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I am a bama fan and I have a few things to say. First, you can't argue with a conference that has a team with 15 national championships (the most in college football). Second, SEC recently had an eight year national championship winning streak. And third, anyone willing to go against Alabama or in that case any SEC team then they better prepare to get their butts kicked.

Just about every team is at least good in the conference. Alabama, Florida, lsu, tennesee, auburn, Arkansas, South Carolina, msu, Georgia, ole miss, and potentially Texas a&m are usually ranked in the top 25 every year

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2 Big 10

Better teams than SEC. Sure SEC beats them in bowl games, but Bog 10 has way better teams. - Got6steelers

Almost as good as the SEC but not as many good teams. Ohio state, michagan, Michigan st, penn st, wisconson, Iowa, purdue and now Nebraska roam this conference time after time

3 Pac 12

More of a balance conference. USC, Oregon, stanford, and Washington are the dominant and ucla, California, Utah, and Oregon state are honorable mentions too

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4 Big 12

Loosing Nebraska and maybe Texas a&m will hurt this conference but still you have Oklahoma, Oklahoma st, Texas, and Missouri are usually the very very good


Half of this conference is good and half of it isn't. the southern part is good with Florida st, miami, Georgia tech, clemson, and Virginia tech ( not really southern but the style fans are like southern schools)

6 Mountain West

Boise st and tcu make this conference period

7 Big East

Uconn West Virginia Syracuse USF Cincinnati Pitt and Rutgers are good teams in the conference - nolananderson

West Virginia is the only consistant school here. USF, pitsburgh, cincinnati, and syracuse have occasional good seasons

8 Conference USA

Every team in this comference is balanced. it's a mini version of the SEC consisting smaller schools instead

9 Sun Belt
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11 Ivy League
12 AAC

This conference consists of Louisville, Rutgers, Cincinnati, Houston, (that's the good ones), Temple, etc. (PS. In the 2014 season Louisville goes to the ACC and Rutgers goes to the Big 10)

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