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61 KianandJC

They're so immature and I love it, they both have good personalities too

62 Maxmoefoe

Funniest YouTuber ever. I only occasionally watch him because he hardy posts but he does the funniest prank calls ever just watch him trust me

63 PrankvsPrank

I love PrankvsPrank because the are awesome because they show new pranks and not the kind of old ones that is boring!. They are different because they take turns and sometimes preview some of their old pranks and after the video, they let them see what pranked person still feels like.

64 Joshua Opray

He is super hilarious. FRom his text to speech comedy, to his funny YouTube comments found on Top Trending's videos.

65 Alisha Marie

Alisha is super cute & keeps her videos short but hilarious.

66 AhoyNateo
67 LedaMonsterBunny
68 TouchTheSkyFilms
69 Dude Perfect

They are so cool! And they have the funniest stereotype sketches!

70 Kuya Jobert
71 jehanr
72 Fimflamfilosophy
73 ItsKingsleyBitch

He feels my pain haha

74 Shortfilmzz123
75 TheSw1tcher
76 CapnDesDes
77 GayGod
78 TrueStoryASA V 1 Comment
79 PeanutButterGamer

This guy is HILARIOUS! And unlike most YouTubers, he doesn't cuss, which is always a plus. Hey I just rhymed :D.

V 1 Comment
80 Paint
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