Best Colors Not In a Rainbow

A rainbow is a great sight, with some great colors. While a rainbow technically contains a continuous spectrum of colors, due to the typical human's color vision, we typically think of a rainbow as containing 7 colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. But what colors are NOT in a rainbow? and which one is your favorite?

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1 Black

Black is totally # 1! It matches best with anything and its just to BOSS

Suprised people picked black, it is my favorite color and makes an awesome duo with any color, especially on a car. Such as blue flames with a black background

Black is a color to me. And NO, I'm not goth. I just like the color. So... Nice. Matches anything. Pure awesomeness is what color?

Literally everyone in my fam loves the color black

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2 Pink

I love pink I have my room painted pink I type all my projects in school in pink should be number 1 not number none I love pink it's so col

Pink is for MEN - WR10

Pink is a very lovely colour.

I call my vulva Pink rose.

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3 Turquoise

Turquoise so is a colour it's natural because turquoise is an awesome gemstone as well as a colour so teal is actually wannabe turquoise, not the other way round.

I love the colour turquoise because it is beautiful and sometimes shiny! Haha - this colour goes with pretty much any other colour so it is pretty anazung;) I don't know why other people haven't voted for this colour:o

The color is just so beautiful.. It would make a perfect eye color!

lets go

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4 Vermillion
5 Purple

Fun Fact: Purple and Violet are NOT the same. Violet is a lighter version of purple. - booklover1

Best color in the whole world, not in a rainbow which makes it unique and it's Enzo Ferrari's favorite color!

Violet and purple are the same, violet is just purple in French

Purple is good, but it's a rainbow color so why...

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6 Teal

Teal is basically dark turquoise

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7 Cerulean

This was my favorite crayon color when I was younger.

Its pretty

8 Peach V 1 Comment
9 Gold

Gold is totally for the win! Everybody totally wants to win gold everywhere, such as the Olympics, sports and so much more. Gold is first! Gold is awesome! It's precious!

This colour isn't IN the rainbow... just at the END of it - VADERtheIMPALER

When I think of gold, I think of awesome celebrations, fireworks, pride, powerful magic, and happiness

<--- That color isn't gold.

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10 Silver

A person that shows they tried there hardest but they got second...

Out of Gold Silver and bronze, my favorite is silver. I goes with everything!

Silver colour seem like somebody has lose or past away something.

I love the color silver. It reminds me of tinsel on a Christmas tree

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The Contenders

11 White

It looks pure and clean.

12 Brown

Brown just pops into my mind whenever I think of colours that aren't in the rainbow.

The picture is red though. - LemonComputer

The most obvious coloUr (stupid Americans) not in the rainbow

This has got nothing to do with Americans. Americans didn't invent the rainbow. - Starsparks

13 Lime

Lime is a very shiny colour but the colour was so glare.

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14 Mint

I like mint because it is like a softer green. I want to like the color blue but I just can't. Mint kind of brings out a little bit of blue but not too much of it.

For some reason I think of mint as a very cute color, such as baby blue or marshmallow pink.

My favorite 'green' (okay it's not fully green but green enough)

15 Blood Red

A color that means: I will forever be evil and cruel.. No matter what other people will say to stop me, I will rise and take them down!

Actually some people LIKE YOU think that this color says that and others like HALF of THE REST OF THE WORLD just like the color because it's a color - -ddlovesyou-

16 Orange V 1 Comment
17 Bronze

A color that means: I've tried my best, even when I'm not that good at something, I still got an award.

18 Maroon

Its one of the most prettiest colors for rings.

Maroon is a dark colour of red I think.

19 Aquamarine

A lighter version of Turquoise. - booklover1

A calm and beautiful tropical color..

20 Plum
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