Best College Football Coaching Jobs


The Top Ten

1 Alabama

The home of arguably the greatest college football coach ever, Bear Brynat, Alabama and the SEC in which it plays eats and breathes college football. - caw81690

Having 15 national championships should tell you something about the coaching on this team.

Outstanding history, coaches, fans, facilities.


an army of 5-star recruits and Heisman U plus the sun of Southern California, what's not to love. - caw81690

I could make it to a bowl game coaching usc thats how much talent this program has. - Chris-1

3 Ohio State

The funny thing is, that if you're a coach here, the season is poor if you win less than 10 games each year. You have to know what you're doing if you want to coach at the Ohio State University. One thing that defines how great of a coach you are more than wins and recruiting skill are your games against Michigan. If you can't beat UM, then you are going to get fired in the blink of an eye. Earl Bruce was head coach of tOSU awhile back, he was a decent coach, led us to some good bowl games, yet he lost almost all of his confrontations against Michigan. He said in an interview, "Ohio State vs. Michigan is just another game." He had gotten fired shortly after. See the pattern? Was it because we needed to move on? Or maybe that he wasn't fit for us? No. It was the fact that he didn't care about the rivalry. It is almost impossible for a coach to make it as an OSU coach.

A national title contender every year and one of the nation's largest fan bases. There's no rebuilding at OSU either, just reloading. - caw81690

You've gotten Earl Bruce confused with John Cooper. Bruce's record was 5-4-0 against TTUN while Cooper's record was 2-10-1.

4 Georgia
5 Notre Dame

Tied with Oklahoma for the most national championships (7) since 1936, Notre Dame has arguably the strongest tradition of winning of any school. - caw81690

Best program all-time with the most history and tradition

Most consensus nattys at 11, total of 22. Most heisman, winning %, all Americans etc etc

6 Oklahoma

Co-leader in national championships since 1936, Oklahoma is an NFL breeding ground and competes in one of the most storied conferences in college football. - caw81690

7 Clemson Clemson The Clemson Tigers are the athletic teams representing Clemson University. They compete as a member of the National Collegiate Athletic Association Division I level (Football Bowl Subdivision, primarily competing in the Atlantic Coast Conference for all sports since the 1953-54 season.
8 Florida

Because of the faltering of the Miami and Florida State in recent years, Florida's attraction has grown. Having arguably the best home field advantage in college football and being in the warm weather of the sunshine state makes Florida a very attractive coaching job. - caw81690

9 Texas

With multiple 10 win seasons in recent years and a storied football tradition in the heart of arguably the best high school football state in America, Texas coach would never have to leave the state to find national championship talent. - caw81690

as a coach you would have all the talent in the world within state lines. Just keep Oklahoma from poaching them.

10 Michigan

The program with the most wins in college football history and the nation's largest stadium makes Michigan a coaching hotspot on tradition alone. Oh yeah, a win over Ohio State can turn a coach into a hero overnight. - caw81690

The Contenders

11 LSU

As the first team to win two BCS national championships LSU cracks the top 10 because they are the defending national champions and who wouldn't want to take over a winning program. - caw81690

12 Penn State

"The best college fans in the country" Whiteouts. Electric gameday atmosphere. Legions of dedicated fans. 100k fans everygame. "

Who put Kansas and UConn on this list? I think you thought we were talking about bball.
Penn State has some of the best facilities, best fans, the 2nd largest stadium in the country and great recruiting grounds. One of the most historic programs of all time and thanks to B.O.B. , you don't have to be the guy who follows Paterno. - CaptainAmerica2000

14 Tennessee

One of the classic gridiron teams, Tennessee has one of the most exciting college football environments in the nation with their massive stadium and ole Rocky Top. - caw81690

Great tradition and rivalries with a checkbook that can back it up. Solid recruiting within a 4 hour radius, fans that are more than willing to travel, warm weather most of the year, an urban setting with plenty to offer...hard not to have these guys in the top ten.

15 UConn

Everyone in the state loves you

16 Kansas
17 Oregon

If the Head Coach leaves the program and you're an Offensive Coach or an Defensive Coach, then you'll have a good chance to be the replacement.

18 TCU
19 Wisconsin

They are the best in the league

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