Best Comedy Movies of 2011


The Top Ten

1 The Hangover Part II

The Wolfpack is back, in a decent sequel.

2 Paul

Pegg and Frost are a great double act. Seth Rogen was awesome as Paul as well.

3 Rango
4 The Muppets
5 Horrible Bosses

This is so much more funny then Hangover II [the 1st one wasn't even that good FFS] - so many good lines, mini-twists and funny situations, this should be no. 1! - petrucci75hammet

6 Winnie the Pooh
7 Friends with Benefits
8 Bad Teacher

Cameron Diaz. SCHWING! Enough said.

9 Cars 2
10 Kung Fu Panda 2

The return of the Awesomeness.

Panda is back with awesomeness... Hilarious... Jack Black is awesome
As Panda...

The Contenders

11 Bridesmaids
12 Hall Pass
13 Midnight in Paris
14 Just Go With It
15 Crazy, Stupid, Love
16 The Dilemma
17 No Strings Attached
18 50/50
19 The Change-Up
20 Attack The Block
21 The Smurfs
22 Tower Heist
23 Your Highness
24 The Inbetweeners Movie

Being a big screen adaptation of the popular T.V. Series this movie was everything I wanted. Deep embarrassing situations, very rude and outrageously funny to boot. - Shadsilvson11

This movie was everything I wanted, a big screen adaptation of one of the best T.V. comedies ever. It's like American Pie only a lot funnier.

25 Johnny English Reborn

Better than the first movie in several aspects, and worse in others. Rowan Atkinson still delivers a silly performance which leads to an enjoyable movie.

What is Johnny English Reborn not at the top! It is one of the best films ever it is humours, dark, fun and serious at the same time, It's only real competitor for the spotlight is School of Rock, Waynes World or James bond

26 A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas
27 30 Minutes or Less
28 New Year's Eve
29 Zookeeper
30 The Green Hornet

A superhero movie with a twist, a funny twist at that.

31 Monte Carlo
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