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41 Colorado vs. Colorado State

I hear everywhere I travel about CSU vs. CU... people are amazed that next door neighbors will throw down in the middle of the street. Talk about intense... this game takes the cake.

Trust funders and drugged up snobs in Boulder vs. The folks. It's about culture as well as football

42 LSU vs. Auburn

Expect the unexpected when these two face off! I've seen a little bit of everything in this rivalry. From earthquakes to fires, doinked field goals, miracle plays etc... Throw the record books out. When LSU and Auburn play, anything can happen.

43 Maryland vs. West Virginia
44 Oklahoma vs. Nebraska

Look at these games played by these teams
-No. 1 Nebraska @ No. 2 Oklahoma
a. k. a The Game of the Century Nov. 25, 1971

-No. 1 Oklahoma @ No. 4 Nebraska
November 11, 1978

-No. 4 Oklahoma vs. No. 6 Nebraska
1979 Orange Bowl
January 1, 1979

-No. 9 Oklahoma @ No. 4 Nebraska
November 22, 1980

-No. 2 Oklahoma @ No. 1 Nebraska
a. k. a Game of the Century II
November 21, 1987

just take those thoughts and think about it.. - BigRedHusker

"reigned supreme when they played each other every year. had national title implications almost every year! - Husker62

wtf. of course Nebraska Oklahoma is the best rival in college football. pull your head out of your asses

This is no longer a big game but they could go to bowl with one another

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45 Cal vs. Stanford

SMART VS. SMART!!! Most of the game were close and decided by less then 7 points. It is huge in northern california. The atmosphere is amazing! DONT FORGET THE PLAY!!!

A rivalry similar to Harvard and Yale, where it's not only on the field, court, etc. But also academically in the classroom and research.

Oh, boy. I almost got into Stanford believe it or not, and I know that this game is a big deal every single year. - BigBerry25

Why is this ranked so low? Should be in the top 20 without a doubt!

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46 Boise State vs. Idaho

A rivalry characterized by extended periods of unrelenting brutality inflicted by one school upon the other. There is no respect here. With Ohio State/Michigan, Army/Navy, Alabama/Auburn and rivalries like that, they hate each other, sure, but they sort of respect each other as rivals. With Idaho and BSU it's all hate. If either institution could cause the other not to exist, they'd do it in a heartbeat.

This ain't no school yard bullcrap...this is real football. You play for keeps

47 Penn State vs. Michigan

Michigan always wins, but thats what makes PSU hate them so much, not OSU vs Michigan but pretty close.

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48 Indiana vs. Purdue

What the crap. Any football fan who has sense would know that the Hoosiers boilermakers game is one of the top in all of college football you can't argue with that. It's better than Georgia Georgia tech it's better than Michigan Michigan st, it's better than a lot of them that are in front of it! GO HOOSIERS

The hoosiers suck and they should just crawl back into the hole they came from! BOILER UP

Just under the Ohio State vs Michigan rivalry

I love the hoosiers they are awesome - footballanytime

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49 Montana vs. Montana State

I am a Michigan State alumni and I did my grad work at Montana State and I still live in Bozeman. This game is fantastic. It is as fun to attend as mich-osu. But when I went to see mich-osu I wanted both to lose! GO SPARTY! GO CATS! Ps I hate Michigan but oh how I hate Ohio state!

This game is everything to the residents of Montana. It might as well be the first day of Christmas.

Montana -vs- Montana State
"Brawl of the Wild"

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50 Virginia Tech vs. Virginia

virginia rule and vt sucks!! even though uva lost they still rule

Its turkey season on nov. 24 vt may be good UVA is better

Scott Stadium is for sale... If interested, please contact the owner-FRANK BEAMER!


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51 Alabama vs. Texas A&M
52 Colorado vs. Nebraska

Nebraska Colorado is a battle of the two Big 12 North teams that have any history whatsoever. It almost seems to be the good guys vs. bad, the law vs. the rebels.

Huskers, get ready for a great Buffalo Massacre.

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53 North Carolina vs. Duke V 2 Comments
54 Florida vs. Miami (FL)

Florida is scared to play miami

55 Amherst vs. Williams

An epic battle of the little league

56 Grambling vs. Southern

This is one of the best Thanksgiving road trip to New Orleans. Go G-Men

57 West Virginia vs. Marshall

west va is a small state. there are only two major schools. there ya go.

Mountaineers hate everything about the thundering terds. We've never lost to them, so let's keep it that way haha!

58 Kentucky vs. Tennessee
59 Oregon vs. Washington

Fans of Oregon can't go to a game in Seattle and U-Dub fans can't go to one in Eugene. If you do... You are f'd

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60 Notre Dame vs. Boston College

No mater who wins the luck of the Irish is on the wining side

Two irish schools going at it. - Ev662

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