Apple is a Rip Off

OK honestly in my opinion and I am probably going to repeat my self but in any case apple is way too high priced and FYI the same components you see in the macs is exactly what is used in pc's today, apple is just a huge rip off and into trying to sucker you into blowing 1,000-9,000 on a computer that has no customization features at all for the average use, unlike a PC you can do anything to it as you please, apple is always all about simplicity and control, mind you pc's hold the most market shares in the country when apple isn't even touching Microsoft or the other big companies, also do you hear any of the PC companies trying to sue the pants off of each other for ridiculous patents at all? No, apple is the only company that's doing this and they are trying to get rid of all the competition in the world so they can be on top n be the only computer company that exists in the world, I mean come on seriously how stupid can you be to waste your money on a device that the company has set an extremely high price on and also I forgot to mention, who is the person who invented the computer in his garage? It was originally Bill Gates not Steve Jobs, and Steve honestly stole the designs and plans for the apple pc and shaped it in his own image, but besides that they are constantly trying to have lawsuits on all the big company's like Samsung for instance. If you read the news online at all you will see and hear that apple has been filling for lawsuits for anything and everything against Samsung, HTC, Motorola as well. That is all I have to say about apple.


You are an idiot, and a obvious windows fanboy. - visitor

Seriously? Must have never used a mac compared to windows machine. What can't you customize on a mac? - visitor

I couldn't agree more. Apple is a rip off. Say you need to replace a battery in an iphone... You can not simply go out and buy a battery and stick it in like any other phone. No you have to pay apple for the product and pay for them to fix it. - visitor

"there's a sucker born every minute" - visitor

Laugh out loud, look at them Apple losers commenting without knowing anything. Let's put it to you this way, better hardware? Get real, Apple 27" iMac $1,999 vs, we'll even go stock for this, no need for custom builds, HP ENVY Phoenix 810st Desktop PC $1,250 (because I can't find anything as expensive as Apple's garbage). CPU comparisons, iMac: 3.4Ghz quad-core i5 0_o impressive, but! ENVY i7 3.6Ghz quad-core, looks like iMac loses. Next, ram, iMac: 8GB, appreciated by gamers world-wide; however, ENVY: 16GB. Both have 7200RPM 1TB harddrives though, pretty standard. I honestly didn't expect this last part, but the iMac: GTX 2GB Dedicated vRAM, so that's a pretty pleasant surprise, but still, ENVY: GTX 4GB Dedicated vRAM still blows it out of the waters. Face is, not only is the ENVY cheaper, it's got better specs. The only thing I can credit Apple with is they're insane optimization, because they're operating systems run flawlessly under such hardware specs, where as Windows? That blue screen and freezing does tend to get annoying. - visitor

I left mine out in the rain----- ON PURPOSE. it's HP for me from now on. - visitor