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41 Huawei
42 Origin PC

Amazing place for customizing a gaming pc. Plus they are well known for great costumer support. If you have some money to spend and you want a great PC for gaming, then get an Origin PC. LevelCapGaming even has one.

This is the ACTUAL alienware! Dell bought the alienware name, and the actual alienware turned into origin PC. INSANE quality stuff

Origin PC the best to make a Gaming Computer and the laptop is good too

The Only Company That Should Be Higher Is Apple. - 12cc

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43 BenQ

My friend has a benq computer and whenever I come over her house I spend most of my time on the computer. First of all it is fast and easy to control. Second of all it should be number 1!

It will be very nice to use... It should me in top 2nd... Iam using this computer past 13 years... No problem occurs... It is equal to apple.. So buy and use and see the magic...

44 Medion

Amazing Computer looks high tech as well I also love the operating system and user friendliness anyone reading VOTE ME NOW!

Good quality hardware. Still working after nine years of heavy usage.

Good quality, good performance. Just good everything!

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45 NEC

Been using for last three years..

46 Micromax

Micromax is very good brand

47 Falcon Northwest

The absolute highest grade components on the market, Falcon Northwest offers customized paint jobs using paint normally reserved for exotic cars. When only looking at appearance, FN outshines Apple. When looking at the inside, the contest is like comparing your grandmother's Ford to a new Ferrari.

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48 OneApple

I have purchased the Oneapple Laptop last month and I am very much satisfied with its performance, specially battery back up and resolution, rest of the functions are user friendly and I recommend others to get OneApple Laptops, Nice, Durable and Cost effective product. OneApple Rank should be in Top 10 brands.

Deals in Whole range of IT Products such as Desktop Computer, Laptop, Wimdows Tablet, Android Tablets, Smart Phones with Powered of new technologies

Best Brand in IT Products

I have used OneApple Laptop and it is amazing, very soft keys and battery back up is wonderful. I am fully satisfied with OneApple and expect to get more of its products.

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49 CybertronPC

The guts of this computer are fairly good, fast, yes it is metal/plastic combo but it looks good and works better. Personally I think it belongs way up on the list. As it is as good or better then the HP, Lenovo, and the Emachine that I have had. And it (being newer) has more upgradability to it.

50 Averatec
51 Advent

I think Adent is well good I've used it for quit some time and fast. I think is better than most of the top ten listed because I've used most of them

Had two advent pcs laptop and desktop very reliable and cheap with good specs

52 Wipro
53 Raja

Best pc on market place. I bought one at the local farmers market.

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54 Vaio

Had a vaio and it was great for four years. Disappointed that I have to leave it now

My wife has gone through three of this in 5 years. Will never buy one again.

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55 RM One

Rm expert 3030 desktop

56 E-View

Amazing brand I love it its great for gaming and the keyboard feels really nice on my fingers.

57 Commodore

Commodore faded away after bankruptcy in 1994. So why is a dead company on this list unless we're talking the newer company to bare that name, also faded away filling founder's death!

Commodore is AWESOME! Especially the awesome Commodore 64! This is definitely what I would vote for

They created the best selling computer of all time. That's not too shabby I think.

58 Redfox

REDFOX Technologies is a manufacturing company that boasts decades of expertise in research and development. It provides original designs, follows the best manufacturing practice, and distributes consumer electronics and service solutions for businesses today, upgrading its lineup by adding luxurious products to its already wide portfolio.

59 Ironside Computers

Best computer for the best price Apple sucks

This company is not noticed enough; I would put it in the top 10, if not top 5.
People just think this:
"My computer is ____ brand, and I can run my stuff on it, it's the best brand evah!

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60 Amstrad

Amstrad CPC were the best for gaming, serious work, programming. They are so steady, I had three and they still work, while a C64 stopped functioning, my modern stuff failed, the Amstrad CPC still works! - Optimus6128

Lovely machine, I liked it way more than the C64. I had an Amstrad CPC 464 back in the 80's, and I played Fruity Frank everyday. I still have the Amstrad, and I still play Fruity Frank from time to time. GREAT FUN!

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