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21 1998 Tennessee Volunteers

Peyton manning was not on this team though, they were very good on defense with 11 nfl caliber starters, peerless price was most dynamic player on team and the Arkansas game was an instant classic

Beat 8 top ten teams, 3 of which went to BCS Bowls. Beat all of them! Many on this list are good, but didn't win every single game and none of them had to beat both Florida schools in their prime with Spurrier and Bowden at the helm. 13-0 UNDEFEATED 1998 SEC and National Champions.

Great pass catchers. Payton was gone but those who played with him were still there. Great running backs and OL.

Should not even be in top 20.

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22 2010 Oregon Ducks

They were explosive but they only scored 19 points to a subpar Auburn Team that was actually a good team. the schedule they had was weak and Oregon does have trouble against other good teams. They shouldn't be on this list with other championship teams.

The ducks are the best team because they are ranked number 2 right now and hasn't lost a game yet also last year thy were in the bcs againts auburn but they lost but at lest they got to be in the bcs and I think they one of the best teams inthe country

They had an amazing offense and crushed every team in the Pac-10.

Had a chance but lost to the buckeyes

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23 2008 Oklahoma Sooners

Awesome great defense!

24 1972 USC Trojans

How quickly people forget! Is this a popularity poll or fact! This SC team was in the top 3 ever!

Um Hello? This was the best team ever. Sam Cunningham and OJ Simpson?! They blew out every team they faced.

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25 1971 Nebraska Cornhuskers

I watched this team play they would have wiped the floor with the '95 Nebraska Squad. They played in a tougher era of college football and dominated like no other team. They were the fastest team I ever saw. - SgtPeppersz196715

You have ranked this team way to low! They were the best ever by far!

Too low, should be second to 1995 Nebraska.

2nd greatest of all time only to the 95 team.

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26 1997 Tennessee Volunteers

Michigan didn't get the chance to play Nebraska so in the end we got humiliated badly. This team was still better than the 1998 team.

Wasn't the score 40-9. Even Phil Fullmer said of Nebraska " if this isn't the best team I don't know who is."

If Manning doesn't have a blown out knee, the Vols beat Nebraska in the Orange Bowl

Splitting national title with Michigan instead of Nebraska.. Pathetic Michigan

27 2011 LSU Tigers

Was undefeated with the hardest schedule, up to the BCS championship.

28 1955 Oklahoma Sooners

Oklahoma sooners are probably the most successful ncaa football team ever. They've had so many heisman trophy winners. They've had a ton of first round draft picks and one of the hardest places to play

The Oklahoma Sooners have the facts to back them up... they are one of the best football teams ever.

A great Orange Bowl victory over # 2 Maryland by 20 to 6 put an exclamation point on the season.

The Oklahoma sooners are the best college football team because we have dominated

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29 1979 Alabama Crimson Tide V 1 Comment
30 2007 Florida Gators

TEBOW. The Denver Broncos just made the biggest mistake ever so good luck tebow in NY

The Florida Gators have had many seasons where they lost only one game. All of the other teams on this list are no where near as good as the Florida Gators. The only team that beat them in 2009^^2010 is the Alabama Crimson Tide. These other teams do not match the Gators when it comes to skill.


Tebow, Harvin, Rainey, Spikes, Haden, Hernandez, and Cooper I mean how can you deny that this team is the best. And I am a Alabama fan.

I love the gators

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31 2011 Clemson Tigers

Clemson Tigers are the best!

32 1945 Army Black Nights

The Army Football Team of 1945 is undoubtedly the greatest of all-time. A lot of the teams listed above Army couldn't even compete against that Army team which had not only a dominant defense but had one the greatest backfields in with Doc Blanchard and Glenn Davis rolled over every opponent.

Vince Lombardi ya know the greatest coach of all time was on their staff. Their head coach Red Blaik ran the team without tolerance for any failure. The team was more disciplined than the army itself and as a result they could've beat anyone

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33 1947 Notre Dame Fighting Irish

2 Million GIs were coming back from the war and many entering college on the GI bill. As a result, this was an environment where battle hardened soldiers were playing college ball and for college coaches it was like having unlimited scholarships. This was the most competitive era in college football history. To be national champs in this era defined you as the greatest team ever.

34 2013 Washington Huskies
35 1961 Alabama Crimson Tide

the best D-fense ever. only allowed 2 points per game. good offense too. the best program ever. best coach ever.

Only allowed 25 points all season

36 1974 Oklahoma Sooners

Only one opponent played the Sooners within 14 points and four failed to score a touchdown. At the same time, OU led the nation in scoring offense with an average of 43 points per game to finish the season as the only undefeated team in the country at 11 . Oklahoma was loaded with talent, evidenced by its eight All Americans, the most of any season to that point. OU's wishbone offense, triggered by running back Joe Washington, fullback Jim Littrell, and quarterback Steve Davis, averaged 73.9 rushing attempts per game, which still stands as an NCAA single season record, 1 as does its 21.4 rushing first downs per game.

only undefeated team that year outscored opposition 473-92 averaged 43ppg and only gave up 8.3ppg

The 74 Sooners only ranked 17th? You people have to be daft. This was the greatest college football team ever assembled. They nearly all went to the pros.

Leroy and Dewey Selman along with Joe Washington and Barry Switzer's first championship.

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37 2004 USC Trojans V 1 Comment
38 1964 Alabama Crimson Tide
39 1999 Florida State Seminoles

Peter Warrick was the best player in college football in 1999. and was responsible for 20 points in the 200 0 sugar bowl

They might not have had a hard ACC schedule but at least they beat them like they should

This is retarded they should be top 10

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40 1986 Miami Hurricanes

Incredible history. This team changed all of college football. The NCAA managed to dismantle their efficacy. Teams break their arms patting themselves on their own backs when they defeat a football program that was undone by the NCAA. All of these schools need to cut it out, there is only one "U". Often imitated...

Put any of these teams against the Canes in the National Title game, those teams will have the fight of their lives.

Even though they lost to penn state, we had so many first rounders off that team.. Too many to count

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