Ohio State vs. Michigan


Everyone knows. When I say everyone, I mean EVERYONE! Every fan of every team knows that this is more than a rivalry. This is more than personal. This rivalry defines these teams. You remember Earl Bruce? He used to be head coach of the Bucks. He got fired because although he was a great coach, he rarely ever beat that team up North. When people asked him about it, he said, "It's just another game." He got fired shortly after. This is more than football and sports, by the way. Like drea4ualways said, it all started with the Toledo War. This game will always be the highlight of the year. If any of you Iron Bowl supporters think your petty little game is the best, then go to an Ohio State-Michigan game. The hate is immense. I am a Buckeye, and I may hate Michigan fans, but for this, I stand beside them. This game is our Christmas. It is our holiday. Nothing compares. I end my comment with this.


Definitely the most anticipated game of the entire college football season. With its own title, "The Game," you better believe it's important. Having had more than 100 years of full on hatred, almost no other rivalry can meat that threshold, and I highly doubt that this rivalry will end. Ohio State fans better be ready because with their loss to Penn State this season, Michigan will be ready for absolutely anything this season. Go Blue!

THE GAME between Ohio State and Michigan is DEFINITELY a bigger deal than alabama/auburn. With the best combination of animosity and championship implications and stakes over the years, no other rivalry has meant more to college football than this one. The result of this poll says it all and leaves no doubt.

I am from Toledo, Ohio and no other sporting event compares to "The Game". It all started with the Toledo War and from that day on the 2 states have hated each other! It is not just a rivalry, it is a way of life! You are either an OSU fan or an UM fan from birth! Toledo basically shuts down that day, even the gas stations take the $ of gas off their signs and put up the score of the game! Family's are truly divided and no matter how good or bad either team is doing in the season, it all comes down to "The Game"! Go Blue! - drea4ualways

this shouldn't even be close there is nothing that even comes close in any sport... when the Michigan band comes out playing the victors at Michigan stadium and 107,000 fans stand up on a cold November day and the team comes out jumping up to the m go blue banner you get goose bumps down your spine

go blue!

This is without a doubt the best rivalry in all of college sports! Growing up with this rivalry, my whole family would gather once a year to cheer on the Buckeyes against the team up north. Still to this day a great rivalry and forever will be. No other rivalry is even close. It's more than just a game when these two teams play. I gets personal, which is exactly why it's so great. Ladt thing, GO BUCKS!

Yep. Ohio State/Michigan is definitely bigger and better than Alabama/Auburn and the results of this poll make that abundantly clear. There's nothing better than watching Scarlet and Gray clash with Maize and Blue.

by far the biggest rivalry in college football...and in all of sports. Coaches get fired or "forced to resign" because of this game. People cry over this game. Duke vs Unc is ok but thats infrond of like 10 to 15 thousand people. try 110 thousand!!! go blue - keeno68

A natural hate, and a mutual respect! Nothing beats this game for excitement, intensity, and just sheer entertainment. A Saturday afternoon in the Big House, with 110,000 people there. Or in the Horseshoe... doesn't matter. Best Game in town! GO BLUE!

I live in the south and believe me the biggest rivalry in college football is Ohio state and that other team up north. Sorry Alabama and Auburn fans yours is a close number two. To all other games nothing is held in comparison to both these rivalrys. This I will say both games are always hard hitting and exciting to watch no matter who you pull for. Here's to another exciting year.

Come on. Do we need to ask this question? It is hands down the biggest college gave every single year. Even if you don't know anything about college football. You have heard about Ohio and Michigan. - buckeye720

This really is no contest and we really don't even need to ask this question because the answer is obvious. There is no greater rivalry than Ohio State vs Michigan. It is the rivalry to end all rivalries.

No question about it, Ohio State/Michigan is the greatest rivalry in college football. The second greatest would have to be Oklahoma/Texas.

I never in my lifetime remember Michigan winning. I knew about this before I knew what a rivalry was. Ohio state vs. Michigan is the first thing that is in my head when you say rivalry.

Ohio State and that team up north is DEFINITELY the Biggest rivalry in sports! Just go to the game and you would understand. Go Bucks!

This definitely deserves the number 1 spot. There are fights between the players almost every game. When that team up north takes on that team down south in The Game, things get wild.

Ohio State could be 0-11 and Michigan 0-11 and this game would still make the blood boil and would fill a stadium to capacity.

The most hate filled and significant rivalry in all of sports. This game has the ability to change lives. If you think this game isn't #1, then you are not a real sports fan.

Sorry iron bowl fans. I know it's hard for you to accept and deal with but THE GAME between Ohio State and Michigan trumps yours and it is no contest. OSU/um is without a doubt the biggest and best rivalry in sports. Period!

Yeah baby, I was hoping to see this at number 1 when I came here. Hands down the top rivalry. I bleed scarlet and gray =P - mike2fristick

The pinnacle of American sports rivalries

The best rivalry ever. We never cheer for them even when it's a conference to conference game!

It's really old and this rivalry makes a lot of sense because these are two caliber team in division 1 NCAA football

I live in Michigan and I'm an Ohio State fan, and anybody who knows that I'm a fan of that that team will kill to beat me

I am a total Michigan fan and cringe at the sound of Ohio state.