Best College Football Rivalries

They are the games that each team and all of their fans look forward to each year and the games where even if the rest of the season is a total bust, you still feel okay about it because the team beat the rival. College football rivalries are among the strongest in all of sports and these rivalries are the most intense of them all.

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21 Penn State vs Pittsburgh

Best football game of all time. Pennsylvania would shut down when the game would take place. Best game - 1981..... Spring board for Penn State's 1st National Championship.

Joe Pa ruined a game that was more rich in tradition than he will ever be. The state of Pennsylvania would all be watching this one.

Sure its not one of the currently played rivalries but historically it belongs in the top ten

Pitt Penn State is coming back in 2016 Go pitt

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22 Iowa State vs Iowa

This rivalry has been going on since forever. It splits the state in half, this should be higher, especially since it's a close game every year.

when its football season its the number 1 thing to look forward too! its tons of clashes for bragging rights for the state

Doubt if any game dominates an entire state the way this game does. - MackyJay

Cj beathard for president

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23 Penn State vs. Ohio State

I live in Columbus. My dad went to Penn State and now works at Ohio State, and every year this is a huge game for the whole family!


Penn State is overrated every and James Franklin sucks as a coach Go Ohio State

Penn State has untimately defeated the mighty Buckeyes! I love the Nittany Lions, they're such a great team. But the main reason I support them is because they hate Ohio a State along with my fellow Michiganders.

Go Penn state!

24 Tennessee vs. Alabama

Isn't what it once was since the SEC split in two. But, Bear Bryant once said he didn't know exactly what kind of football team he had each year until after the 3rd Saturday in October

This is among the oldest rivalries in the south. Can't believe its not in the top 10.

Should be at least 9 or 10, I would like to see Tennessee beat Nick Saban's Crap Alabama for once.

25 Michigan vs. Michigan State

Nobody likes to be called a "little brother" in sports. Lots of hate in this game, should be higher - klavon20

The biggest college football rivalry involving the Michigan Wolverines

Your kidding me 27? top 5 one of the best rivalries ever. - htoutlaws2012

Arguably a bigger rivalry than UM-OSU. These two fan bases live in the same backyard. As of recently, MSU has had the advantage in the matchup and OSU has completely dominated for over a decade.

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26 Texas Tech vs. Texas A&M

Guns up! This is a great rivalry. Go Tech!

27 Notre Dame vs. Michigan

I can't wait till this game comes back in 2018. Sells out in minutes for who ever is hosting.

This is a big game Michigan even did the Chicken dance to prove and stinks poop.

28 Oklahoma vs. Oklahoma State

This is one of the best college football rivalries ever. It isn't a matchup across the river, where only Oklahoma fans cheer on their team while Oklahoma State fans watch a different game. This is the Iron Bowl of Oklahoma. Oklahoma has always been a top team and in more recent years Oklahoma State is climbing the ranks and getting into the AP poll almost every year. This isn't just a football game. This is a day where the entire state of Oklahoma is on either side. This is a day where more than just bragging rights are at stake. This is a day where tears are shed. This is a day where every T.V. in Oklahoma is tuned in to the Sooners-Pokes game. This is a day where one school takes the state of Oklahoma. THIS. IS. BEDLAM.

This should be higher on the list because it an American Classic and it one of the oldest rival game

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29 LSU vs. Arkansas

As an LSU fan, I can say that in this rivalry The two fan bases never really go at each other's throat, but something special ALWAYS happens on this Thanksgiving rivalry.

This is a pretty good rivalry. GO HOGS

4 words for you! Battle of the Boot!

GO HOGS! - riri_lol

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30 LSU vs. Ole Miss

You only truly understand this rivarly if you are an LSU fan. Actually, it's more of a don't-lose-to-Ole-Miss-or-I-will-lose-faith-in-the-tigers than a rivarly

31 Florida vs. LSU

This is going to be the biggest game year in and year out for a long long time. This is by far the biggest rivalry game in college football. Next year it will be the two past national champions playing to see who is going to get the next one. Michigan / Ohio State days are boring and over.

None of you watched the 2015 gaame if you didn't vote this

32 Kentucky vs. Louisville

A great rivalry that keeps getting better and better. Louisville's program is now in the Top 10 or 15 annually and Kentucky's program is moving up the ranks in the SEC and going to bowl games. The atmosphere at these games is incredable. The whole state is glued to the TV when these two play.

both teams ranked this year, last year kentucky hurt louisvilles heisman rb michael bush, its heatin up every year

A great rivalry that keeps getting better and better. Louisville�s program is now in the Top 10 or 15 annually and Kentucky�s program is moving up the ranks in the SEC and going to bowl games. The atmosphere at these games is incredable. The whole state is glued to the T.V. when these two play. �

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33 Georgia vs. South Carolina
34 Georgia vs. Auburn

Each team has ruined potential great seasons for the other team. One of the most intense games every year.

Are you kidding me?! 70? THE oldest rival in the south, at 70? I mean, UGA BIT at an Auburn! That's intense hate right there!

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35 Kansas State vs. Kansas

Kansas may not be a great football team, but instate rivalries are always heated. The Sunflower Showdown is the battle for the entire state of Kansas.

Kansas State would beat Kansas in football, but in basketball Kansas would win - EpicJake

Everywhere you go in Kansas there are KU fans and K-State fans. The sunflower showdown is the fight for Kansas.

36 Lafayette vs. Lehigh

all i am gonna say is that this is the most played rivalry in all of college football. these two teams have met in 142 total games. the next closest is Harvard vs. Yale with 121 total games

Without this game, rivalries would never exist. This is the oldest college football rivalry. These are two academic powerhouses bonded together by hate. Go Hawks!

This is the granddaddy of them all. These guys actually go to class, real student athletes. No NCAA violations here.

There is no better feeling than to beat Lehigh. Go pards.

Hoping to be there next year!

37 Michigan State vs. Notre Dame

These games are blast to watch these games normally came down to who had the better defense

38 Arizona State vs Arizona

Why is this not on the list, Oldest trophy, the territorial Cup, This should be at lest in the top 30, Duel in The Desert, and Why is arizona ucla ahead of this stupid...

Should be #1... It would be if the state of Arizona had national attention.

This should be top ten. yes... It isn't big around the country. On T.V... But, there is a poll out where it is the #1 intense rivalry... Yes, Notre Dame -USC is big tradition... However, USC has fans that look at UCLA or Stanford as their big rival. in Arizona... Nearly every fan of asu and Arizona look at the other as their #1 rival.


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39 Colorado vs. Colorado State

I hear everywhere I travel about CSU vs. CU... people are amazed that next door neighbors will throw down in the middle of the street. Talk about intense... this game takes the cake.

The Buffs win almost every time in the Mountain Showdown. This one is the biggest game of the season for both teams.

Trust funders and drugged up snobs in Boulder vs. The folks. It's about culture as well as football

40 LSU vs. Auburn

Expect the unexpected when these two face off! I've seen a little bit of everything in this rivalry. From earthquakes to fires, doinked field goals, miracle plays etc... Throw the record books out. When LSU and Auburn play, anything can happen.

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