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81 2004 James Madison Dukes

James Madison has a football team?

82 2012 Texas A&M Aggies

The Aggies defeated Alabama but Alabama still won the National Championship!

Manziel led them to 10 wins and 2 losses. Not to Mention the victory over the Oklahoma Sooners in The AT&T Cotton Bowl. Aggies 41 Sooners 13

83 2014 Notre Dame
84 2011 Iowa State Cyclones

They defeated #2 Oklahoma State 37-31 in double overtime

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85 1910 Pittsburgh Panthers V 1 Comment
86 1938 TCU Horned Frogs
87 2002 Miami Hurricanes

They should be way higher up, they got cheated in the worst call EVER

88 2008 Texas Longhorns

Coming from Lubbock, these guys were a great team, even if they lost to Texas Tech and Mike Leach. But they finished strong by going 12-1 and winning the Fiesta Bowl. (Only division champ to win bowl game, TTU lost to Ole Miss, OU lost to Florida.)

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89 1964 Arkansas Razorbacks

Undefeated National Champions. That season the Hogs were in the South Western Conference.

I live near little rock Arkansas and I am a huge hogs fan

They were undefeated come on!

90 2011 Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets
91 2012 Oregon State Beavers

I taking a shot against my self here because I am a Texas fan but they lost in the Alamo bowl to a struggling Texas team and I was at that came when David ash threw that game winning touchdown to miles davis

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92 2014 Georgia Bulldogs

Georgia is the best team ever go bulldogs

They are not a good football team whenever I watch them my eyes water. ROLL TIDE

The only thing ever good to ever come out of this team was nick Chubb and Todd gurley

93 1937 Pittsburgh Panthers

Let me just say this I am not a Pittsburg fan or rival but this team has nine championships that is pretty impressive this is one of those championships and one of the best defensive players and coach of all time

94 1915 Pittsburgh Panthers
95 1918 Pittsburgh Panthers
96 2008 Cincinnati Bearcats
97 1939 Tennessee Volunteers

This is General Neyland's best team. They shut out their opponents the whole season while going to the Rose Bowl. THAT IS PHENOMINAL!

98 2012 Louisiana Tech Bulldogs

An SAC Ranked team at 11-1. There only loss was a 4 point loss to Texas A&M. The Bulldogs were lead by RB Kenneth Dixon from Strong, AR.

99 2015 Alabama Crimson Tide

They are the best

Alabama's second heisman trophy winner made the first look like a baby.

100 1997 Nebraska Cornhuskers

tougher bowl win against peyton manning, tee martin, jamal lewis they beat the crap out of a 1 loss sec team while michigan struggled against washington state plus tennessee went on to win the title next year!

Nebraska's tradition and excellence is the best of any college football team in america... Husker's are amazing!

they dismantled every one they played led by all american ahman green and they had one of the most punishing running games anyone had ever seen

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