Best Computer Animated Movies of 2012


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1 Wreck-It Ralph Wreck-It Ralph

My favorite movie ever, and that will never change. This movie easily beats Frozen. (Frozen is possibly the most overrated movie ever. )

This not winning an Oscar?!?!
Damon you Oscar guys

Best Animated Movie of 2012 and probably 2013 also.

Imagine I Vanellope were an adult! I would ship her with Wreck-It-Ralph! - The Ultimate Daredevil, who wants to get Wreck-It-Ralph characters to dance to Hotel Transylvania songs such as Problem, even though its overly huge hype can rival Disney's Frozen's

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2 ParaNorman ParaNorman

ParaNorman I thought was pure cinematic genius. Although it was mostly loved by critics, I thought its meaning was very misunderstood. People mainly focused on the fact that it was hilarious (which it was) but ignored the fact that its story is actually quite smart and it builds its characters incredibly well. I loved Wreck It Ralph, that was probably second. I reckon Frankenweenie was pretty good, but its ending was forced and really took me out of it. Oh yeah and Pirates Band of Misfits was great

Amazing movie. It's slightly scary, but not too scary. Amazing plot, characters and animation.

Best zombie movie in existence

3 Brave Brave
4 Rise of the Guardians Rise of the Guardians

Jack frost Rules... Such an amazing movie... Best animated movie of 2012 for me :P

I think you are kidding that must be number 1

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5 Frankenweenie Frankenweenie

Really people this is stop motion.

6 The Pirates! Band of Misfits The Pirates! Band of Misfits

No Way in the World is Hotel Transylvania better than then the Pirates! I love clay animated movies so much.

Stop putting stop motion movies on this list!

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7 Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted V 1 Comment
8 Dr. Seuss' The Lorax Dr. Seuss' The Lorax

I hate this movie. The characters are ugly, overrated and unfunny. The animation is boring and eye-hurting (the original Dr. Seuss adaptations such as the 1972 remake of The Lorax have much better animation! I don't care how much hate I will get for having that opinion! ). The musical is heavily pointless. Hotel Transylvania and Frozen are other sub-par films, but still better than The Lorax (2012).

This movie is cute, awesome, and funny, just like the classic Lorax. Not to mention the catchy songs the creators put in, the adorable, hilarious characters, and good plot. This film was so amazing. Thank you, Illumination Entertainment, for this awesome film. :D

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9 The Secret World of Arrietty The Secret World of Arrietty
10 Zarafa Zarafa

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11 Hotel Transylvania Hotel Transylvania

I can't believe this movie is lower that food fight! Hotel transylvania is a funny, heartwarming, and fun movie.

Hotel Transylvania is better than the pirates! Band of misfits

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12 Ice Age: Continental Drift Ice Age: Continental Drift

This Movie Was Only Made For Money

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13 Frozen Frozen

Another example of stupid Frozen fans taking over.

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14 Foodfight Foodfight

Ha ha ha good joke to put here

Still better animation than food fight, oh, wait

This should be on a worst list

Ha ha ha. What a funny joke. ha ha h.. Wait, your serious?

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15 From Up On Poppy Hill From Up On Poppy Hill V 2 Comments
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1. Wreck-It Ralph
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