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81 Notre Dame vs. Miami
82 Minnesota vs. Iowa

The Battle for The Pig

83 SMU vs. TCU

Come on! 79? It's the Battle for the Iron Skillet! I thought it would be at least in the top 30 or 40.

I call this the DFW showdown because TCU is in Fort worth and SMU is in Dallas

84 Pittsburgh vs. Notre Dame

Quite underrated for a rivalry

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85 Texas vs. Texas Tech
86 Cortland vs. Ithaca

Two tiny schools in upstate New York but all hell breaks loose in this "Cortaca" Game...
"The biggest little game in the nation! "

87 WKU vs. MTSU

When they my mom went western, my dad when MTSU when game starts my parents can't stay in the same room

88 Georgia vs Lsu
89 Northwestern vs Illinois

This is the most intense game of the year, for each team. Now being played at a neutral site. The rivalry is within a few games, and each team tries to win the trophy, and bragging rights.

90 Nebraska vs Miami (FL)
91 Purdue vs. Indiana

They both suck in football but still a great rivalry

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92 CU vs. CSU
93 Notre Dame vs. Florida State
94 New Mexico State vs. UTEP
95 West Virginia vs Virginia Tech
96 Montana vs. Montana State

I am a Michigan State alumni and I did my grad work at Montana State and I still live in Bozeman. This game is fantastic. It is as fun to attend as mich-osu. But when I went to see mich-osu I wanted both to lose! GO SPARTY! GO CATS! Ps I hate Michigan but oh how I hate Ohio state!

This game is everything to the residents of Montana. It might as well be the first day of Christmas.

Montana -vs- Montana State
"Brawl of the Wild"

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97 Pittsburgh vs. West Virginia

What makes this game so great to watch is the fact that these two teams are so close together, hince the name: The Backyard Brawl. Its really more than hated rivals, its basically college players going against there old high school buddies. Even if one team is considerably better than the other, they will still put up great numbers against each other.

Heated rivalry that determines the conference champ most years! I would highly recommend this game move up the list!

These two hate each other.. They can care who the beat as long the beat each other.. To me this there biggest victory is when one of these wins

After the separation of the conferences, this rivalry fell apart, but I would love to see it again!

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98 Penn State vs. Michigan

Michigan always wins, but thats what makes PSU hate them so much, not OSU vs Michigan but pretty close.

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99 Oklahoma vs. Nebraska

Look at these games played by these teams
-No. 1 Nebraska @ No. 2 Oklahoma
a. k. a The Game of the Century Nov. 25, 1971

-No. 1 Oklahoma @ No. 4 Nebraska
November 11, 1978

-No. 4 Oklahoma vs. No. 6 Nebraska
1979 Orange Bowl
January 1, 1979

-No. 9 Oklahoma @ No. 4 Nebraska
November 22, 1980

-No. 2 Oklahoma @ No. 1 Nebraska
a. k. a Game of the Century II
November 21, 1987

just take those thoughts and think about it.. - BigRedHusker

"reigned supreme when they played each other every year. had national title implications almost every year! - Husker62

wtf. of course Nebraska Oklahoma is the best rival in college football. pull your head out of your asses

This is no longer a big game but they could go to bowl with one another

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100 Texas vs. Texas A&M

Anyone who thinks this one is not at the top of the list has never spoken to anyone from either school. The t-sips may say their biggest rivalry is Oklahoma, but that is just a jab at the ones they really hate.

I have been on both sides of the rivalry and trust me, there are is hatred on both sides. I wish they would bring this Thanksgiving rivalry back!

I never watch Texas A&M except when they play LSU because I want to punch every fan I see there

There is extreme hatred on both sides of this once great rivalry.

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