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1 Never Gone

It's just a inspiring song! This is how us reflecting my life right now even though I'm gone I tell my kids I'm still here and I never ever left them because of the times I've been through was very hard.. Thank you colton singing songs that really captures the things had been through my life you're awesome!

Love the meaning

2 You Are

Wow is all I can say about Colten his voice is beyond amazing! - Curti2594

3 Through All of It

When I first read the lyrics since I'm deaf the words of this song made me cry! This is just phenomenal ways how you got to write the song actually in my life is exactly what I went through I was in awe how just connected it was it beautiful!

4 More of You
5 In and Out of Time
6 Let Them See You
7 Love Has Come for Me

I have to say all of them are my favorite nothing in top favorite they all are exceptionally brilliantly beautiful songs love them all!

8 Fool's Gold
9 Scars
10 Rise

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11 Our Time Is Now
12 I'll Be the Light
13 This Is Who I Am
14 Where My Heart Goes
15 Noise

With the cool Intro.

16 Love the Way You Lie
17 Dare to Believe
18 Loud and Clear
19 All That Matters
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1. In and Out of Time
2. Fool's Gold
3. Our Time Is Now
1. Through All of It
2. More of You
3. Never Gone
1. In and Out of Time
2. Love Has Come for Me
3. Our Time Is Now

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