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1 black

Black is my favorite color and black cars look the most awesome but I read that black is the least safe car color - black cars almost always top the car crash index. Black cars are least visible and they do not always stand out against the road or background scenery. - Metal_Treasure

I think black is a very cool colour and it is also very handy because if it gets dirty, you can't see it.

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2 white
3 red

It won't be the best color yet, but definitely a very safe car color.

Awesome color for a car, green and yelow are just ugly.

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4 blue

There is no excuse for not having a Blue car. Relaxed and very relaxed.

5 yellow

It is the most friendly car color you can have. - Bobasor

6 silver

The car looks good in any weather or any condition. It says 'solid'. - mgenet

7 orange

Orange Mustangs are awesome - westofohio

Orange cars look quite powerful.

Orange looks great on a car - jake33

8 green

Good green cars. Relax.

9 grey

They just seem to run stronger and for longer. Legend has it that grey cars have magical powers and can fly.

10 midnight blue

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11 purple
12 brown

Brown cars are great cars.

13 gold

A gold car is sparkled with joy.

14 Pink
15 metallic red
16 Hot pink
17 metallic blue
18 dark green
19 maroon

I saw a Maroon car when I was parking today at church. It looked awesome.

20 magenta

I have seen a Magenta car on the web, and it looks great.

21 teal

Teal cars, especially a Teal Lamborghini, look great.

22 grabber blue
23 Beige
24 Verde Mantis
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