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The Hewlett-Packard Company was an American multinational information technology company headquartered in Palo Alto, California.


I purchased an HP portable for my consulting business. Previously I had all Dell computers. When my portable had to go in for repair for the TENTH time, HP finally agreed to give me a replacement. It is still running most of the time but it is flakey! I had to file FOUR Better Business Bureau complaints and then finally had one of their senior people personally assigned to address any problems I might encounter. Of course this was done so I would quit submitting B complaints! I would never own another HP computer for anything! I cannot believe how they are rated here because I have talked to so very many people in my consulting travels that shared my opinion of HP!

I think HP substitutes looks for quality. The optical drive on my computer broke a day after the warranty ended. Which at first I was like no big deal but than I talked to customer service and it was weird they sent me the part to instal myself. (not sure if this voided any warranty) I installed the optical drive though and send the used back and it worked fine. Not long after that my hardware crashed. I was in school and they expected me to send my whole computer back. Even after I sent it back it still had problems. At this point customer service just was not helpful. I finally got to the point where I asked to speak to a manager and they refused. I switched to a Mac soon after because of the customer service.

I have a Hewlett Packard (HP) G42 laptop, even though it's a bit beet up (from drops, I am young), the hard-drive is failing, and the battery only last three hours. I still have hope in it, and when you do, it works fine. Anyway, the reason of why I voted for this brand is because of a lot of things. I really like the way they design their PCs, they have a design that looks real smooth and full of chrome. As said below the company started a really long time ago, it was started in 1939, started by William Hewlett, and David Packard. That was even before Microsoft. I also like the track pad on their latest laptops, and the keyboard on them too. And people just like the other companies because they have a computer from that brand. I know I have a computer from this brand but I did not vote because I have. I would of voted for apple if they had a better platform, that matters the most.

I am typing this from an HP Pavilion which we bought a good 7 years ago. It's been through so much but it's still running strong. Apple make money by ripping people off when you can get any PC for half the price, twice the power and it can be upgraded. You can't convert a Mac into an ultimate gaming machine the way you can with a PC. All I've had with Macs is problems.

Its actually normally the stupid people that know nothing about computers that say "Macs are better" then when I ask why they have no answer. Macs are way over priced, none of my HP computers have ever crashed (and I've had 6 of em')

HP is a great brand for anything! I mean, Apple is fancy and all but it is way overpriced and in my opinion people only buy it because it's different! HP should be number one, it's fast, it's efficient, it's innovative, it's powerful, I could go on forever! Choose HP, the better choice for you and your pocket!

Low price, high quality, great graphics, fast loading speed, best computer known to man no matter what else is out there. Apples are over priced bad gaming graphics and half of online games aren't downloadable apples=junk

Works great, my son plays Minecraft on it like a champ! I have an intel core i5 and he has an and a8, when he plays minecraft on mine it is much slower than his! The graphics are ten times better, and it is amazing! This company has always treated my family well.

Absolutely fantastic computers. For people who actually need to get stuff done, they need windows, and HP gives you a fantastic computer without charging you $2000 like Apple. Hands-down best.

I absolutely love these computers. I have had the one that I am using to post this comment for 4 years now and I love it so much. These computers are affordable, and easy to use. In my opinion apple computers are not as good as they are "supposed" to be: they're a rip off.

Unlike Dell, reliable. Unlike Apple, it doesn't think that it knows what I want better than I do. Less expensive than the Sony and works as well. I and members of my family have now owned 6 HPs between us and all are still working, but the young ones have to have the cutting edge models, so they get passed down to the elders. Maybe that should be called "passes up."

I personally like my HP desktop. I can download software, music, and games on it. It has great graphics. I have a graphing calculator on my own computer, and I'll pass Algebra 2.

I think HP is best I have had 2 hp laptops and one acer my first was hp still works after 8 years en second hp stil works after almost 3 years but my acer it melted after 2 years and overheated a lot

I've purchased several computers for family members from HP, always directly from the company to cut out the middle man, and have been satisfied with my purchases. My first purchase, a Laptop, got me through all 4 years of college with only minor issues ( a worn out battery and a few viruses, which cost me about $35 to repair myself). They even sent me a $50 discount for being a customer all these years.

Hp in my opinion is the best computer making company around. Screw apple. Hp give varieties of computers. Hp works hard to bring you your computer products and I'm very appreciative. Thank you Hewlett-Packard

They are not overpriced like Apple and are far more better than you get for the price unlike Apple. This is why I think it should be the best and bring Apple to its overpriced knees

I had a Toshiba for about a year, before the thing died on me. I've had my HP for a while now, and I just love it. There isn't a much problems wrong with it, seeing as it is a three years old. I will never switch back from HP!

This brand in my opinion is way better than Dell because it acts better and Dell well bot as well. Just saying my opinion. Sorry, I couldn't give more reasons I need to do my homework.

HP owner my entire life, way better than toshiba and 99.9% indestructible, Just the best specially for its price, it compete's with apple for half the price

I've had my laptop for 7 years and still works great! I got it when I was 11 and now I'm 17 going to college. It's the only laptop I've ever had and still works great!

I've been using an HP Pavilion g series for quite a while now and I'm happy to say this laptop is the most reliable computer I've ever owned. I'll never buy anything else!

Had a laptop of over 10 years, windows XP and windows Vista capable, my dad still uses it, only thing that went bad was the battery and fan during its life time only once, still functioning until this day, formatted recently for the first time with incredibly relative ease. Really awesome brand, I'm becoming loyal toward it.

I have owned many computers over the years... HP has to be the best out there! Solid system to the core! Dell has to bee the worst out there.. I have had nothing but trouble and blue screen of death.. Not good!

Well Why It Is No. 3 Not Number one but at least it should be on no. 2 because it makes laptops which 3 generations can use back to back. Use it as much as you want its just the best...

Apple is awful! You need money for almost everything! After some days, they will replace the power button with a $ sign! Hp is the best!