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61 1984 BYU Cougars

Not the best team in the country that year. A very undervalued team indeed. The 83,84, and 85 BYU teams put several players in the NFL. Many of those players went on to have good careers in the league. The 84 season was a weird one. Washington, Oklahoma, or maybe USC were the 3 best that year. BYU was probably number 4. Still, the Cougars were really good that year. Playing in the WAC never did anyone favors. This Cougar team gets overlooked.

BYU should at least be top twenty five

62 2015 Clemson Tigers

Magical season. Everyone stepped up and did what they had to do. Did it all without their best WR the entire season. Deshaun was unreal and so was Shaq. A team of mostly underclassman really showed the nation what they are capable of in the next few years. Would've been nice to have a National Championship to show for it but all in all this is one of the most underrated teams in history.

Clemson is my favorite team!

They are undivided

No. - KidA

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63 1987 Miami Hurricanes

87 canes were stupid good. Not as good as 01 but definitely needs to be in the top 10.

Sup boy

64 1976 Pittsburgh Panthers

Totally dominating team...8 NFL stars on this team... Tony Dorsett, Hugh Green, RIcky Jackson, BIll Fralic, Matt CAvenaugh among others on this team... I'm a UGA fan and watched this team destroy a good Ga. Team in sugar bowl.

One of the best college football teams of all time should be much higher

2007 wvu mountaineers above this team what a joke they didn't go to the bcs championship. The 76 Panthers however destroyed #2 Georgia in the sugar bowl 27-3 should be top 15 at least

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65 1994 Nebraska Cornhuskers

You all put the 1994 Penn St team in the top 10, but the 94 Huskers won the National Title, by beating Warren Sapp, Ray Lewis, and the Miami Hurricanes, in the Orange Bowl (Miami's Home Feild). Led by Tommie Frazier, Brook Berringer, Lawrence Phillips, and The Pipeline, the greatest offensive line ever. I agree the 95 Huskers is the number 1 team ever, but the 94 Huskers have to be top 5!

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66 1919 Texas A&M Aggies

Dana x Bible was the coach at that time that's also the season the 12th man tradition started

One of the best teams in College Football for 2012,2013,2014, and 2016!

Did not give up a point the entire season.

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67 2003 USC Trojans

LSU was the BCS national champions nobody cares about the AP national champions

68 2011 Michigan State Spartans

Although they may not have won the Big Ten, they were outstanding in clutch plays and pulled through when they needed to

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69 2002 Miami Hurricanes

They should be way higher up, they got cheated in the worst call EVER

70 2015 Baylor Bears

The big 12 is basically a 7 on 7 passing tournament with the exception of Oklahoma who is the only big 12 team that knows defense is actually a thing

Why is this even on here? Baylor played in the Big 12 where defense is optional and tough schedules do not exist. This is so dumb.

Should have been the year but injuries plagued them. Very explosive offense!

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71 1999 Virginia Tech Hokies
72 2014 North Alabama Lions

I'm about to drop dead they are ranked ahead of a championship Pittsburg team?!

73 2013 South Carolina Gamecocks
74 1990 Georgia Tech

Colorado was better. suck it up Georgia tech fans.

75 2008 Utah Utes

They will remain undefeated forever

76 2012 Florida Gators
77 2012 Texas A&M Aggies

Pure Johnny Football, before he wrecked himself. They lost the first game, then went 11-1 the rest of the season, in THEIR FiRST SEC SEASON, and won the cotton bowl 41-13. Oh not to mention they beat Alabama! Go Aggies!

The Aggies defeated Alabama but Alabama still won the National Championship!

Manziel led them to 10 wins and 2 losses. Not to Mention the victory over the Oklahoma Sooners in The AT&T Cotton Bowl. Aggies 41 Sooners 13

78 2013 North Dakota State

This one makes me laugh but it is also intriguing I mean remember how dominate Florida state dominated well they put up stats even better than them if they played in the fbs there's no telling how good they could be

79 1996 Florida Gators

I see teams that didn't win the championship on here. GUESS WHAT THIS ONE DID. If you thought it was a sour end when they lost against FSU. Too bad! The Championship Game was SWEET, SWEET REVENGE. - peaceswagtv

WAY TOO HIGH! Played 2 FCS schools to prep for the Tennessee game. Struggled with Vandy. Lost straight up to Florida State in the regular season finale. Very good team, but should be a lot lower on this list.

80 1970 Texas Longhorns

They wer a championship team how is Georgia tech rated higher than them

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