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41 1983 Miami Hurricanes V 1 Comment
42 1965 Alabama Crimson Tide
43 1901 Michigan Wolverines

This is the obvious choice for number 1. Kids these days only care about what happened in their lifetime, or what they can remember. Just because it happened before they were born or before T.V. coverage, doesn't mean it didn't happen or isn't relevant anymore. Yes, the game was different back then, but it as different equally for all teams. Michigan did something in 1901 that no other team could do, and all other teams were playing the same game with the same rules back then. This is something that will NEVER happen again.

Why is this team not ranked as the greatest ever? It is because there are way too many young folks with no concept of college football's traditions and TOO MUCH ESPN brain-washing. They actually think that college football began with video coverage and tend to rate only relatively recent teams as great, as evidenced by the voting results... Just look at the dates.

outscored their opponents 550-0.

Would actually punt the ball on first down in the second half because they were up by so much.

550-0? Come on. What? Not number one?

V 2 Comments
44 1980 Georgia Bulldogs

Anyone's great with a RB like Herschel Walker and a coach like Vince Dooley.

45 1978 Alabama Crimson Tide
46 2014 Oregon Ducks V 1 Comment
47 1993 Florida State Seminoles

Only won Orange bowl because of a phantom clip call. They weren't the best team on the field that night let alone all time.

Lost to Notre Dame. Ranked number 1 because writers felt sorry for coach.

The defense outscored the first 7 teams of the season destroyed all competion

Best 1 loss team of all time

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48 2016 Michigan Wolverines

Boi ohio state's secondary is as weak as their education program

Boss ass team

Undefeated #oct29

Still can't hang with Ohio State 🤙🏼 5 straight and counting

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49 2016 Alabama Crimson Tide

I agree this is Alabama greatest football team but if they were to play 01 Miami the score would not even be close

Did not give up a touchdown in a while month

They are the greatest football team in Alabama history but they not better than 01 Miami or 1995 Nebraska I would put them like around 5 or 6

12-0 in regular season

V 4 Comments
50 1947 Michigan Wolverines

Michigan punter is really good

51 1981 Clemson Tigers

They were the best team back then and they are still good today

Very good team beat georgia which was the alabama of the 80's

Started the season strong and kept rolling all year. Great team. should be top 25 at least.

52 1969 Penn State Nittany Lions

Richard Nixon said Texas was #1 in 1969, so it must have been true! Laugh out loud Whatever! Penn State had a great offense led by future NFL all pros, Franco Harris and Lydell Mitchell. #1 Defense in the country, giving up only 8 points a game led by Jack Ham, Dennis Onkotz and Mike Reid. Held #6 Missouri to 3 points in the Orange Bowl and finished 11-0. Also, these Nittany Lions hadn't lost a game in 30 games! BEST IN THE COUNTRY!

Agree. Would have been to much speed for Texas to handle! Too much color on the field for Texas at the time. Lets play!

Played no one

I don't know about 1969, but Penn State is definitely the best on this list. Who likes Ohio State, anyway? They're garbage and the rival team of Penn State. They s***!

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53 2013 Duke Blue Devils

Did really good but lost against the Aggies at the Chickfil-a bowl

54 1934 Alabama Crimson Tide
55 2007 Kansas Jayhawks

Hey dude you have one less than three camels in the last three years I think you are done

11-1 and we aren't done. GO KU! GO KU!

cause we beat the hokies and cats

Dumb auto correct you have won less than three games in the last three years

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56 1924 Notre Dame Fighting Irish

They had 4 payers rush for 1000 yards. This was also the year that ND went to its first bowl game, the rose bowl were they beat a powerful stanford team that was coached by Pop Warner himself.

57 2007 West Virginia Mountaineers V 2 Comments
58 2006 Kentucky Wildcats
59 2001 Oregon Ducks
60 1899 Sewanee Tigers

Have you even done any analysis and overlooked this team? 12-0/ 322-10/ 5 shutouts in 6 days

Sewanee hm sounds like a junior college

Look at the road trip they took!

12-0. Against Tennessee
Texas Georgia
Lu's auburn and others

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