Best Computer Animated Movies

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61 Hotel Transylvania
62 Monster House
63 Chicken Little
64 Shaun the Sheep

Very funny movie. Should be in the top 10's.

65 Monsters University
66 Kung Fu Panda 3
67 Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa

Tickles your funny bone. Have a good laugh with family or friends on this one. It feels like a an hour and a half of vacation.

68 Gnomeo & Juliet

Kind of cute, boring and enrapturing all at the same time. Okay for me. Three stars out of five.

69 9

just oh so moving and very sad movie - sidney

70 Bolt
71 Astro Boy
72 Dr. Seuss' Horton Hears a Who! V 1 Comment
73 Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

It got a bloody oscar nomination. Move this up to top 30

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74 Beyond The Mind's Eye

I have to agree. This is a historically significant landmark for where computer animation was and where it was heading. The close second would have to be the series of shorts that Pixar made while they tweaked their proprietary software. I know these arent feature films...but.. shutup! they are important! - gaki

No one has ever heard of it, but everyone I get to watch it loves it and it's nothing but computer animated special effects from 1992 put to an awesome soundtrack. - Aceacles

75 Stand by Me Doraemon

It's all about story where doraemon will leave his best friend, Nobita.

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76 Tom and Jerry: The Movie V 1 Comment
77 The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie

A classic, coming-of-age comedy.
The high point of the SpongeBob franchise.
Endless fun and heart for all!

78 The Angry Birds Movie

Cool movie best movie and even funny when bomb explodes

79 Moana
80 Hoodwinked
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