Best Competition Dancers

The Top Ten Best Competition Dancers

1 Alexandria Kessinger

Alex is a super amazing, talented, hardworking dancer! I first saw her at showstopper two years ago. She amazed me! I got to talk to her and she was so sweet! Probably the sweetest, nicest person I've ever met! She even cheered me on and said good luck to me during that competition weekend. She definitely deserves this award because you don't always see a beautiful, super talented, and humble person. She deserves this!

Flawless, breathtaking and untouchable! These are words that describe Alex when she dances. From the first step onto stage, to the last bit of choreography in her routine, she will consume your attention. Alex knows how to bring the stage to life through her passion and love for dance. She touches your heart every time she performs! Not only is Alex a beautiful dancer, but a beautiful person inside and out as well.

Alex is an amazing dancer who draws you in once she hits the stage with her incredible technique and passion. She is always warm and friendly with those around her. She is an inspirational young lady who is a wonderful example to young dancers both on and off stage.

Alex is an amazing dancer with incredible technique, enchanting stage presents and enormous passion. She gives her 200% every time she moves in rehearsal and on the stage. Not only that, she is the sweetest, most generous young lady who is a GREAT example for every dancer out there. GO ALEX!

2 Hannah Bettes

Hannah is amazing. Whole package. Speechless.

She has a awesome name.

Her feet and flexibility is amazing plus her ballet is unreal and yah she's just a good all around dancer. I hope she posts more videos soonn

3 Shantanu Maheshwari
4 Hayden Hopkins

She's a amazing dancer with incredible technique

5 Sophia Lucia

SHES THE BEST! The most all rounded dancer I have ever seen. Shes 10 and she broke the world record for consecutive pirouettes.

She's the best! She's a world record holder! She should be at the top. She wins basically all of her competitions!

She really makes you feel something when she dances as well she has beautiful technique

She inspires me so much and I love her

6 Sarah Pippin

She's the real deal! Emotion, energy, technique, humor all flow through her body effortlessly. Thought-provoking, memorable performances every time she steps on stage!

7 Holly Groom
8 Haley Messick
9 Maddie Ziegler

Maddie is absolutely the best choice, on Dance Moms they were all good but Maddie caught my eye.

When I watch some other girls perform I get a bit bored but Maddie gives me the chills

Its just unreal, her dedication and performance. Shes an amazing performer, and shes a perfectionist, no one will ever know how much it hurts for a perfectionist to fall short unless they have been there, and throughout all of the negativity, she has continued to be amazing.

I love Maddie she is amazing at what she can do. She can do tap, lyrical, contemporary, hip/hop, jazz, and ballet is there nothing that Maddie can do! She is the best dancer ever she is great at what she does I am so proud of her.

10 Dena'h Gregory

Dena'h is a wonderful dancer! She puts so much emotion into her dances! Seeing her dance in person is unreal!

The Contenders

11 Bianca Melchior
12 Jessica Richens

Love this girl. Shes so talented and amazing at dancing so proud of her

Shess amazing omggf, honestly she is such a good dancer like its not even funny.

13 Amanda Ocampo

Cuz she is Ah-mazinggg!!!

14 Kalani Hilliker

She is the best hands down amazing pretty beautiful kind stunning flexible outstanding dancer

Beautiful dancer

She has amazing flexibility, and flawless technique. With strong choreography that shows her talent she can't be stopped.
No matter what she a beautiful dancer to watch in all types of Dance.
But also incredible Contempory dancer that you can't take your eyes off.
Just an all round, perfect dancer.

15 Chloe Lukasiak Chloe Elizabeth Lukasiak is an American dancer, television personality, actress and model. She is best known for being an original cast member of Lifetime's reality television series Dance Moms during Season 1 through Season 4.

She's just beautiful and really makes her long legs work! She dances from her heart and you can tell!

Chloe dances with the hearts and the most beautiful dancer I have ever watched

Chloe is amazing! I love to watch her dance her technique is amazing.

She is amazing best dancer I've ever seen💃🏻

16 Brady Farrar
17 Brittany Hine
18 Haley Zimmerman
19 Jordan Casanova
20 Mackenzie Ziegler Mackenzie Ziegler is an American dancer, singer, actress and model. She is the younger sister of dancer and actress Maddie Ziegler and is best known for appearing for six years on Lifetime's reality dance show Dance Moms.
21 Charlize Glass
22 Ashley Triplett

Ashley is a hard working, driven and talented dancer who is super sweet! She is a joy to watch on stage and her passion for dance is explosive!

Ashely dances full out and passionately. She is eloquent, artistic and technical! So talented! Go Ash!

Such an amazing dancer vote for her!

She is AMAZING not just as a dancer but a friend

23 Kelly McCann
24 Kellie Drobnick
25 Nicole Kroese
26 Camri Hewie
27 Hannah Sobisky
28 Heather Kelly
29 Autumn Miller

She's a incredible dancer with amazing stage presence but she needs to work on her control a lot

She has great control! Watch her solo blow, titanium, or kill it!

30 Lonni Olson


31 Amanda Chau

I have seen her at competitions and she is literally the most talented dancer I have met that is her age

She's amazing nothing but perfection

32 Alexia Meyer
33 Ashley Cox
34 Kaitlyn Conley
35 Bridget Krouse
36 Jaclyn Ruggiero
37 Brooke Colletti

I competed against her, and she was phenomenal. I've never seen a girl with that much commitment and strength at one of these competitions before. - dancercp95

38 Leara Stanley
39 Kaylee Quinn

Just plain amazing

40 Rebecca Siverdame
41 Stephanie Gonzalez
42 Shaye Gunter
43 Nicole Knudson
44 Niki Kesling
45 Jasmine Mason
46 Paulina Macias

Paulina has amazing technique and flexibility. She executes everything with passion, dedication, and emotion. Paulina is one of the most inspirational dancers I have ever met and she is very humble and kind.

47 Taylor Flory
48 Madalyn Casarez
49 Taylor Nunez

Great dancer with a lot of talent and passion

50 Nia Frazier

Nia is the best African American dancer I have ever seen. No she is the best dancer I have ever seen. She loves to dance and she has great technique and facial expressions. Who cares about the "Maddie Face". What about Nia's faces?

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