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21 Google Google Google is an American multinational technology company specializing in Internet-related services and products. These include online advertising technologies, search, cloud computing, and software.

Google made the fast, light, and cheap Chromebook laptop. There is also a Chromebox desktop.

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22 Sprint

Sprint has been loosing customers and billions of dollars
For 15 years in a row. This is due to Sprint's MGT and
Corporate sales all working from home goofing off all day. Sales and
MGT fly all over the county having fun.

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23 Zebronics
24 CyberPower

Cyberpower is the worst comp I ever owned, right out or the box was DOA and didn't improve much after it was worked on. Always ran slow, the 2 burners didn't work. Some of the USB';s never worked. boots slow. On/off module was defective. The list goes on and on. For $2,600 I expected better. The only thing that was even worse was the service. I chose them because of the great reviews I read at the time, so beware.

Agreed, buyer beware! We spent over $2000 for a so called great gaming computer to play World of Warcraft. Didn't matter if we were on the game for 5 minutes or up to 3 hours the computer kept locking up. Sent it in for repairs after fighting with it for a month and it came back in worse shape than we sent it in. Sending it back for a full refund, so they say.

25 Nvidia

Their graphics cards rock! - Supergameplayer

26 Digital Storm

Amazing Computers

27 Compaq

Defiantly reliable and never fails. Though its not number 1 it should at least crack the top 10.

I have a compaq and it has lasted me 9 years. Even though hp bought out compaq it is still the best.

Wait... aren't Compaq and Hp the same?
Whatever. Compaq isn't that good in my opinion, but in the old days it was a WINNER!

I like very much

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28 Falcon Northwest

My tiki model is the best quality computer I have ever owned, out of 25 or so purchased. It is high performance, sits on a marble base for stability, extremely quiet, cool to the touch, and has been trouble free for the past 2 years.

29 BenQ

Mast he

30 Verizon
31 Logitech

Manufactured a wide range of products including their licensed brands from Disney Interactive and several companies. - playstationfan66

32 AMD

Ryzen is awesome! - Supergameplayer

33 iBall

What the hell is I ball

An apple ball

34 Corsair

Corsair is undoubtedly one of the best computer companies and doesn't get enough credit for their peripherals and ssds

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35 Maingear
36 Origin

All expensive boutique shops with A+ products

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37 Enigma
38 Chromebooks
39 Packard Bell

The windows 8 is unreal it comes with free games great for children and I think it is No.4

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40 Medion
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