Best College Sports Traditions


The Top Ten

1 Jump Around (Wisconsin Badgers)

Camp Randall shakes to the point of registering on the Richter Scale before the fourth quarter at home games. - TCBraves

2 Rock Chalk Jayhawk Chant (Kansas Jayhawks)

Chant engulfs Phog Allen Fieldhouse during a KU win. Once chosen by team USA at the Olympics. - TCBraves

3 Howard's Rock (Clemson Tigers)

Touch it before running onto Death Valley. - TCBraves

4 Alma Maters (Army vs. Navy)

Stand at attention while the opposite sings theirs. - TCBraves

5 Chief Osceola on Renegade (Florida State Seminoles)

Throws a flaming spear. Enough said. - TCBraves

6 Trojan Warrior on Traveler (USC Trojans)

Throws a sword. Not quite as cool as a flaming spear. - TCBraves

7 UGA the Dawg (Georgia Bulldogs)

What are they on now, UGA XXVII? - TCBraves

8 Boomer Schooner (Oklahoma Sooners)

We ride after every touchdown. - TCBraves

9 Ralphie (Colorado Buffaloes)

Nothing 1,000 pounds of buffalo leading your football team on the field. - TCBraves

10 I Believe That We Will Win Chant (Utah State Aggies)

I. I Believe. I Believe That. I Believe That We. I Believe That We Will Win! Ensuing craziness in the Spectrum of Logan, UT. - TCBraves

Actually the best tradition at this school is making out at midnight under the A to become a true aggie!

The Contenders

11 Script Ohio (Ohio State Buckeyes)

Nothing in College Football beats dotting the I. Truly, it is one of the greatest traditions of all sports.

12 Play Like A Champion Today (Notre Dame Fighting Irish)

Easily the most recognized phrase in CFB. Players touch the sign before every game to bring them luck.

13 Running With Smokey Through the Power T (Tennessee Volunteers)
14 Carmen Ohio (Ohio State Buckeyes)
15 Sandstorm (South Carolina Gamecocks)
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