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61 Clemson vs. NC State V 1 Comment
62 Vanderbilt vs. Tennessee

GO DORES ANCHOR DOWN, rocky bottom you'll always be home sweet home to PEE

In September 2016, Tennessee beat Florida for the first time in 11 years. Later that year, they would lose to a crappy Vanderbilt team. (That 4 letter word that starts with F and ends with K goes here) you Vandy.

V 1 Comment
63 Illinois vs. Iowa

Two successful big 10 teams. In football it gets intense every year, crazy fans and cold states.

A border rivarly that has lost some of its lustre due to the teams not playing. But a stunning and intense rivalry nontheless that has spanned generations.

64 Richmond vs. William & Mary

The schools are close in proximity, in academic excellence. One private and one public---but each game is played hard to the end.

The oldest rivalry in the south. Forget UVA UNC, this game is the best in the old south. As a plus, both schools are top level academically and contend in the FCS

65 Bowling Green vs. Kent State

Bowling Green and Kent State fight for the Anniversary award as both schools were established in 1910 under the Lowry Bill (or Lowry Act).

66 Notre Dame vs. UCLA V 1 Comment
67 Nebraska vs. Texas

The Longhorns have been a thorn in Nebraska's side for a while. And Huskers do want revenge for all of the possible championship years they've could had had. GO HUSKERS!

68 Wisconsin vs. Michigan State

The inaugural big ten championship game, plus the hail Mary in the regular season! This is a amazing rivalry

69 Arkansas vs Lsu
70 Boston College vs. Virginia Tech
71 Baylor vs. TCU

# 1 most watch game last year when Baylor beat Tcu 61-58

Two no-nothing programs for decades, and now, THE programs in Texas. I wish they could both play A&M and Arkansas programs now. Bring back the Southwest Conference and add OU and Oklahoma State.

72 NIU vs. Toledo

Because the Mid-American Conference is underrated.

73 Washington State vs. Idaho

The Battle of the Palouse pits rivals a mere 8 miles apart.

74 LSU vs Tulane

Purple and Gold is better than Green and White!

The Best College in Louisiana!

75 Wyoming vs. Colorado State

The border war in search of the Bronze Boot.. The last game between the Cowboys and the Greenies generated much excitement and hate in the Mountain West.

76 Nebraska vs. Ucla
77 Ole Miss vs. Alabama

That a good game

78 Wabash vs DePauw
79 Alabama vs Ole Miss
80 Arizona vs. UCLA
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