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81 RetroLiberty
82 theRadBrad

He makes great videos, inventor of chair throwing

83 Connor Franta Connor Franta

Connor is amazing! He makes great skits and doesn't just use his 3million subscribers to make money. he is by far one of the most modest and creative comedians/YouTubers there is.

He's so random and funny, TEEHE

84 Hoiitsoi
85 Vic Dibitetto
87 Zoella

She is always smiling and never fails to put a smile on my face.

88 JoeyGraceffa

Joey is the most cutest and funniest man alive. The thing I like about him is that he gets along with mostly all other YouTubers and when he pairs up with some of them it's great!

89 Bethany Mota

Bethany is the most nicest, prettiest an kindest girl ever

90 Swoozie

Swoozie isn't my favorite, but come on, he deserves to be higher!

Personally my favorite YouTuber only competition is team four star

91 Asa Vlogs
92 Bugatti Beez

Sure his language isn't the best for younger people but this guy makes me cry with laughter and his relatable videos are the best

93 Senpai Kush

Smoke weed every day

94 SilliS Remix

The adventures of Snoop Dog

95 Andreus Nathaniel
96 JonTronShow
97 Our Third Life
98 AwesomeAlanna

Alana is very hilarious their is a magic in her videos it always makes me laugh, I want her to make these kind of many funny videos.

99 Nostalgia Critic Nostalgia Critic Nostalgia Critic is an American web series created, written, edited, directed and performed by Doug Walker.
100 UkieKooki
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