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1 Jim Lee

His artwork in the Batman: Hush storyline is amazing... His other works are worth mentioning too.. - Heman

Jim Lee has the best art for both DC and Wildstorm comics ever until Wildstorm was cancelled! But it gets better in the DC Universe's New 52!

2 John Byrne

A great writer and a gifted artist... His writing and artwork were incredible. - Heman

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3 Alex Ross

Brings a certain mythology to an industry of garbage.

4 Dan Jurgens
5 Ron Garney

Ron Garney is the man.

Love him in every way!

6 Jack Kirby

Rest of these artists are great, but really - if Jack's name is included there's no choice. He is the King.

I'm surprised. Everybody loves Darkseid just because he'll be in a justice league post credits scene or something? Who Created Darkseid? The King.

Jack is pretty cool, stan lee even dubbed him "the king". and that's stan lee.

Jack is the king. enough said

7 Gary Frank
8 Michael Turner

One thing that Turner's best creations on these comic book characters is beauty because they're well designed for their body, face and expressions. I would like to collect more of these Aspen MLT comics and show my friends how Turner does best!

I love Michael Turner's artwork, espectially the ones he made for Top Cow and Aspen Comics! Plus, the comic book he created and the one I love is Fathom!

9 Rob Liefeld
10 Steve Ditko

The Amazing Spider-Man. Number One. Period.

The Contenders

11 Todd McFarlane
12 Tim Seeley
13 Berni Wrightson

Swamp thing, that is all

14 Dave Sim

Very underrated, and has had some controversy over his beliefs, but really an incredible artist, and an innovator in self publishing and creators rights.

15 Brian Bolland V 1 Comment
16 Grant Morrison
17 Tom Grummett

I know, I know. You may not have heard of him before. I don't think he compares to the ones you see above but his art(Especially in Superboy)is amazing. Look up Tom Grummet Superboy art and you can thank me later so I will just say You're Welcome now.

18 Alan Moore
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