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1 Minecraft

I became obsessed in my first week of playing! The servers are a heck of a good time, the mods (I have Apple, I can't download them) are REALLy amazing and there's LOTS of options, also for texture packs, and the idea of it is like living in the 1800's, but with portals and mysterious things! Words cannot describe how much people love this game. Notch and Jeb (The creators) are INSANELY smart and they are extremely interesting people! Minecraft IS BEYOND PERFECTION! - maddyparrot22

It is the number one most popular computer game of 2013 and I'm not saying it because it is my number one favorite one (which it is. ). I looked it up to find out so if I did see it was not number one then I would troll the person, but it was number one every single time. 1.4 billion people play the game now.

LOVE MINECRAFT! I like this game because you can make whatever you want made out of blocks! Nice and calm music and neat things in it! It should stay number 1 FOREVER!

I love this game more than anything else. It is a brilliant game better than roblox.
P.s Roblox Copied Minecraft

Anyways great game keep it up!

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2 Roblox

Love this game so much! My favorite game is Murder Mystery 2 and Assassin!

I have played and Minecraft before and never played roblox seance

Favorite computer game I go on it every day

Roblox is way better than minecraft anyway minecraft(2009) is a copy of roblox (2004) or (2006)
stupid purplecoin

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3 Super Mario 63

Best flash game to play in browser. Cave story is the best free to download game though.

Now Minecraft's free, so now it's the better free game.

4 Club Penguin

Club Penguin is also ported to the Nintendo DS. - monsterhigh200

It is simply amazing!

5 Minesweeper
6 Tetris Battle Visit Website9
7 Wizard101

My favorite game! Wonderful, fun, and good for people of all ages, I'm 10, but I'll play this for my whole life! GO WIZARD101! I LOVE YA!

I have yet played Wizard101 (PC) each day. - monsterhigh200

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8 Poptropica

I love this game! The only issue I need have with this game is that they should stop making stupid islands and make better islands.

It is kinda fun at first but later on it gets boring

I played for a week and got bored they where to nice to this game

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9 Maplestory

This game is so extremely addicting!

10 Tetris Sprint

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11 NullpoMino
12 Woozworld
13 Digimon Masters
14 Five Nights at Freddy's 2

I love this game - shorty2000

15 Fantage
16 Toontown

WAY better then cp, this game is very very fun

17 Pirate101

It is way better then wizard101

This is the worst game on the internet. I don't know why this is even on this list. btd4 should be number one not 50. this list is an embarassment. Minecraft sucks.

18 League of Legends

You should really play this game there are tons of playable characters and they each have different abilities the objective of destroying towers then a big Jewel called the nexus Is a unique idea

I don't care all it is is a bunch of idiots running around with childish graphics

Even tough I did not vote for it my freinds said he loves league of legends he says Minecraft is rubbish compared to it -

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19 Bin Weevils
20 DX-Ball 2

3 amazing classic brick breaking games. First the awesome classic "-Ball", Then this amazing sequel, and then there's "Super -Ball". Why would you end such a perfect game series on the end of 2007? This should be at the top 5.

In this game, with the full version, you get 776 boards. There is also a secret trick to get power ups without hitting a brick. Type "Eureka" while playing.

There is also a lot of awesome features include Kid Mode, Background changes and choose any board packs. This game is awesome.

The Classic pack is awesome, keep up the good work! There is also a sequel to the game called "Rival Ball".

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1. Minecraft
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