look him up. He's also very inspiring.

17 Jay Wright

A great balanced coach at villanova. - andrewerdna100

18 Bo Ryan

Best coach of Wisconsin

19 Jerry Tarkanian

10 Straight Conference titles 4 Final 4's 1990 Champions.
Over 700 wins... Easily Top 15 coach of all time.

20 Rick Barnes
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